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82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales

By Jeffrey Oravbiere

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If you are looking for ways to quickly drive massive amount of website traffic, generate leads and boost sales for your business, this post will solve your problem.

You could have the best product or service in the world. You could be giving away something worth thousands of dollars.

You could have an irresistible offer.

But if you do not have any website traffic then, your product or offer would be completely meaningless, worthless and pointless as no one would see it.

I know that may seem a bit harsh but unfortunately that's the truth and truth hurts.

Website traffic can make or break any online business. If you lack it, you will lack sales and if you lack sales then you really don't have a business.

Turn this around.

If you are receiving hundreds of daily unique visitors to your website...

You will increase your chances of making sales and therefore running your online business successfully.

This guide will introduce you to 82 of the best sources of website traffic for growing your business. 

They include 30 free traffic sources, 20 paid traffic sources and 32 offline traffic sources.

To get the best results, use this post as your go to resources for driving traffic. Anytime you want new ideas to get more traffic to your site, just come here to find something you can implement.

Before we delve into these sources, let’s quickly take a look at the difference between free and paid traffic methods and why you should be using both to drive traffic to your website.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

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Paid Traffic vs. Free Traffic

When it comes to driving website traffic, many people are often confused which traffic methods are the best to use.

Whether paid or free traffic, the fact is, at some point in your business, you’re going to have to use either or both together to promote your offers.

What’s Free Traffic?

Free traffic is any kind of traffic you send to your website without directly paying money for it.

The truth is, no traffic is free - you either pay for traffic with money, or you pay with your time.

In most cases, to make free traffic work fast, you may need to spend some money to amplify your reach.

For the purpose of this post, ‘free’ website traffic is traffic which you are not paying money for directly i.e. SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Forum Marketing, YouTube Marketing etc.

Advantages of Free Website Traffic?

  • It’s free. That means you don’t have to worry about ad spend or budget, etc.
  • Long lasting. With free traffic, you keep getting traffic for a long time even after you stop actively generating it
  • Highly Targeted. Free traffic could be very targeted since the people going to your site will be doing so from a piece of content you have put out somewhere on the internet, be it articles, forum posting, SEO etc.
  • No babysitting. You can leave your campaigns to run for sometimes without having to check it often like you would do with paid traffic.
  • Can be outsourced. You can easily outsource most free traffic generation strategies.

Disadvantages of Free Traffic?

  • Frankly, free traffic is not totally free. You spend your time and time is money. You also spend money too but not as much as you would spend if you were to pay for the traffic.
  • It can take time. Free traffic can take a while for you to start getting significant amount of result.
  • Difficult to scale. Free traffic is often difficult to scale.
  • Difficult to test offers with. It can take an awful long time to test new offers before you know whether it is a good offer or not
  • It can be frustrating and tedious. Free traffic can be tedious to do and can also be frustrating if not done well.
  • You are working for money. With free traffic, you are working for money instead of your money working for you.
82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


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What’s Paid Website Traffic?

Paid website traffic, as you may already know or have guessed by now is traffic which you have directly paid to acquire.

Such traffic can include Google ads, Facebook ads, banner ads etc.

If you want to quickly get a new business off the ground, test a new product, test a new niche then you absolutely need to use paid traffic so you can get your results quick. 

The goal is to know what works fast instead of waiting for months or years to conclude about your new idea – whether it will work or not.

You cannot wait a quarter of a year to figure out if a business idea, a niche, a product, or a bunch of keywords are worth going after.

With paid traffic you can find this information within a day or just a matter of weeks.

Why Should You Do Paid Traffic?

  • Money works for you. With paid traffic your money works for you instead of you working for money. So you can get results fast.
  • Traffic on demand. With Paid Traffic, you can get a lot of traffic very quickly
  • Quick testing. You can test offers amazingly fast to see if they will convert before spending too much time and money on them.
  • Very highly rewarding. If you are looking to generate serious income with your business, what you want to be doing is paid traffic – this is what makes the internet millionaires.
  • Bid for competitive keywords. You can easily bid on keywords that you could not organically rank for.
  • Easily partner with authority sites. With paid traffic, you can also easily get relevant authority sites to partner with you by placing your ads on their site and getting traffic immediately to your offers 
  • Paid traffic is easily scalable. Once you find a source that works, you can scale up fast

Disadvantages of Paid Traffic

  • The first problem with paid traffic is the risk element. You are risking your money which is why most people don’t want to do it.
  • You will need to spend money before you can make money. So if you don’t have money to spend, then this becomes a very big obstacle.
  • You often have to wait for sales or pay-outs to run more traffic. If you are on a low budget, this is usually a problem. And especially when you market affiliate products that you have to wait 30 days to get paid.
  • You cannot easily outsource paid traffic to Virtual Assistants. Paid traffic sources need your personal attention to make it work except if you are using a marketing agency – you need to track, test and measure before you can scale.

Best Tips for Paid Website Traffic

If you are ready for your first paid traffic campaign, then consider the following tips that will help you to maximize it.

  • Define precise goals for your campaign
  • Have a budget and prepare your strategy
  • Keep track of the campaign
  • Measure your results every day/week.

Paid traffic campaigns will allow you to increase your profit and sales figure tremendously.

What’s the Best Method To Use?

When considering which method is best for you... the answer is time.

Personally, I think you need to use a bit of both at different times and stages in your marketing. Or even better, use them together.

There is no reason not to use both sources and get the best of both. I like testing offers with paid traffic sources because I can get data very quickly about the potential of an offer, a keyword, or a niche.

If a niche is converting well with paid traffic, then I will start doing some SEO, video marketing etc.

This way, I have traffic coming in whether I pay for it or not.

You also need to consider what resources you have at your disposal.

Paid traffic, in my opinion, is not the best for beginners to start with as you need to understand the logic and how to make it work for your offers.

It is also not a good idea if you have no extra cash to spend, down to your last $100, or have a huge amount of debt you are trying to pay off.

Some might not agree with this but I really think you need to have a solid foundation of marketing knowledge, and a decent amount of money for testing before you should invest heavily in the paid traffic route.

It’s amazing to find a lot of people who are really struggling financially but won’t give free traffic a shot.

Frankly, with the right plan in place, you could fairly easily make $100k a year just from free traffic methods. But most people just don’t want to do what is necessary to move their business forward.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will add 6 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked

My Recommendation

Commit to one or two strategies and see them through. Be patient and work with diligence.

If you are just starting out and don’t have enough budget for traffic, you want to start with free traffic...

And then once you begin getting traffic and bringing in some income, you want to move into paid traffic.

As I already explained above, if you have money to spend on traffic, then of course paid advertising is the quickest way to go. 

But be sure you get the required knowledge to do this effectively or hire a marketing agency like us so as to maximize your opportunity and minimize the risk of losing money.

You want to keep your investment relatively low in the beginning. So I would recommend using guerrilla methods for free traffic. For instance, don't depend on one traffic source.

Utilize several methods at once. I would start with content marketing combined with social media and SEO.

30 Free Traffic Methods

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 230

In this chapter, you would be introduced to 30 free sources of getting website traffic. 

No hidden costs but you may have to spend a bit of money here and there to speed up the process with some of the sources.

These are FREE sources of traffic that you can use to generate massive amount of website traffic in their 1,000s.

This traffic will ultimately bring you subscribers on your mailing list, and some will become your customers.

Generating traffic to a site can seem like a mysterious form of voodoo to some - especially when it comes to "free" website traffic.

If you’re interested in sparing two to three hours a day to these traffic generation techniques, you can easily generate hundreds or even thousands of new leads to your website within a short period of time.

Let us have a close look at my 30 most effective INSTANT free traffic generation methods:

No. 1: Forum Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 231

Forum posting is one of the most powerful secrets to generating instant traffic. The concept is simple. You find a forum in your niche i.e. related to the topic of your site or product name.

You can find niche forums by typing your "keyword+forum" into Google search. From the results you get, begin looking for good forums to join.

You can also use the following search strings to find more forums:

“YOUR NICHE” + “Forum”
“YOUR NICHE” + “vBulletin”
“YOUR NICHE” + “VBulletin Solutions”

Almost all forums will allow you to add a hyperlink to your website or blog from your profile and your signature file.

Try to add a descriptive link to your signature. So, instead of Gardening Website put something like ‘Gardening Secrets Revealed’ or ‘Free Gardening Tips’.

Now, you should become an active member on this forum and post topics, answer questions, and respond to threads.

If you spend just 30 - 60 minutes a day being active on forums, you would be easily able to generate 40-60 visitors a day from this method alone.

EXPERT TIP: Think you don’t have answers to forum questions? Just Google the question and you should find appropriate answer(s) for any question in a forum.

To get the best results, have a well-prepared profile with a link pointing back to a lead capture page or to your specific product page.

I prefer lead capture page where you give away something of value that they can get from you by leaving their email behind.

With this you can market to them repeatedly.

Also, try to find and make posts only on newly created threads. This way your post is at the beginning or near the beginning of the thread.

Doing this will ensure many people will read your comments. So, avoid commenting on threads with lots of comments already.

Another benefit of forum marketing is that you can easily use it to find joint venture partners to do business with or swap traffic with.

Use this method to find joint venture partners who will send you free traffic.


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No. 2: Guest Posting

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 232

Guest posting (i.e. posting articles on related blogs) is one of the best and easiest ways to get more traffic to your website and the traffic can be instant if done well.

For best results when doing guest posting, only submit your article to sites that are also receiving good traffic themselves.

Use to find sites that are receiving decent amount of website traffic.

Also ensure to read the site's article submission rules so that you can write your articles according to their rules.

This will get your article accepted and posted on their site quicker.

It is good to contact site owner first before submitting article to them. You can ask them what type of article topic they would accept.

Most times, they are happy to give you article topic and if they do, be sure they will quickly publish your article once you submit it and the article meets their guidelines.

Ask them how soon they will publish your article once submitted. Follow up with email or call them on the phone after submitting your articles to them and let them know that you have submitted the article.

You can even ask them when they are likely to publish your article so you will be able to check back. This could give them a little push to help your article get published quicker.

At the bottom of each of your articles ensure to have a link back to your shop page, blog or lead capture page.

You should add a strong call to action here for readers to visit your site. This is where you can give something away for free to entice them to your website.

Posting articles on high authority sites makes it much more likely they will be found by big search engines as well.

Most websites publish articles within hours of submission, but you can confirm the time by contacting the owner.

To get maximum number of visitors you should promote your articles on forums, blogs, and social media sites. You can even announce your article to your list and encourage them to share it.

Follow the above strategies and you will be generating a good amount of highly targeted traffic to your website in no time at all.

Here’s a resource you can use to find guest posting sites:

To find guest posting sites manually in your niche or for your products and affiliate offers, just type into Google search "Keyword+guest posting".

You can also use other search strings like:

Keyword+”Add Guest Post”
Keyword+”Bloggers wanted”
Keyword+”Guest bloggers wanted”
Keyword+”guest post”
Keyword+”guest blogging spot”
Keyword+”write for us”
Keyword+”submit a guest post”
Keyword+”Become a guest blogger”
Keyword+”submit a guest article”
Keyword+”Guest post guidelines”
Keyword+”Guest post wanted”
Keyword+”Become a contributor”
Keyword+”Submit blog post”
Keyword+”Suggest a guest post”
Keyword+”Become an author”
Keyword+”Contribute to our site”
Keyword+”Become a guest writer”
Keyword+”guest by post”
Keyword+”This guest post was written”
Keyword+”This guest post is from”
Keyword+”Now accepting guest post”

Below is a screenshot from Google for the general weight loss niche:

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 233

The simple thing to do here (and the right thing) is to simply email each of the blogs.

Explain who you are, show them your website, explain that you can write once a week, fortnightly, or monthly or as regularly as they want or are happy to write as a one off.

You then need to explain that you’d like to include one link in the content to your own site and one link at the end in an author bio area also back to your site.

You can also look for blogs in your niche that ARE NOT actively looking for writers. Just go to Google and enter search terms such as:

“YOUR NICHE” + “Blog”
“YOUR NICHE” + “Tips”
“YOUR NICHE” + “Blogger”

You get the picture, don’t you? Then you just repeat the process as explained above.

In your email to these blog owners you will need to be a little more specific about how it all works, and reassure them that there’s no hidden catch... 

You simply want to provide content as regularly (or irregularly) as they require and all you want in return is a link back to your website.

This traffic technique ALONE can amass a huge surge of traffic to your website and ultimately sales or subscribers.

EXPERT TIP #1: When you add your link to the content, instead of just adding your link, tell people why they need to click on your link.

A good way to get people to your site is to give away something they can download immediately.

That way you can grab their email address for further marketing.

EXPERT TIP #2: Don't know how to write articles, you can use writers online to do this for you. There is more about this in the next topic.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 3: Content Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 234

The goal of this method is to use high quality original content to drive viral traffic.

The best way to do it is to choose a high searched keyword for your website or your products.

Here, you want to make sure that people are actually searching for what you want to write about. 

So, you need to ensure that the keyword you chose is receiving very high searches.

You can use keyword tool to search for high searched keywords.

Once you have found the right keyword, you then need to write an article of at least 1000 - 2000 words around your chosen keyword.

Use sites like: and to find good article writers.

Once written, post the article on your blog and do a basic SEO optimization for the article. For instance, ensure your keyword(s) are in the heading, title, description, and body of your article.

Also implement all social media sharing buttons on your article page. This will encourage your readers to share your article.

EXPERT TIP: When you write your article, try to write it around good topics that you think others would want to share... i.e. "list topics" such as Top 10 ways, 20 Effective Tips, 10 Best... and so on. These are the type of topics people like to read and share.

After you post your article on your blog, then you want to share it as far and as wide as possible.

Follow these methods below:

First, you should submit your article page to all social bookmarking sites, social media sites, and web 2.0 sites. Here, the goal is to start getting the content shared online.

Second, convert your article into pdf eBook or Powerpoint and then submit it to various ebook sharing websites. Make sure each article has link pointing to your site from inside your eBook.

Third, convert your Powerpoint article into a video and post it on YouTube. Then share it on other video sharing sites. If you need help doing this, you can use our service here.

Fourth, you should also convert your article into podcast and distribute it to various podcast sharing sites online.

In all your postings and sharing, make sure you have links pointing back to your website or lead capture page.

I know this is a free traffic method but with a little money, you can amplify the reach of your content.

Use services to share your article on social media and social bookmarking sites. You can also use it to create and submit your eBooks, videos and podcast etc.

Another good site that will help you to amplified the reach of your content is For $15 (at the time of writing this post) you can get them to share your article to their massive audience.

For advance marketers, here’s another great resource that will help you maximise your content marketing efforts:

Below are a few sites you can use to amplify your content marketing:

Follow the above strategies to begin driving quality viral traffic to your website starting today.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 4: Online Groups

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 235

Online groups, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, LinkedIn, and Facebook groups work in a similar way as online forums.

These days you can easily find groups in almost all possible niches.

Some of these groups are small while others are quite big comprising thousands of members. 

You can get highly targeted website traffic through these groups and it is almost instant traffic as well.

The only drawback with this traffic source is that it is short lived, and it dies down as your posts get buried in the pile of later posts.

But this should not be your concern as you can make similar posts repeatedly.

Google Groups used to be the biggest ones but in recent years, they are seeing a decline in the use of the groups.

However, you can give it a try to see if you are able to see some good groups in your niche. Facebook Groups is a must for this purpose.

To use Google groups, just type into your web browser: Then, type your niche in the search box, and soon you’ll get a list of groups.

Once you have found some groups in your niche, join as many as you like.

Some of these groups can be private, so to get accepted you’ll have to make request to the group leader.

You'll find a button to make your request and usually you'll be accepted promptly.

Regular participation in discussions and positive interactions with other group members will yield great dividends.

In the beginning, refrain from any kind of promotion. It is important to first build trust, and then proceed with subtle promotion afterwards.

With Facebook groups, ensure to have a good FB page with a link that points back to your website (store or lead capture page).

Contribute something of value in the groups to create some trust, credibility, and authority.

EXPERT TIP: Join private groups. I have found that private groups send more targeted traffic than the public ones.

I have also noticed that the groups having a few hundred members are the best ones to join.

If you join groups with too many (thousands of) members, your posts will easily get buried under the heap of posts made by other members.

On the other hand, if you join groups with too few members, your posts will not get the required exposure.

You can also create your own group and have people joining it so you can build your own audience.

Make a pinned post in your group with link pointing back to your site. Once created, invite some friends to start the group.

And as you participate in other groups, ask people to join your group.

Instead of direct promotion, I would suggest you first get these prospects on your mailing list by offering a valuable gift on your store.

Once you get them on your list, you can promote to them unlimited offers in your follow up emails.

If you use this method properly, these groups alone can provide you with all the leads and sales you need.

According to my experience, spending 1-2 hours per day on these groups will bring you enough traffic to start the ball rolling.

You can make $500/day by driving traffic from Groups. You just need to be consistent, persistent and have patience.

If you can’t handle the posting work yourself, you can outsource it. You can find outsourcers at:, or

Hire them and train them according to the requirements of your niche.

No. 5: Video Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 236

Studies have shown that video sites have the power to convert as high as 30%!

That is phenomenal when you consider that standard websites typically convert at only 2-3%.

To do proper video marketing, follow these steps:

  1. Come up with an idea for your video
  2. Create a decent video related to your niche that people will want to watch
  3. At the end of the video, tell people to visit the link in the description
  4. Add link to the description
  5. Add a description, some tags and a decent title
  6. Publish and repeat

1. Come up with an idea for your video.

Look for, at minimum, 5 - 10 high searched keywords in your niche. Keywords you know that people are searching for a lot. The most searched the better.

This is the key part of your whole video marketing campaign. Your video must be related to your niche and the keywords must be highly searched keywords. 

It’s shocking how many people in a particular niche will make a video of funny photos, dogs or cats doing stupid things to get the views with a hope of sending the video viral.

But is this the sort of traffic likely to convert on your offer?

2. Create a decent video related to your niche that people will want to watch.

Create 30 seconds - 1-minute video around one or more of the keywords. If you can't, look for someone inside to do this for you. It's cheap.

For best result, create video that give some tips and have a strong call to action. You need to show off your knowledge, provide tips and give value in the video you upload.

At the end ask the viewer to go get either the remaining part of the tips, your free report, your video or whatever it is you are giving away to get them on your list.

This will send them to your store or website and add them to your list.

EXPERT TIP: When it comes to creating your video, people like to see other real people.

Anyone can throw together a slideshow of text, but people don’t go to YouTube to watch a video of text.

Would you want to sit and read a video? Not highly likely.

If you’re not camera shy then set up your camera on a tripod, stand in front of it and get talking.

If you are camera shy (and that’s nothing to be ashamed of as a lot of people are) then it’s time to get hiring.

Suddenly, this becomes a slightly paid for source of traffic but could cost you $25-$100+ on, you guessed it,

When it comes to video creation can be one of the cheapest and best value videos you could purchase online.

Check out this gig: - That’s a great example.

It may be for a video testimonial in their sales pitch but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt it to your needs.

That’s $10 for 30 seconds video. About $40 for 2 minutes video which would give you enough time to cover 5 quick tips or go in-depth on a particular topic.

So get the camera out (or the wallet) and get it made. Just remember you’re not making a Hollywood blockbuster.

You’re not trying to win an award. You just want people to watch it, learn something and enjoy it.

3. At the end of the video, tell people to visit the link in the description.

You’d be missing a trick not to do this. When the video ends, either tell people to look in the description for a link to your website where they can get a free guide to XYZ. Or at least put some text telling them to do so.


A lot of video viewers will not bother to check the description after watching a video so to ensure they do, tell them to do so!

Once your video is ready, take the first most searched keyword in your list and search for it on YouTube.

Look for the most viewed video for the keyword and create a good title for your video using a title similar to the title of the most viewed video that you found on YouTube.

Just make sure your keywords appear in the title.

4. Add link to the description.

Before you do anything else, add the link to your website in the description of your video and let it be the first thing in the description.

The reason is that YouTube will often only show the first line of the description until someone clicks read more. You want this small snippet to be your link.

5. Add a description, some tags, and a decent title.

YouTube (or Google) do not know what your video is about unless you tell them. So, write a description.

Some people say you can get away with a few lines, others say a few hundred words.

I would go for the latter and get as much information in there as you possibly can.

You also need to ensure your title is catchy to get viewers to click your video. Explain what it is in as few words as possible.

Make sure to optimize your video description for all the keywords you found. If you do not know how to do this, search on YouTube on how to optimize video on YouTube and you will find some tutorials. Also use your keywords as your tags.

6. Publish and repeat

The next step is to upload your video on YouTube with the optimisation you did in step #4 and #5.

Once you have completed the optimization on YouTube, then share your video to all social media and social bookmarking sites.

(By now you should know how to use for most of your tasks if you can't do them yourself).

Then post your video directly on other video sharing sites using the same title you used on YouTube.

Some of the sites will take your YouTube video automatically from YouTube with the description and all the optimization you have done.

Others allow you to upload directly. If you upload directly, ensure to optimize it as you did with YouTube.

Just copy the YouTube description over. They can all drip-feed traffic to your page and 1 unique visitor a day is worth the effort... So do it!

So how does this one video rank for multiple keywords?

Let’s assume you’ve got yourself accounts on YouTube (obviously), Vimeo, Daily Motion and Metacafe.

Instead of uploading your video to all four of these with the same title, description and keywords you should write new descriptions, different titles and target different keywords with each upload thus ranking your one video for multiple keywords.

Quick Tip: Link all your videos back to your YouTube video as well as your website or lead capture page.

To get the best results with this method, repeat the same process for each video using the strategies above.

And with 20 - 30 videos targeting high searched keywords, you will have a stream of consistent free traffic flooding your website.

Just keep doing this with more videos you are creating, and you'll be surprised how much traffic you could be getting from this method alone.

As you can see, the goal of this strategy is to get your video viral by pigging back on videos that are already getting lots of views.

If you create good video for topics that people are looking for, you'll get views and clicks.

A good tool for ranking and getting traffic to YouTube video is

Here are some top video sharing sites below:

NOTE: Some of the sites above may not accept your video. You can simply use gig to distribute your videos into other video sharing sites.

That’s the quickest way to distribute your videos. AND TELL THEM TO CHANGE THE DESCRIPTIONS FOR THE VIDEOS. THEY CAN SPIN THE WORDS.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


How To EXPONENTIALLY Boost Your Business Sales and Profit Without Increasing Your Ad Spend!

No. 6: Answers Sites

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 238

Today, millions of people are using answer sites to find solutions to their problems. Sites like:

Many of these people are potential buyers. So the goal is to use these websites to drive targeted traffic to your site by answering some questions on these sites.

By properly funneling this traffic directly to your sales pages, you can generate a steady stream of traffic.

The best thing is that, like video and article marketing, traffic from these websites is also residual in nature, therefore, you can reap the benefits for weeks or months with just one-time effort.

You should sign up with relevant sites, and once your account is created, you can proceed and complete your profile.

Now go to the main page to check the questions that are grouped and posted according to their subject matter. Choose questions related to your niche.

Every time you answer any question, you can include a link to your site as a source in secondary box that accompanies your response.

Sometimes you’re allowed to place links right inside your answer.

When it comes to dominating answers sites, you’ll need to find a fine balance between quality and quantity. Never spam these sites.

Instead you should focus on adding value to the community, while at the same time preparing your prospects to take the action of your choice.

The traffic to many answer sites is huge and they tend to surge on the weekends so you should try to be active on those days.

If carefully targeting relevant keywords, you'll find that you can also easily rank on the first page of the search engines and enjoy long-term SEO benefits as you'll be getting quality backlinks to your website.

EXPERT TIP: Refrain from providing all vital info in your answer, as your answer should work like a bait to lure prospects to your site.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 7: Joint Ventures

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 239

Traffic joint venture partnership is a very profitable way to drive tons of free traffic to your website or affiliate offers.

There are so many ways to accomplish this. Let’s have a close look at three methods here:

  • Partner Swap
  • Clickbanking Joint Ventures
  • Ezines Joint Ventures

Partner swap

Let’s assume that you have four JV partners and each of them have five unique JV partners.

You can send a message to each one of your partners about swapping a unique partner.

You introduce them to your other four and all five of them will introduce you to their unique JV partners.

So in the end you all will have 30 partners. Repeat this process with new JV partners, and soon you’ll have hundreds of them.

Clickbanking Joint Ventures

In this method you funnel clicks with another list owner. Begin by searching for clickbank partners on Facebook (type clickbanking into facebook and join some groups).

Now, contact some list owners and offer to bank clicks. Some of them will offer you double the amount of clicks you send their way.

Double check that they’re not sending you fake traffic. Only choose list owners with good testimonials.

  1. Place their banners or link on either your thank you page or download page or both. Track the link so you can know how many clicks you are sending their way.

    A good tracking tool for this is: Quality Click Control  or ClickMagick  with ClickMagick being my favorite.
  2. Once you've generated the agreed amount, the other partner will send his or hers. Do this with a few other people and see your traffic and list grows. 

This way, as you continue to build your list, you are generating clicks to your banking partners and they will reciprocate at some point to pay you double the traffic you send to them.

This can work for you on autopilot while you change partners from time to time.

To use this method effectively, chose 3 partners at a time so that the traffic going to your thank you page can service the 3 of them so you get your traffic back.

Just continue to do this and your list will explode while your income explodes as well.

Ezines Joint Ventures

NOTE: The goal of this method is not to sell your product immediately but to add people to your mailing list so that you can promote your products to them over time.

This method will work best for those who already have a list and are running ezines or e-newsletter.

Using this technique, you can generate hundreds of subscribers a day without spending a dime.

You should search for ezine owners who are in your niche and offer to place their ads on your ezine to your list, and they will do the same for you - place your ads in their ezine to their list.

These ads can be placed in the “Other recommended Ezines” or “Other recommended Products” section in your newsletter.

Repeat this with five ezine owners and soon you’ll see your list growing fast.

You can combine this with partner swap techniques discussed above to see your list, traffic and sales skyrocket.

Where to find ezine owners: 

Search in Google using your niche "keyword+ezines" and you'll find lots of ezines and ezines directories in your niche.

You can also use your niche "keyword+subscribe" or "keyword+subscribe to our newsletter" or "keyword+join our newsletter" in Google search to find list owners.

No. 8: Adswaps

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 240

NOTE: The goal of this method is not to sell your product immediately but to add people to your mailing list so that you can promote your products to them over time.

Once you have a subscriber base of a few hundred, you can implement this strategy. Adswaps is now becoming popular in both non-eCommerce and eCommerce niches.

In this method, two marketers with mailing list of same size agree to promote each other and send their subscribers to their partner’s signup page where they are offered some sort of gift.

Adswaps are becoming wildly popular because this arrangement offers a win-win situation to all the parties involved.

The subscribers also get something of value without spending anything and the two marketers involved add quality subscribers to their lists without spending anything.

If you don’t have a list, you would first like to have a seed list in your niche using other methods.

In my opinion, a seed list of 1,000 subscribers is sufficient to start with.

Next contact webmasters, marketers and ezine owners in your niche.

Those having list size similar to yours will be the most willing to do an adswap with you.

It is not a bad idea to do an adswap with someone having a list smaller than yours.

In that case, you just need to mail out a number of your subscribers equalling to his/hers i.e. what you do is take out 1,000 subscribers from your list and mail them out your message.

The best thing about adswaps is that you can do a lot of them without diluting your list (don’t overkill this though).

Just a couple of mid-sized adswaps can easily add a few thousand new subscribers to your list and a nice five figure income to your bottom line, all without spending a penny on advertising.

Below are two Adswap sites you can start with:

There are always lots of adswapping groups on Facebook and Skype.

Just search for adswaps on Facebook and once you get on the group ask if anyone knows of any Skype group they can introduce you to.

Keep at this and getting traffic will soon be a thing of the past.

No. 9: Online Classified Ads

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 241

Famous classified websites such as Craigslist can be a good source of highly targeted website traffic.

Millions of people visit these sites every day in search of bargains, business opportunities, and job offers.

The best thing about this traffic is that these people are bargain seekers and don’t hesitate in taking out their credit cards after coming across compelling deals.

So what you do is to create a small but attractive ad and make a big promise.

Your prospects should feel that your service or product can solve all their worries and that they are getting a good deal.

In fact, you can outsource this and hire people to post for you to save you time.

Some of these sites are:

You can also search on Google for classified ads sites and marketplaces to get more sites.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


How To EXPONENTIALLY Boost Your Business Sales and Profit Without Increasing Your Ad Spend!

No. 10: JV Giveaway Events

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 243

JV giveaways can be the most practical and profitable form of Adswaps.

You gain subscribers from just one partner list in a normal Adswaps, but in a JV giveaway you get new subscribers from all the lists of all the marketers involved.

Usually JV giveaways are organized by top marketers, while others offer their products for free.

All these freebies are listed on a common page and then all those who are participating send traffic to this page.

Visitors would come to the page, choose their freebies and opt-in at respective pages to download their free products.

The marketer who arranges these giveaways gets massive online publicity and tons of targeted traffic; the partners will get qualified subscribers to their lists at no cost.

They can also earn good money with One Time Offers (OTO). The gifts mainly include free reports, software and scripts etc.

To participate in any Giveaway you have to have a product to offer for free, a squeeze (signup) page and at least one OTO (one-time offer) to earn you some money right away.

It is always better to have your product to offer at these giveaway events, if not you can get resale rights to someone else product and offer it as a gift.

Your one-time offer may not be your own though. You may choose to have a high converting affiliate product as the one-time offer (OTO).

In such case you would like to offer additional bonuses or rebates to increase the conversions. I would suggest you use 3 OTOs.

Using 3 OTOs in place of just one has proven to increase conversion by almost 100% in most of the cases.

The popularity of these Giveaway events is now increasing rapidly, and some marketers have reported to build a huge list and successfully make lots of money from just one Giveaway event.

Most of these giveaways are held around popular occasions or festivals. This kind of marketing is gaining widespread popularity.

To find giveaway events search on Facebook and you should begin to find some. There are also Skype groups for giveaway events.

Here is one source of Giveaway events.

No. 11: Social Media Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 244

Social media marketing is all about directly connecting with your customer base, engaging them in conversation and building relationships with your target audience.

One of the easiest ways of building a customer-based marketing campaign is to exploit the popularity of social networks like, Instagram, Ning, LinkedIn and

When it comes to social media marketing, there are countless ways to touch down and connect with your target audience. 

With Facebook, you could set up paid advertising campaigns that are set to deliver based on user activity.

It’s a highly targeted form of advertising and a very cost-effective strategy for those who want to test the waters while generating quick and steady traffic to their website.

You can also set up marketing campaigns at no cost as well just by creating a Facebook page for your business and connecting with potential customers.

You can enhance your Facebook page by offering discounts, special coupons and savings available only to those who join your Facebook group, like your page or connect with you in another way.

With social media platforms like Twitter, you can connect with your audience easily just by sending out short updates, notices and news of interest.

Instead of marketing heavily within your social communities, always focus on offering value in the form of useful information, hard to find materials, freebies, discounts and other benefit-driven offers that will help you stand out while nurturing relationships within your market.

And don’t forget other leading social networks like and, both viable social media platforms that will help you further extend your marketing outreach.

LinkedIn is considered the “professionals social media community” where you can create a live portfolio and resume that lists your achievements, connections, business information and contacts.

With Ning, you are able to create your very own customized social media community, providing your customers, members and subscribers with a fun and easy way to interact with one another and with you.

Want To Explode Your Social Media Reach?

The best way to maximize your social media marketing is to use tools to do it. All you need is to sign up to the right tool for you and start posting.

Everyday, you can create a post and use the tool you have chosen to distribute the post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn and more.

With OneUpApp you can automatically repeat your social media and Google My Business posts.

You can get more social media tools by going to Jeff Bullas’ article here:

No. 12: Press Releases

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 245

Press releases are a very effective and powerful way to reach out to your target audience and generate buzz around upcoming products, offers and launches.

Press releases are also very inexpensive to produce and extremely easy to distribute.

In fact, you can automate distribution by hiring press release circulation and distribution outlets that will tweak your press release and submit it to all of the major media stations, blogs and content syndication outlets.

You can also submit your own press releases through both free and paid distribution channels.

So regardless of your time and budget, press releases are an essential method of positioning your business for mass exposure.

Here are the most important elements to include in your release: 

  • Release Time & Date: You want to place the time and date of your press release at the top of every news release, either indicating when the document can be made public, or “For Immediate Release” to show that it’s ready for distribution immediately.
  • Headline: Summarize your storyline or message in just a few words. The objective is to immediately capture attention from potential customers and clients.
  • Subhead: This expands on the headline and gives readers a bit more information about what your branding message is about.
  • Dateline: Include the day that the document was released, and the place of origin (your city and state). You can choose to include your company's address, or simply include your website’s URL.
  • Introduction: In a single paragraph, cover the basic elements that you’d find at the beginning of an article: who, what, when, where, why and how.
  • Body: Expound on the introduction and go into your story. Use details, statistics and trend information to back up your assertions and get your points across.
  • Bio/About “Your Company”: Include background on you and/or your company and its services.
  • Closing marks: Use the symbols "###" or "-30-" to show that the press release has formally ended.
  • Contact information: Include your contact information, website address and any other contact information that will make it easy for people to get in touch with you.

Free Press Release Services Wide range of news distribution and social media options. Global news distribution services that services a wide range of companies/industries.

Other Press Release Sites (Free & Paid) 

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


How To EXPONENTIALLY Boost Your Business Sales and Profit Without Increasing Your Ad Spend!

No. 13: Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 247

If you are interested in getting some good publicity for your business, there is a service called Help a Reporter Out (HARO) that can bring you extra publicity for free.

All you have to do is to be pretty much an expert in your field, and the reporters will come to you for information and articles about your particular niche. Job done.

You have to register first on their website. Be very specific on the particular industry area you are an expert in.

Reporters are very busy people, and if they use this service to find information about your particular area, they don’t want time wasters.

This means that if you are not clear on certain areas of your business, or if you appear a little bit vague, you may not be able to help the reporter as quickly as they want help.

So be clear on what you’re good at before you submit your details to the service.

When you complete the registration form, this is where you can show off your knowledge of your niche and prove that you are an expert in your niche.

You will then receive emails about three times a day with leads from the reporters and what they need.

These will be very specific again, so only reply with any kind of response at all if you fill the need for that particular request.

Again, reporters are very busy people with huge inboxes full of emails, and if you’re not sending them stuff that is relevant to their requests, they will quickly blacklist you and you will not be able to help that reporter out again.

Be patient and wait for the right opportunity to arrive and it will.

Once you have helped that reporter out you're then able to get links from that reporter, in their articles back to your website, as a recognized expert in that particular problem area.

This will do wonders for your business because this means a recognized and viable link will be given to your business’ website by a recognized and often established reporter.

Bloggers are also involved in the service, and many of these are high-level bloggers whose links are again very viable for adding value to your efforts.

This brings free advertising and publicity and can only help when you’ve got a website that you want to bring traffic to.

It is worth joining HARO, but thousands already use it so expect some competition.

But if you are specific in your particular industry expertise you should find that you are being used soon enough.

The more you get involved with the service, the more you will be asked for help.

This is an excellent service and should be considered by anybody who wants to build traffic to an email capture page.

The great advantage is that it will not take up too much of your time.

Only apply for those perfect assignments and you might spend a few hours a month generating hundreds of hits from HARO.

No. 14: Document Sharing Networks

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 248

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to generate massive traffic to your website at no cost, you’ll want to explore the potential behind popular document (PDF) sharing and content distribution networks.

Content galleries, otherwise known as "PDF networks", "Content Portals" or "Ebook Directories" are all excellent sources of great traffic.

You submit quality content in the form of PDF files such as reports, articles, ebooks or training guides and in exchange, you get free advertising from the directories.

And here is another great aspect to content galleries - you can actually make money uploading content!

Sites like and will pay you a percentage of all sales made.

So you can upload everything from short reports to Private Label Rights (PLR) content that includes your website URL and name, and get paid for every download while gaining prime exposure from these authority content sites.

When creating your free content giveaway, make sure to create your content in PDF format.

That way, you can be sure that it’s viewable on every operating system so you're not leaving out Mac users, and you'll be able to guarantee acceptance into every content distribution network.

Here are a few places to begin submitting your PDF files:

And the great part about many of these sites is that you can upload virtually ANY type of content.

This includes articles, reports, eBooks, letters, tutorials and more. Give them a try today.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 15: Tutorial Based Learning Communities

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 249

One of the most overlooked sources of quality traffic is in "tutorial-style" websites.

If you're involved in a niche market where instruction-based training is popular and in demand, you can instantly exploit an unbelievable website traffic source just by uploading quality tutorials focusing on various tasks in your market.

For example, if you are a graphic designer you could create a series of short video based tutorials that highlight the different ways of creating graphics in Photoshop.

Or if you are an online marketer specializing in SEO, you could create a few different tutorial style guides and videos that show people exactly how to optimize their web pages for the major search engines.

The same goes for eCommerce websites. You can create tutorials around the products you sell. You just have to be creative the way you go about it.

Tutorial sites are an untapped source of quality traffic...

And because people are genuinely interested in learning more about your topic or market, submitting a series of tutorials that include your website URL or squeeze page address in the footer of every tutorial will quickly generate a massive amount of red hot traffic to your site!

Tutorials don't have to be complicated; in fact, you should focus your tutorials on being short and to the point.

If you aren't able to create video-based tutorials, you could outsource them to specialists in your field, or provide image based tutorials that include illustrations, graphics or diagrams relating to your topic, with written (transcript) of what is being done, step by step.

Here are a few places to submit your tutorials for immediate traffic:

Tutorial sites aren’t the only source of untapped traffic that I want you to focus on.

Consider the many other ways that you can upload valuable content and maximize your traffic, instantly.

For example, consider hiring a programmer to create a simple WordPress plugin or template (you can also purchase full rights to existing templates) and add your site link into the footer of the template itself.

As the template gets circulated throughout the countless wordpress template directories, you’ll gain valuable link juice and FREE exposure!

Plus, you can also include your template or plugin in WordPress’ own self- hosted directory and get a backlink from the source itself!

No. 16: Coupon Sites Traffic

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 250

You’ve heard of the popularity of coupon sites like but what you may not have thought about is just how easy it is to siphon traffic from these high traffic websites!

All you have to do is create a coupon code for a product or offer on your website and submit it into the top coupon directories online.

While many coupon websites will need to approve your offer, it doesn’t usually take more than 48 hours for it to go live...

And once it does, prepare for a major wave of unstoppable traffic!

Here are a few coupon sites that you can submit your offer to.

Keep in mind that the more exclusive your offer and the deeper the discount, the more exposure you’ll receive:

No. 17: Link Round Ups

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 251

For link round ups, you need two things: One blog and one good post on your blog.

Ideally the post should have a little interaction (social sharing and the old comment) to further suggest that your post is popular.

Link Round Ups are certainly not on the list of that many so-called gurus when it comes to talking about website traffic.

Why? I don’t know. 

Perhaps it shows their lack of knowledge or perhaps they tried once and failed?

All I know is that they work and they work well in the majority of niches.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say it works well in just about every niche besides the internet marketing niche (which is, in fact, the hardest to break into).

So what is a Link Round Up? 

Simply put, it’s where a blog within your niche writes a post rounding up articles on a particular topic from around the web.

Some sites do this monthly, others do it for special occasions and others might even do it every set day.

I’m hoping you can see where I’m going with this now?

The first job is to find blogs that run these regular Link Round Ups. Just go to Google and type the following terms:

“YOUR NICHE” + “Link Round Up”
“YOUR NICHE” + “Monday Link Round Up”
“YOUR NICHE” + “Tuesday Link Round Up”
“YOUR NICHE” + “Wednesday Link Round Up”
“YOUR NICHE” + “January Link Round Up”
“YOUR NICHE” + “February Link Round Up”

You can probably come up with... 14 more than I have here if you think about it for half a second.

When searching with your niche, try and be quite vague and broad about it.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find a round up of websites covering green HB lead pencils but it might be easier to find link round ups for pencils only.

Once you’ve found them, it’s a simple case of emailing them. Yes, I could type up the perfect email to send over to them but what’s the point.

When emailing, especially to ask to be included in a link round up then you need to come across as a real person.

Type each email as a new email, become friendly, show them you’re a real person with a passion in the niche and that you like their site.

It might take a fair bit of time but the pay off from being included in one of these link round ups is astronomical and can instantly grow your website traffic...

And even your list by 100s if you get included on some of the popular authority blogs in your niche, not to mention the SEO benefits of doing so.

No. 18: Pinterest Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 252

There are a few standout ways in which Pinterest varies from other social media sites.

While you can “follow” users, and they can “follow” you—it’s not about friends and followers.

Instead, Pinterest is about generating instant access to engaging visual imagery and informative Pins regarding any and every area of interest.

These Pins can then be added to a user’s personal boards for future reference.

Anyone can access any other users Pins by the category or keywords related to the Pin.

While each Pin can have a bit of text or even a URL, the goal is not the “here’s where I am or what I’m doing” topic of most social media platforms.

A relevant comment regarding the post, and what it represents is standard.

Most importantly, unlike Facebook and Twitter where your posts peak engagement is rarely more than 5 days (or a few hours), Pins can continue to show up in search results indefinitely.

Why Should You Care About Using Pinterest?

According to, Pinterest's active user base grew 26% to 335 million in 2019.

Over the past 12 months, Pinterest gained 70 million monthly active Pinners. There are now 335 million people who use Pinterest every month.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 253

Let's talk statistics and why you should use Pinterest

Pinterest is now the third-largest social network in the U.S. 

Pinterest closed out 2019 by overtaking Snapchat as the third-biggest social network in the United States.

The average Pinterest user session is just over 14 minutes, which is very impressive when you compare that to most other social media platforms.

80% of Pinterest users access the site from a mobile device, so mobile marketing and mobile-friendly content is very important here.

And 2 out of 3 pins are posted by businesses or brands, so you’ve got some competition.

Oh, and if you happen to be in the culinary niche, guess what: there are over 1.7 billion recipes on Pinterest.

As for your audience make-up, 81 percent of Pinterest users are women, so “Pinterest is for girls” stereotype clearly has some truth to it, at least from a market research perspective.

But don’t worry, if your target audience is males, the percentage of men on the site is increasing rapidly, making up about 40% of new users recently.

In case you were wondering, the most popular categories for these new male Pinterest users are technology, food and drink (big surprise, right?).

As for age, millennials are using Pinterest just as much as Instagram.

The median age of users is 40 years old, but the most active “pinners” are under the age of 40.

So, now that we’ve established why you should definitely be marketing on Pinterest, let’s talk about some Pinterest goals.

Establishing Your Goals

Establishing marketing goals is critical to the success of your Pinterest marketing.

Countless entrepreneurs and businesses have setup a Pinterest presence, made a few posts, and then let it sit untouched for months or even years.

This is usually due to a lack or absence of goals.

So, before you even begin establishing any sort of Pinterest presence or strategy, you need to establish clear marketing goals.

Your goals should be specific, measurable, and attainable. They can be long term, short term, or a mix of both.

Deadlines and milestones can be helpful as well.

“I want to increase my social following” would be an example of a bad goal that will likely result in your marketing efforts petering out after a while because there are no specific milestones.

“I want to gain 1,000 likes by Christmas” is an example of a good goal.

It’s specific, measurable, and certainly attainable. Below are some examples of the various goal categories you might be interested in.

Traffic to Website (Sales, Leads, Content)

Probably one of the most popular goals of Pinterest Marketing is to funnel your Pinterest traffic back to your own web properties.

After all, most businesses don’t do business “on” Pinterest.

You’re leveraging Pinterest to obtain traffic and convert that Pinterest traffic into brand-followers, leads, prospects, and customers.

So maybe your goal is to get people to a landing page with a free offer where they can subscribe to your list and become a lead.

Maybe they’re being sent to a sales page or your eCommerce store.

Maybe you just want to do some content marketing and send them to your blog.

Whatever the case, the end goal for a lot of businesses will likely be bringing Pinterest traffic AWAY from Pinterest and over to their own web properties.

How To Set Up Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest profiles are short and sweet, but don’t underestimate the importance of a quality profile.

Ideally, your Pinterest account should be your business name - if not already taken. If already taken, get as close as possible.

  • Add a clean and clear profile image. In most cases, your business logo is appropriate. However, if your logo doesn’t fit well into the round Pinterest profile pixel (165x165), have it redesigned to fit—or substitute with a best-selling product, or even your founder or CEO’s headshot.
  • Be sure to add your website homepage URL to your profile, so that anyone who finds their way to your profile page can easily be redirected.
  • Fill out your location, where you are based and/or your service area.
  • Fill out a short and engaging “About Me” section letting visitors know what makes your brand unique.

Creating Your Pinterest Strategy

As with all methods of online or offline marketing, you must have a strategy in place.

Since each social media site is unique, your strategy must also be unique.

In other words, you can’t just preschedule the exact same posts to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 

That is not to say that there can’t be some overlap, but each site is utilized for different purposes - so your content and strategy must reflect your purpose.

Your first step will be to set some clear, specific, and measurable goals.

To begin with, you need to build your foundation.

This means investing in creating an organized and relevant category of Boards - for both your shared Pins, and your original Pins.

Then, you must begin posting regularly to build your followers and number of Pins.

Once you have a foundation, continue posting at least 3 to 5 times a week, with the goal of getting your website traffic from Pinterest at or above the average of 5%.

To determine the percentage of those who transfer from Pinterest to your website, landing page, or linked URL - set up Google Analytics.

You can also use your preferred analytic software, or view the analytics provided by Pinterest.

Your page must be set up as a business account to view Pinterest analytics.

What you are looking for, is which Pins do the best, so that you can create similar, yet unique Pins.

Setting Up Rich Pins

Rich Pins simply mean that you can provide in-depth context about your Pin.

There are currently four Rich Pin options: app, product, recipe, and article.

For example, a Product Rich Pin would automate the current price featured on your website and might let the customer know if the product is in stock.

You must apply for Rich Pins, which is fast - and approval is easy.

Pinterest really just needs to verify that you are legitimate and that you have the basic Metadata requirements. 

Promoted Pins

The focus of this marketing guide is to help you design an organic Pinterest marketing plan, but we want to make sure you are aware of all of your options.

We will also discuss this under Pinterest Advertising in this guide.

If you want to hyper-target your demographic, you can invest in paid Promoted Pins.

Promoted Pins increase engagement by 2 to 5 percent and drives more targeted traffic directly to your website or sales funnel opt-in page.

Your pay-per-click Promoted Pins offer advanced analytics and tips on what similar competitors are bidding on - and which products are currently trending.

The primary benefit of Pinterest paid advertising is that the cost-per-click is much lower than Google PPC.

In most cases, you can bid well under $0.50 per click and generate impressive conversions. Selecting your keywords is also far more intuitive.

Pinterest Content Ideas & Best Practices

Currently, the most popular categories on Pinterest are: fashion, home and garden, food & beverages, and beauty.

These are just general categories, which could easily be used on Pinterest to generate traffic for a limitless number of products and services.


Repining is the fastest and easiest way to bulk up your Boards.

Your category Boards should be designed to inspire and/or educate anyone who visits your site.

Even though a Pin is Repined, you can add your own unique comment. Just make sure the source is always clear.

Add the Save Pinterest Button

Speaking of repining, we must also discuss the importance of adding the Save Pinterest widget to your website.

This will increase engagement on Pinterest, by neatly organizing content on your site that visitors want to refer back to - on their board of choice.

Once saved to their board, the Save has the potential to be repined.

How will they know they can Pin your website graphics to their Pinterest account?

When they hover over the image, the Pinterest Save button will populate.

Quote Cards

Quote cards continue to be one of the most effective Pins out there.

With the long list of user-friendly quote card generators, you don’t even have to have graphic design skills to generate a Pin worth sharing.

This includes seasonal quotes, questions by industry professionals, and even original quotes and phrases relevant to your target audience.

For example, “3 Things Only a Nurse Would Understand.”


As mentioned earlier in the statistics section, there are over 1.7 billion recipes on Pinterest.

Now you don’t want to post recipes if they aren’t relevant to your brand, product, or services - but if you are in any way related to food, health, beauty, fitness, or home - recipes should be part of your mix.


Infographics come in many forms and are a visually engaging method of delivering fun facts, educational facts, product facts, or any information relevant to your primary target audience.

Again, you can invest in infographic software to design your own.

The great thing about infographics, is that you can post them to Pinterest, your website, blogs, online content, and your other social media channels.

You can even print them out for offline marketing purposes. If not the standard long infographic, a square with 4 to 5 facts.

Visually Engaging Imagery

If you are new to Pinterest, then now is the time to start browsing.

What you are searching for is the quality of the photos that are performing well - the ones with lots of Repins and comments.

What you will notice, is that most of the posts look as though they are professionally photographed.

You might not have the budget for professional photography, which is where DIY editing tools come in.

Add a filter, and adjust lighting and you can make most photos look better.

Just make sure your editing does not misrepresent the color of your product.

Casual Product Placement

Your photos and graphics need to accurately reflect your brand, but that doesn’t mean your product needs to be front and center.

In some cases, this might be the best way to go - but in most cases, not so much.

For example, if you sell luxury interior paint, you can only have so many photos of your paint can, paint, brushes, or of painting in the act.

Instead, post photos of staged living rooms with your paint on the walls.

Or let’s say you sell fashion accessories.

Your posts will get more action if you show stylish ladies sporting your fashions - than you will with a ton of close-ups of your jewelry or handbags.

A good place to get photos ideas is

Ratios for Your Pins

Pins that are too tall get cut off on mobile devices, and since 80% of users use mobile devices to browse Pinterest - you don’t want to do that.

You can upload any size Pin, but not all will reformat in a visually appealing manner.

When it comes to ratios, and designing your own Pins, keep these tips in mind:

  • Profile photos should be 165x165.
  • Board cover image 217x146.
  • Tiny thumbnails 70x70.
  • The aspect ratio for pins is 2:3 to 1:3.5.
  • The max pixel width is 736 pixels, but you might want to aim closer to 600 pixels.
  • Keep long Pins (like infographics) at 736x2016.
  • The ideal pin size is 736x11104 to 2016.

Pinterest Best Practices

Now that you have a better understanding of how to get started, you might be searching for a few best practices to make the most of your new social media platform.

Here are just a few:

  1. Follow and Repin local business owners, not competitors, but businesses you do business with—or that you are a personal patron of.

    Odds are they will return the favorite. Bonus points if you have a shared target audience.
  2. Start off with at least 6 Boards, that have at least 20 pins each.

    Set a goal to repin at least 5 a week to each board, and add at least 3 original Pins. Aim for no less than 10 Boards total.
  3. Keep an eye on your competitors to see what they are doing that works.

    The goal is not to copy, but gain inspiration. This includes businesses in the same industry, but in other service areas. Even in other countries.
  4. Find ways to link back to Pinterest. Install the Pinterest Save widget to your website, add your Pinterest URL to your monthly newsletter.

    Include in your email signature, or offer promo-codes which can only be found by visiting Pinterest.
  5. While your clients can’t Pin to your board, you can create offline and online incentives where the winner will be featured on your social media.

    For example, an incentive that provides the 50th customer to post a creative use of your product to Facebook with a prize - including a celebratory Pin on Pinterest.
  6. Make a short list of restaurants, businesses, and brands who excel on Pinterest. Regardless of their industry, they have at least a few methods you can test.

    If you aren’t sure where to begin, simply type “Top Pins” or “Top (add your industry) Pins” into the Pinterest search bar to see what populates.
  7. Don’t utilize Pinterest to spam your followers, but feel free to send direct messages to those who leave comments. 

Pinterest success will not occur overnight, but with steady activity and engagement your organic marketing will begin to drive quality leads to your website and sales funnel.

Now, as great as all of this info is, it’s not going to be of any use to you or your business if you don’t apply what you’ve learned.

So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to execute the steps in the following battle plan…

The Battle Plan

  • Step 1: Spend an hour brainstorming your Pinterest marketing goals.
  • Step 2: Think about what kind of boards and pins are most useful for your business or niche and develop a content plan.
  • Step 3: Take 15 minutes to create and optimize a Pinterest account and at least 6 boards in accordance with what you learned in this guide.
  • Step 4: Start filling your boards with pins, at least 5 each for starters, and begin implementing the best practices we discussed earlier.

A great marketing tool for getting scheduling posts to Pinterest is:


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 19: Podcast

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 254

One of the best ways to build traffic to your shop, your lead capture page or landing page is through using a podcast.

Podcasts are still listened to by millions of people around the world, and they are an excellent channel for building interest in your offering.

Now, let us look at some things you need to bear in mind if you are planning to use a podcast to help build traffic to your website.

First, and perhaps this goes without saying, ensure that your podcast is interesting to your audience.

Do not bring them content in your podcast that means nothing to them or is also out of date, or simply unrelated to what your business is.

If you do this, you will find that people will switch off very quickly, and your podcast will quickly die out.

This will make it a waste of time and money.

Because when you are spending time on a podcast you are using up the time that could be used to make money...

And it is only worthwhile doing it if you put the effort in to create an interesting session.

It is also a good idea to try and create an RSS feed on your website or other location so that you can optimize the audience for your podcast

Feeds like this will mean that people will find it easy to latch onto your podcast and subscribe to it quickly.

This brings much more of an audience; and it will help when you are trying to build traffic on a large scale.

It really is almost essential that you build an RSS feed.

If you are struggling with this aspect of things, talk to the people who helped design your website and find some way to get that feed setup.

Finally, ensure that you create a schedule for regular podcast production, and then stick to it.

Once a week is fine, but anything less frequent than that means that your podcast will not be able to build up an audience quickly.

People will lose interest unless they can listen to you on a regular basis.

Use a podcast to build up traffic, by keeping it regular and interesting for your audience.

Podcasting means that you will have an audience who see you as being an authority, as you offer advice and information in an engaging way in your industry.

Thinking of starting a podcast, check out this podcast resource list.


No. 20: Blog Commenting

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 255

Blog commenting is boring, I know but it works if you do it right.

Blog commenting is as old as the hills and is responsible for many people driving huge amounts of traffic to their websites.

It is one of the most effective free traffic methods for driving targeted traffic to your store and landing page.

The idea is simple.

You find blogs that are run by people who could be your customers or are in your industry, and you start to read them on a daily basis.

This means visiting the blogs and taking the time to take in the content that the writers of the blogs have provided.

Once you have done this for a while, you should be able to build up some kind of response to their main ideas or themes.

This will allow you to form your own ideas and opinions on what they normally talk about.

This is where your blog commenting can begin.

Start to write comments on the blogs. Don't write simple comments that don't really mean anything, but instead focus on adding value to the conversation.

The more you can do this, the more that the blogs will actually value your input and then people will start to click on your links.

Nine out of ten blog commenting boxes allow you to put your website link in there.

But this is all about responsibility, so make sure that when you do actually start adding comments to blogs, that every single comment you make is relevant to the conversation that is going on and also offers some extra insight that people will find useful.

“Great post.” “Thanks!” “I love your writing.” Is a bad example of blog comments. Make sure you add value to the post with your comment.

Once you have established a routine on this and are doing it on a regular basis, you will find that your traffic to your site or page will increase quickly.

This is because people will start to value your comments and see you as being an authority on that topic.

Remember not to spam anyone or write meaningless comments. Also, only comment on blogs that are relevant to your customers or to your particular industry and market.

Get that right and you should find that blog commenting is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal for building traffic.

EXPERT TIP: Do NOT include your link in the copy. You’ll struggle to get your comment approved, and if it does, it’s too obvious you’re there for traffic.

Just include your link in the website field and you will, over time, see a stream of traffic from your commenting efforts.

And of course, there is a myriad of SEO benefits to doing so also.

No. 21: Content Aggregators

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 256

Content Aggregators let you open your content to the masses.

Content aggregation has recently come into its own when it comes to building traffic.

This is the process where you go out on the Internet and manually try and find content that your audience will be happy to read and watch.

It does not mean hiring someone to do it for you, because you need to bring an editorial feel to the process.

The more you find content that you know your customers are definitely going to want to use, the more you will build your authority.

And then people will share what you have actually shared; which brings links back to your particular offering.

This means more traffic for you. Content aggregation is free and is easy to do, and it’s actually quite fun as you find a ton of content out there that is meaningful to your industry.

Always be careful to share content that is totally relevant to your customers. If you don't do this then your customers will not find you.

Whether you are posting your content up on your blog or anywhere else such as social media, you must always ensure that the content you have found rings true with your audience.

There is a strong reason for this. Due to the huge amount of content already on the Internet, people tend to switch off easily.

They become a bit stuck and get stressed with the fact that there are so many blogs, videos, and infographics for them to look at.

If you are the person who is responsible for helping them to sift through all that stuff and find the best stuff that means the most to them, you will be viewed as an expert.

They will logically see your website and your landing pages as being those coming from an authority in your industry.

This will bring you massive respect and drive traffic to your website which will ultimately lead to sales.

Once again, content aggregation is entirely free; the only resource you need is time.

It is worth pursuing as a traffic building strategy because it helps build your authority and guaranteed to bring you traffic that is meaningful and targeted for your offering.

Remember the golden rule of only aggregating content that means something to the people you want to sell to, and you cannot go wrong with a strong content aggregation strategy.

Now, let’s turn that around!

Why not get your content shared and become an ‘aggregatee’ yourself (yes, a made up word there).

The easiest way to go about doing this is to sign up and submit your content on a regular basis to content aggregators.

Here are a few recommended aggregators to join.

Make sure you spend time completing the application as they are usually manually reviewed so come across as an expert human not a generic robot: - Essential

Quick tip: you can find more sites like the ones above by using: or a more advanced site like:

These are free tools that will help you to find similar sites to any site.

Just enter a URL of the site you want to find similar sites for in their search box (e.g. and more similar sites will pop up.

No. 22: Blog and Encourage Sharing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 257

One of the best ways to get traffic to your site is to encourage sharing of your blog posts.

This method requires that you blog on your website.

This is one of the most powerful ways of pulling in traffic, because it involves something called ‘social proof’.

This is where people show that they like your content and this adds a seal of approval that creates even more traffic opportunities.

The way to get this done quickly and most effectively is by adding share buttons to your website.

One of the quickest ways to do this is to add a plugin to your blog.

So, whatever platform you are using to host your website, whether WordPress, Shopify, Bigcommerce or Woocommerce, just search in the app store for social sharing apps or plugins.

Choose which one you think is best for your store and there are a lot of them.

Adding social sharing buttons to your blog posts means that site visitors can instantly share your content and your offer with their followers, friends, and other social media components.

These website tools create a situation where the buzz around your content and sales pages will grow over time.

This will massively increase traffic, because a snowball effect will occur where site visitors will share links to your posts and the content on their social networks.

All it takes is for some of these people to have sizeable social networks that are reasonable dynamic and engaged, and traffic will grow.

It also makes your content more social.

This means that there will be a slower, but more sizeable level of engagement.

The thing about social media is that the tidal wave of traffic that can result from it is something that can either build over time (with constant engagement) or be a quick and persistent rush, if content goes viral.

So, if you have content that is sufficiently engaging there is a big chance that the impact will mean that more traffic will come due to the engaging quality of the content.

If all of this is linked to your sales offering, it can make a huge difference.

No. 23: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 258

Search engine optimisation is a huge topic that cannot be addressed fully in this post but I’ll touch on it briefly and go through the relevant aspect to get you going.

When your website is ranked well in the most popular search engines like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, you get more visitors going to your site.

The more visitors you get the more business you'll get.

Did you know that about 20 - 80 percent of your visitors will find your website through the search engines?

Studies show that most people do not look past the first page of results.

There was a time when you could use free submission services that would submit your website to search engines and directories.

At one time, that would actually get you ranked. But these days, that won’t do anything for you.

You want to get ranked at LEAST on the first page of Google and Yahoo.

The better option would be to get ranked in the top 3 listings of both Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This isn’t easy though but it’s doable if you target long-tail keywords for your products and services followed by good contents on your blog.

To get high ranked, you need to have a website with fresh content and good links to other sites with high page ranking.

You could have an rss feed on your site so that the content is fresh and new articles are submitted to keep the customers interested and the search engines satisfied.

Think about this…

The concept of the internet is based around content.

The internet was created to help people find information...

And if you can put information out about your products and services, the search engines will pick the information and show it to people searching for it.

Search engines are looking for fresh information, good linking, and relevance.

How Do You Optimize Your Blog for Search Engines?

If you are looking to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, you should pay particular attention to search engine optimization techniques which can help to improve your website search engine rankings.

Search engines all employ some type of ranking algorithm which is used to determine the order in which websites are returned when an Internet user searches for information on a particular topic.

However, not all search engines use the same algorithm for this purpose. As a result, there is no simple solution to optimizing a blog for high rankings on all search engines.

There are a few tips though which can be useful with most search engines.

These tips include using relevant keywords, generating back links to your blogs and using image tags in a beneficial way.

Search engines optimization are in two parts: on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

On-page SEO refers to the optimization you do on your site’s backend while off-page SEO is about the getting relevant links from directories and external sources.

How Does On-page SEO works?

There are a few things to pay attention to when it comes to On-page SEO.

  1. Title of your page (product page or blog article page)
  2. Description of the page (product description or blog post)
  3. Images on the product or article page
  4. H1, H2 and H3 tags

There’s one thing that’s common to the above and that’s your keyword.

The keyword which you want to rank for must appear in the title, description, alternate text of the images.

They also need to appear in the beginning, the middle and towards the end of the page or your product description. The keyword should also be in H1, H2 and H3 font sizes.

The Importance of Keywords

The use of relevant keywords in your product description and blog posts is one of the simplest ways to optimize your site for search engine rankings.

However, you do not want to cram your page with lots of keyword so having densities of 2%-3% on the page is advisable.

Try to research your keyword to know which keyword you can quickly rank for and then optimize your pages for those keywords.

A good tool I would recommend is

What About Off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is all about getting relevant links in and out of your website.

You need to submit your site to directories and build links from relevant sources to your website.

When you make a blog post, try to link out to a relevant external authority source at least once in the post while getting links back to your post from relevant authority sites.

Caution: when it comes to getting backlinks, more is not necessarily better. You need quality backlinks rather than getting lots of rubbish backlinks.

Too many irrelevant backlinks can get your website de-indexed by Google and when that happens, you would lose your ranking, and no one can find your site via search engines.

For a complete guide to SEO, check out these set of articles by MOZ.Com


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No. 24: Facebook Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 259

Facebook marketing is the use of Facebook as digital marketing channel.

More specifically, it is the use of the Facebook platforms and its features to promote your brand, your business, and your products.

It is also used to engage your audience, to collect leads, to communicate with potential customers, to build awareness, to generate website traffic, and to drive sales.

Facebook is a marketing-friendly platform with a business-oriented environment, where you can build a presence for your business by providing value through content, conversations, and entertainment.

You can use Facebook for marketing at no cost, and your success comes down to the strategies that you apply and the time you put into it.

So How does it work?

Facebook Marketing works primarily by building a social presence for your brand that users can interact with.

This means you are going to create a profile for your business the same way you would create a profile for yourself.

In fact, the Facebook Marketing mindset is similar to the personal brand mindset: 

You create a page for your business that people can Like or Follow, where you are going to publish posts that sound casual and engaging to make it easier for people to interact with your brand.

Once you establish a presence and build a following, you are going to raise awareness about your products, services, and offers by curating branded content from your website or other content channel.

Right after, you can start promoting your stuff a little more aggressively through contests and by sharing promotions such as discounts to get your audience interested in your stuff.

Then you can start using Facebook features for businesses, such as Facebook ads and Facebook remarketing (as discussed later in this post).

Why should you consider Facebook for Marketing?

Facebook should no doubt be a part of your digital marketing arsenal. The most obvious reason why you should consider it is exposure.

  • Facebook is still the most visited, most active social media site that exists, with over a billion active users a month. This means that finding the perfect audience for your business is easier on Facebook.
  • Facebook provides you with plenty of tools to engage your audience, including business pages, groups, chat, live video, and multimedia posts.
  • Facebook gives you all the flexibility you need to promote your brand and to send traffic from your pages and groups to your website.
  • Facebook lets you cross-promote content to Instagram, and it lets you integrate lead capturing functions such as lead capture shortcuts on your pages.
  • Plus, Facebook has what is perhaps the second largest and most cost-effective advertising platform on the internet.

In order to do Facebook marketing, you need to first create a Facebook page for your business if you don’t already have one.

Go here to learn how to create a Facebook page.

Creating Optimized Facebook Marketing Posts

Facebook pages are much more than virtual billboards, they’re basically social profiles for brands, companies, and businesses, and they give you all the tools you need to interact with your audience.

The primary and most basic tool for interaction is Facebook posting.

With Facebook posts you can establish thought leadership by engaging with users through comments, images, videos, and curated content.

But Facebook posting can be ineffective if not done right, and so let me teach you how to compose optimized Facebook posts that reach more people and generate more engagement.

Creating and Composing a Facebook Marketing Post

To create a post on Facebook, you have to start by going to your page and clicking on the “write a post” field on top of the page timeline.

Here is where you are going to compose your marketing posts.

Now, the secret to creating an effective marketing post is to compose the right structure.

Start with a headline. The post headline is a one-line description of the content in your post.

Think of it as a blog post title.

You have to include an actionable phrase or word, such as “read”, or “watch”, or “you won’t believe”, or information that makes the user stop to read the headline.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 260

Now you are going to compose the post copy below the headline.

This is going to depend on the content that you want to share. In general, your post copy is going to be a brief summary of the content that you are going to share.

A little-known secret to increase your reach is to use keywords in your post as hashtags.

Simply identify the keywords in your post text and type a hashtag symbol right before them.

This will transform them into hashtags that make your post discoverable in Facebook searches.

Adding Media And Content

The next step is to insert the media or content that you are going to share, into your post.

If you are going to share an image or video, you will simply have to click on the “photo/video” button to upload your media.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 261

This is crucial, because text-only posts don’t generate as much engagement as image or video posts.

The type of media that generates the most engagement on Facebook are infographics, short videos, and images, so make sure to always include them in your posts.

For this example, we are going to share a blog post from our website.

When you insert a link into a Facebook post, Facebook will fetch a preview that includes the feature image from the URL into your post.

A word of warning: if you are going to post a video, make sure to upload it directly to the post using the “photo/video” button, instead of sharing it from an outside link. 

If you share a video from an outside source, the Facebook algorithm basically ignores it, and won’t push it to the timeline of other users. It will only be visible to users that visit your timeline!

To insert a link, simply paste the URL below your post text. Once it fetches the preview and inserts the clickable link, you simply have to delete the text URL you pasted.

Publishing Your Post

You can see how your post is going to look in the timeline by clicking on the “preview” button.

In the preview window you can see a desktop preview and a mobile preview. 

Once you are ready to publish your post, click on the “share now” button. 

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 262

And that’s it! This is how you are going to compose your Facebook post from now on to get the most engagement and the best results possible.

Next up we are going to show you how to easily boost the reach of your newly published post, so stay tuned!

Promoting A Facebook Marketing Post

A well-composed, well-optimized marketing post on Facebook can generate a ton of engagement quickly, at no cost.

Yet, the number of people using the platform that you won’t reach organically is still astronomical when you think of it.

And you don’t want to miss them!

But to able to reach those extra eyeballs, you will need to boost your post, with a paid promotion.

The good news is that you can easily do it with just a few clicks. Let me show you the right way to do it.

You can promote a page post directly from your Facebook page, hassle free.

And all you have to do to get started is to go to your page, to locate the post that you are going to promote, and to click on the “boost post” button.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 263

A “boost post” window will appear on screen, and you can start setting it all up. This is easier than it looks!

Setting Up The Promotion

Start by selecting your “objective”, which is the result you want to get from promoting your post.

Because the objective of your post is to generate reactions from users to build your presence on Facebook, let’s select “get more people to react, comment, and share” as the objective.

You can add a “post button”, which is a call-to-action button for your post, but this is optional.

In this case, a CTA button can divert attention from the post directly to the link, so let’s click on the post button menu and select “no button”.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 264

This will encourage users to scan all content in the post before clicking on the link.

This also leaves more post real estate to the link preview, which looks way better on the timeline!

Now, let’s move to the “audience” section. Here you are going to select “people you choose through targeting”, and to click on the “edit” button.

Next, select the “gender”, the minimum and top “age” of your audience, and your “locations”.

Next, enter a keyword that best describes your potential audience into the “detailed targeting” field, and select a “detailed targeting” criteria from the menu.

This will help you to reach people more easily according to interests and behaviors. You can click on “save” to save this configuration and continue.

Now you are going to scroll down and make sure that “automatic placements” is activated.

When this option is active, promoted posts will show on Facebook and many other placements in the Facebook network, automatically.

Now move to the “budget and duration” section. Here you are going to select a duration first, using the “days” menu.

Next, you are going to enter the amount of money you want to spend to promote your post into the “total budget” field.

Here we recommend that you enter a total of $5 to $10 to test your promotion first.

You can then increase this amount if you notice that the post is doing well.

You can see the “estimated reach” below.

This is the number of people that will potentially see and interact with your post according to your total budget and duration.

Launching The Promotion

Lastly, you should select the currency that you are going to use to pay for your ads in the “payment” section.

You can preview your ad in the preview window to the right before you launch your ad.

And, once you are ready to launch your ad, you will simply have to click on the “boost” button.

Your post will start showing between 5 to 15 minutes after launch.

And that’s it! An easy, affordable way to reach more people with your Facebook marketing posts!

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

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We will add 6 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked

No. 25: Instagram Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 266

Instagram marketing is quite simply the use of the Instagram platform and its features to market your content, your brand, your products, your services, and your business.

Content creators, brands, marketers, and businesses have learned how to use it to share stuff like pictures and videos.

Instagram marketing is a combination of organic social media marketing strategies, visual discovery, and built-in advertising features that are unique to the Instagram ecosystem.

How Does It Work?

Instagram marketing works great because it lets you showcase your products with images...

It also helps you create brand awareness through photos and videos that you can use to tell stories...

Or to highlight the coolest parts of the lifestyle that you want customers to associate with your brand.

You can leverage Instagram’s scrollable gallery format to grab the attention of users with a powerful image or video that makes them stop to check your post.

Once you’ve captured the attention of a user with a visual element in your post, the next step is to make them take action.

Instagram helps you in this step by letting you add copy, captions, calls to action, and hashtags into your post.

This is how you can drive people to your store, a landing page, to comment, or to click on a hashtag to discover related content.

This simple method is very effective to drive awareness, engagement, and action in basically any business-to-consumer (B2C) niche...

And it works because it helps the user make an instant visual and emotional connection with what you’re trying to sell.

For example, if you’re running a baking shop, you can post photos of your sweets to Instagram two or more times a day.

And you can optimize your image posts with hashtags related to that business as well as with geo keywords that’ll help potential customers in your area to discover your shop.

Couple that with behind-the-scenes videos to give your shop an air of coolness, and soon you’ll be attracting new customers to your shop.

Other powerful features such as integration with Facebook Ads can help you take your business to the next level...

Because they let you run paid ads and promotions across Instagram, Facebook, and many other places around the web.

Want Help Driving Traffic With Instagram? Check Out Our Services

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 267

Why Should You Consider Instagram Marketing For Your Business?

  • Instagram is BIG and active. There you’ll find over a billion active accounts, worldwide, every single month.

    This gives you a great opportunity to expand your business to a larger and possibly global audience.
  • 90% of Instagram users follow and interact with business accounts.
  • Of those, at least 30% have purchased products that they have seen on Instagram!
  • Instagram helps you to showcase your products or services in a very casual way thanks to its unique creative tools and immersive formats.
  • Instagram enhances the way you reach people with your message along the customer journey.
  • Instagram allows you to create a profile that is visually appealing and where you can add a backlink to your business website, or any other landing page.
  • It integrates with Facebook Advertising, which will help you to explode your reach and sales with ads that are cheap and high-converting.

While, I would love to show you everything about how to market on Instagram, there’s no space enough in this post to do that, but you can read this post by Hootsuite.

No. 26: SnapChat Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 268

Snapchat is a mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

You can post pictures, videos and messages on the platform, but the concept is that any picture or video or message you post is only available for a short time before it disappears and becomes inaccessible.

Initially, Snapchat was focused on person-to-person photo sharing, but you can now use it for a different range of tasks...

Tasks like sending short videos, live video chatting, messaging, creating caricature and avatars and sharing chronological “story” with your followers.

If you are targeting audience between the ages of 12 and 34, then Snapchat will be a good place to market your business.

However, it appears older generation are beginning to pay attention to this channel.

According to, Snapchat reached 187 million active daily users in Q4 of 2017.

In the past year, the platform has seen more than 18% growth rate in terms of daily users.

This is a great thing for businesses who are targeting youngsters especially if you are into fashion and gadgets etc.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 269

Using Snapchat can be intimidating or confusing if you’ve never used it before and don’t know how to apply it to your business follow these guidelines.

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No. 27: Reddit Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 270

Reddit should be an important part of your marketing strategy, but why?

In a nutshell, traffic.

People who use Reddit tend to be quite internet-savvy.

So, if they see something they like on the platform it can work wonders for your marketing strategy.

Reddit prides itself as being the "Front Page of the Internet" and rightly so.

If you can get your content on the front page of Reddit, chances are you will get a tremendous amount of traffic from the platform and beyond.

When done right it can work wonders for you traffic-wise, when done wrong, you will be descended into nothingness.

Here is how it works.

Reddit is a forum-based platform where just about any topic or category you can think of can be discussed.

You can open an account without having to verify your email but, it is a good idea to do so otherwise you may be at risk of getting penalized as a spammer.

Every time your link or post gets upvoted you earn karma points. Reddit introduced karma points to help filter out spammers so that users become more credible within the community.

At the time of writing this, Reddit ranked #17 globally on Alexa. Its popularity makes it the birthplace of content.

But not just any content. Good quality content.

Reddit users love fun, witty, interesting and insightful content.

The success of any online businesses ultimately comes down to one thing, traffic.

Here is how to get it right.

Unlike other social media platforms, Reddit focuses on online discussions and community building.

If you want to act bouji, it won't fly on Reddit.

Research by Ignite shows that most Reddit users are male, college educated, and between the ages of 25-44.

They are savvy, eagle-eyed and not much gets passed them.

If you have a business, you can create and join in on threads and subreddits.

Showing that you care and are willing to help bodies very well on the platform.

The Importance of Reddit Marketing

Getting on the frontpage of Reddit is like scoring a hattrick of goals.

The amount of traffic you can generate is gigantic - 100k to a 1 million hits, or more. Pretty impressive, right?

Do your research on Reddit beforehand.

Research the right subreddits for your niche, what time you should post, and the type of content your target audience like to engage with.

This is important because it can really pay off later.

How To Do Reddit Marketing Right

If you land on the front page of Reddit, then brilliant. But even if you don't you can still get a large number of traffic.


Once you've chosen a list of subreddits that match your target audience, you want to begin cultivated relationship and engaging with the subreddit communities.

To do this right, don’t go with the mindset of promoting your content.

This is the fastest way to get in hot trouble on the site and get downvoted.

You don’t want to begin by promoting your own content. You want to provide value to the subreddits first.

“To build a level of trust and authentic connection, begin by upvoting other submissions you find interesting and that align well with your brand.

Next, share valuable content -- but not your own. Instead, post interesting content produced by other media outlets or blogs that you believe will be useful to your subreddit community” -

The important thing is to use the platform as your opportunity to know your audience before you even begin to offer your own content.

This will show your own community that you are not there to promote your content but to provide value to the community.

TARGET SPECIFIC SUBREDDITS IN YOUR NICHE. Reddit allows its users to select subreddits they are interested in seeing.

When you create a subreddit, you can create a page that is tailored directly to their interests.

POST QUALITY CONTENT. This is what will make you get upvoted or downvoted. As obvious as it sounds, even huge brands can get it wrong.

POST USEFUL LINKS. Don't just shove links down users’ throats. Make sure the link is actually useful to them and not just forcing them to your website to buy something.

It's free and the most effective, so do it right.

Take EA games as an example.

EA gaming giant got the most downvoted comment on the platform. and they are huge brand that have been around for years!

You can really learn from EA's comment and get an idea of what Reddit users like to read.

The best resources to use for Reddit, is Reddit itself. You can get so many insights about your target audience just by seeing what they like to talk about.

However, you could also consider using content idea generators like Portent or Buzzsumo.

You could also use keyword search tools like Ubersuggest and Google Keyword Planner (for Google keyword planner, you would need to have a Gmail and google ads account).

Reddit is a blend of quirkiness and intelligence. The potential free traffic that you could get makes it so worthwhile.

Many business owners overlook Reddit - don't be one of them.

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No. 28: YouTube Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 272

With over 2 billion users, YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular websites in the world.

YouTube is available in over 100 countries and 80 languages making it one of the most powerful marketing tools around.

Not only is it the second most popular website, but it’s also the second most popular search engine - only topped by Google.

Here is how you can create a killer YouTube marketing strategy.

YouTube is a video-based platform that has virtually no competitors.

It can be a great tool to help you improve your brand's awareness and SEO strategy.

YouTube allows you to get creative and users can view, comment, and share your unique content.

But Why Use YouTube Marketing?

Well, One of the highest performing content comes in the form of videos.

Video content can be a great way for you to demonstrate your product or service, answer your consumer's questions and provide information etc.

YouTube allows you to post multiple links in the description part of the video which means you can use one YouTube video to promote multiple pages of your store.

By providing direct links to a specific product, service, landing page, website or your other social media platforms, you are making it easier (and more likely) for the user to click on those links.

Doing so increases engagement and drives the right traffic to all your marketing channels.

How to do YouTube Marketing right

Because YouTube is so popular, it is highly competitive. Therefore, you need to get creative in order for your channel to stand out.

The good news is that if you post informative, useful and value video regularly on YouTube, you are bound to get an influx of traffic to your website.

To do this, you need to first learn about your audience.

Check out what type of content your competition is posting, watch channels in your niche to get ideas - and read the comments!

As a marketer, you can learn a lot about your audience from the type of comments they post.

Figure out what your audience wants, engage with them, then give them what they need.

Here Are A Few Tips on Using YouTube Marketing

YouTube is very visual so it is all about standing out. Follow these few tips:

  1. WRITE CLICK-WORTHY TITLES. The thumbnail and video title is the make-or-break of your click-through rate.

    Crafting killer titles to grab users attention is a must!

    But, make sure you avoid clickbait titles as YouTube users hate that and won't have a problem telling you so.
  2. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR SEO. People use YouTube the same way they use Google - as a search engine.

    Include keywords in your title and description, use the necessary hashtags and categories.

    Your SEO game needs to be strong if you want your videos to get views.

    A good tool for doing YouTube SEO and getting traffic to your website is Vidiq.
  3. BRAND YOUR CHANNEL. Your YouTube channel should be visually attractive.

    Not only does this make users take you more seriously, but it also increases your brand's awareness and you become more recognizable.
  4. ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Let me tell you when you take the time to reply to comments users they appreciate it immensely.
  5. DON'T MAKE LONG VIDEOS. Unless you are doing tutorials, you should aim for your videos to be no longer than five minutes.

    Create high-quality content but it keeps short, informative and interesting.

    You can always split your videos into parts, which is a good way to get users to come back for more.
  6. INCLUDE CTA'S & GIVEAWAYS. Adding call-to-action and including giveaways will help you create more engagement.

    But, don't overdo it as they can get a little irritating.
  7. COLLAB WITH OTHER YOUTUBERS. Collaborations are popular among content creators because it is a win/win for both.

    It keeps your channel fresh and it is a good way to attract a new audience and subscribers.
  8. SHARE ON YOUR SOCIALS. Every time you drop a new video on your channel let people on your other social media platforms know.

    Heck, you can even tell them what time you are posting the video so they can be prepared.

Growing your YouTube channel will take time, learning and experimentation.

But, if you create high-quality content, deliver on your promises and stay consistent, YouTube can take your business to a brand new heights.

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No. 29: Quora Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 274

Quora as part of your marketing strategy can bring you a large amount of traffic - and the right traffic at that.

If you are looking for ways to spread your brand's awareness, build up authority in your niche without it costing you an arm and a leg, then Quora is the way to go.

But, as with any social media campaign you do, you need to have a good strategy.

Here is how you can become a Quora marketing whizz and bring a ton of laser targeted traffic to your store.

First, What Is Quora?

Quora is a top-ranked website that has built a strong online community over the past 10 years.

Its power? It provides people with answers to questions they have.

According to statistics, Quora gets 471.8 million visitors per month.

Quora has over 300 million active monthly users and there are over 400,000 topics discussed on the platform.

Now, you have a better idea of the potential amount of people you can reach, how can you incorporate it into your marketing strategy?

People are on Quora because they are looking for answers.

This is where you come in.

It is a great way for you to find out exactly what qualms users or potential users have.

It's also an opportunity to find ideas for future content.

When you provide answers filled with beneficial information.

You are demonstrating your expertise in your industry and at the same time improving your company's image.

But, you need to be clever about it for it to work to your advantage.

Tip: the more upvotes your answers get, the more exposure you will receive.

How To Use Quora To Drive Free Traffic

Just as with any social media site, your first task is to create your Quora profile.

Take the time to enhance your profile, as this is where people will come to learn more about your company.

Once you have set up your profile, you can start to search for topics related to your niche.

Quora doesn't just help you drive traffic to your store, it helps you drive high-quality traffic.

You are there to help solve a problem for people in your industry. This should be reflected in the answers that you give.

Explain to them how and why your product or service will solve their problem.

Don't say things like "visit my site" because it looks spammy and isn't helpful.

How To Do Quora Marketing Right

While you can post links to your website, do it in the form of a citation as a support to the answer of the question.

Perhaps include other links as well.

If you can get one person enthusiastic about your brand, be sure that they will recommend it to their family and friends.

If you can master how to do that, it is guaranteed money.

Resources For Quora Marketing

Although the premise of Quora is simple, its beauty is in its diversity.

That is why the platform itself is a good resource.

You can see what people in your industry are most concerned about, what they enjoy, and so on.

You could also use a website called Answer The Public.

All you have to do is type in a keyword and it will give you all the search terms people have typed in.

Quora is a place where people like to find out about topics and businesses - so it should be a place for marketers as well.

Make your answers shine and watch your conversions grow.


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No. 30: Tik Tok Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 275

If you are looking for new ways to market your business, then TikTok marketing is definitely worth paying attention to.

According to CNBC, TikTok has been downloaded around 2 billion times globally.

With that being said, you can probably imagine the level of traffic TikTok marketing can bring to your business.

So, how can TikTok marketing benefit your business?

Well, before we get into that, let's make sure you understand exactly what TikTok is and how it works.

What Is TikTok?

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that allows its users to create fun 15-second videos with fun editing effects.

Users create videos like lip-syncing, dancing, pranks, singing and challenges and so much more.

This has led many people to find fame and fortune on the platform.

People can like, share and comment on their favorite videos and send direct messages.

The fun nature of the platform has made many videos go viral.

More importantly, TikTok has a real knack for knowing how to keep people on it's platform.

Typically, a user will spend around 45 minutes a day on the app.

That makes its engagement rate exceptionally high. In fact, according to a study done by Influencer Marketing Hub, Tik Tok's engagement rate exceeds all other platforms.

In September 2020, a forecast was released by Statista indicating that by 2021, TikTok users in the United Kingdom will reach 11 million.

Although the app has been involved in much controversy, including data privacy and morality issues, it continues to grow in popularity.

Now that you have an idea of what TikTok is and how it works, it's time to get in to how you can use it to benefit your brand.

What Is TikTok Marketing?

Perhaps a big advantage for you is that many businesses overlook TikTok when it comes to marketing.

This may be because it is perceived as a platform for young people. While that may be true to a degree, it does not mean that you can't profit from it.

But, what does that mean for your marketing efforts?

The fact that so many businesses overlook TikTok presents a huge opportunity for you.

You can reach a large number of people and it won't cost you an arm and a leg to do it.

How To Do Tik Tok Marketing Right

Today, content is key for the success of any business.

Because TikTok is video based, you need to create exciting content that will make people want to watch and engage with your videos. (HINT:

You have 15-seconds, or 60 seconds if you want combine videos, to get really creative.

One way you can do this is by turning content you have used before (Infographic, blog post, etc.) and turn into a fun video.

Alternatively, if you don't have any previous content, find out what problems your target audience are facing and give them a solution.

Another way is to collaborate with TikTok influencers.

Influencers have a fan base that trusts them.

You can promote your product or service through them by creating a marketing campaign where they showcase themselves using your products.

Either way, the more engagement you get with your videos, the more the algorithm will put it in front of people.

How To Get Your Videos Seen On TikTok

TikTok SEO

Using SEO for Tik Tok will make your content even more discoverable.

TikTok has a search bar, so when you post a video, make sure the hashtags you use are relevant.

Really put some thought into your TikTok SEO strategy as it can play a big role in getting your content shown to more people.

You can use keyword search tools like Google or Ubersuggest for ideas.

20 Paid Online Traffic Methods

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 276

There’s nothing wrong with free traffic but in a lot of cases the paid traffic is far quicker to deliver.

You do need to work out your profit when it comes to using paid traffic.

You don’t want to be investing $1,000 into PPC traffic if it’s earning you just $500 so it’s incredibly important to track sales and conversions.

Checkout Our Profit Calculator For eCommerce Marketers

Here are some pretty good ways to drive paid traffic fast to your store.

No. 31: Google Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 277

Using Google Ads to drive traffic to websites is one of the most effective methods available today on the Internet. 

When it comes to Google Ads, it is all about keywords. This means choosing keywords that are appropriate to your target market.

Do this right and you should see targeted traffic as people search for your keywords and find your products and services online.

How Does Google Ads Works?

With Google Ads. You can get in front of your ideal customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours on Google Search and Google Maps.

You only pay for results, like clicks to your website or calls to your business.

Google Ads can display your ads on both in the results of search engines like Google Search and on non-search websites like blogs, mobile apps, and videos.

To use Google Ads effectively, there is some learning curves, and it can take time to get it right.

So, investing time in choosing the right keywords that are targeted to your audience but also don’t have a lot of competition is the key to making Google Ads work.

This means thinking carefully about what your audience are looking for and using long-tail keywords to attract the right buyer.

Make the advertising message in the text box as concise and descriptive as possible.

Don't try to be clever, instead just be as descriptive as you possibly can about the product or service you are trying to advertise.

The more people get out of the advertisement as regards details, the better. Many people don’t have time to search around on a Google search page for long.

8 Essential Google Ads Tips:

  1. Use Keywords in your Ad Text - You need to prove to Google that your ad is relevant to your keyword to get a high quality score which will improve your chances of ranking in a noticeable location in the SERPs.

    Tailor each ad for each keyword you’re targeting to ensure your quality score is high.
  2. Use Ad Groups - Create lots of ad groups to manage your different types of keywords and create ads tailored to each ad group to see which type of keyword is best performing.
  3. Set your Max Bid High – ads are ranked by 3 main factors: CTR (Click-through rate), Relevance (quality) and Bid. To get your CTR rate you need to get exposure and to get exposure you need to bid high.

    Set your initial bid high and when you’ve had a few clicks you can begin to reduce your bid as the CTR rate will ensure you rank regardless.
  4. Include Broad and Exact Keywords - But bid higher on those more targeted exact match keywords.
  5. Use Negative Keywords - This will ensure your clicks are fully targeted.

    For example, let’s assume you’ve written a recipe book full of sugary cake recipes, you might choose to set your negative keywords as “Healthy, Diabetic, Diet.”

    Use negative keywords such as “Free, Cheap, Sale, Discount” to ensure that you’re only targeting qualified buyers instead of freebie seekers.
  6. Tailor Landing Page - You can take your targeting further (and get deeper into Google’s good books) by targeting your landing page for particular ad groups or keywords.
  7. Split Test Your Ads - With Google Ads, you can take advantage of the rotation feature which will allow you to rotate multiple ads within an ad group to see which is returning the best ROI and of course, CTR.
  8. Track - It’s shocking how many people claim Google Ads is failing or don’t even know because they’re not tracking their results.

    Make sure you spend the time to track those results.

    Find which keywords are offering the best CTR and ROI and which aren’t of course and keep tweaking your campaign.

Google Ads needs to be watched carefully because it does cost money, and if you're not careful you can leave an ad running for a long time that doesn’t produce results.

If you have chosen your keywords well and you have enough traffic, things should be fine.

Remember to test your ad to make sure it is producing the conversions you need.

Google offers different advertising options that are guaranteed to get you a strong ROI but you need to use them judiciously.

The options include: Google Shopping, Video Advertising, Display Advertising, Remarketing etc.

Google Advertising Services

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No. 32: Facebook Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 278

For a complete step by step guide to Facebook advertising, check out this article on our blog.

Facebook was growing but the revenue wasn’t until they launched their advertising program which marketers have JUMPED on.

The ability to target particular demographics in such a simple interface was understandably attractive even with an industry low CTR.

One of the best ways to use Facebook's paid platform is as an email capture tool.

If you create offers using the platform, in return for email addresses, you should build your email list up even further and therefore add more value to your advertising.

Facebook has evolved into an advertising juggernaut with their many options.

Today, eCommerce marketers have a lot of tools within Facebook ads to profitably advertise their products.

For example, Facebook offers catalogue advertising which enables eCommerce stores to sync their entire shop catalogue into Facebook and advertise to it.

This is like Google shopping ads.

With Facebook ads you can run awareness campaign, traffic campaign or conversion campaign.

To get the best bang for your money, I would suggest always running conversion campaign.

This way, Facebook will help you to track those that are converting on your website and then send more people like those to your site.

You can also run a lookalike audience campaign where Facebook will help you to find people who look those that are visiting your website and show you ads to those audience.

This is particularly useful after you have run your campaign for awhile so that Facebook will have the right data to find similar audience.

If you already have email list or customer list, you can export them into Facebook and use Facebook’s custom audience feature to target your customers with ads.

This is a brilliant way to increase conversions and boost ROI. This is well worth considering if you have a valuable list.

To do Facebook advertising right, make sure you have a good Facebook page and a high converting website.

Here Are a Few Tips for Advertising on Facebook:

  1. Become Familiar with the Facebook Advertising Guidelines - There’s no point wasting your time in submitting an ad that’s going to get rejected. No GET RICH QUICK rubbish for example.
  2. No Annoying Ads - Unlike Google Ads, users on Facebook can close/hide an ad.

    If they’re not going to click the link you don’t want them to be annoyed enough to close your ad. If you get enough closed ads, you’ll be alerted to Facebook.
  3. Spend Time Finding an Image - Pick an enticing image that is RELEVANT to your advert. You need it to be eye catching.
  4. Test with $5 Budget - If you’re new to Facebook advertising, you can actually test with a minimum daily budget of just $5 or less.

    This should give you enough to work out if it’s going to be worthwhile and whether it’s worth spending more money on it.
  5. Try Using Videos for Your Ads - Video ads are quite cheap so it’s worth trying it to see if it works for your particular market.
  6. Test with Different Creatives - Use videos and images to test which ads work best for you.
  7. Take Advantage of Campaign Budget Optimisation - Facebook now offers campaign budget optimization where you can run several ad-sets and ads within a campaign and they will automatically help to optimize your campaign and show more the ads that are more likely to get you conversions.

Facebook Advertising Services



No. 33: Mobile Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 279

Did you know that over 80% of internet searches are done on mobile?

Heck, there is a very high chance that you are reading this from a mobile device.

A report by Salesforce indicated that "68% of companies have integrated mobile marketing into their overall marketing strategy"

So, if you haven't implemented some type of mobile advertising into your marketing campaigns, then you may be lagging behind.

But, don't worry.

I am going to provide you with everything you need to know in order for you to develop an awesome mobile marketing strategy.

But What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is in two phases…

  • Phase one: making your website look appealing and user friendly to mobile device users. Mobile devices include smartphones, tablets, iPads and other mobile devices. 
  • Phase two: targeting your ideal customers through mobile advertising.

A good mobile marketing strategy will allow your business to reach a wider audience.

A survey done by Code Computerlove showed that the average screen time for the UK is 3 hours and 23 minutes a day.

With people checking their email, making purchases, browsing websites on their phones, and so on, mobile phones are changing the way customers engage.

This means in order for you to target your audience, you need to place yourself where your customers are - and that's on the go.

Let's put it into a little perspective for you. Here are five reasons why mobile marketing is important.

  • REACH. What is the first thing you check in the morning? I'm guessing it is your phone. The same goes for most people, and they keep it with them throughout the day.
  • PERSONALIZED. Mobile devices are personal so when you connect with your customer through it, you are basically in the same category as their family and friends.
  • INSTANT. Research has shown that SMS marketing has a 98% open rate and people open a text message within three minutes of receiving it.
  • CUSTOMER LOYALTY. Customers will trust you more if you can provide them with a good mobile experience. People develop a nice opinion when they don't face any issues visiting your website through their mobile devices.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE. Many marketers overlook mobile marketing because they think it is too expensive. In fact, in comparison to other marketing techniques, it can be more cost-effective.

Tips on How to Get The Most Out Of Mobile Marketing Right

There is no point in doing mobile marketing, or any type of marketing for that matter if you are not going to target the right people.

  1. MAKE YOUR WEBSITE MOBILE-FRIENDLY. That is the first thing you should do before you implement your marketing strategy.

    Because a user is most likely going to buy through their mobile device.

    To see if your website is mobile friendly, visit it on your smartphone.

    If you don’t have a smartphone, ask a friend, family member or colleague who has to visit your site and see how the site looks on mobile.

    You can also test the website using Google Mobile Friendly Test website.
  2. CREATE CONTENT BASED ON LOCATION. Make sure your content is high-quality but, more importantly, make sure it is appropriate for the location you are targeting.

    For example, if you are in the UK, trying to target the US market there is no point in including statistics from the UK.
  3. USE MULTI-CHANNEL CAMPAIGNS. A good marketer should always combine multiple marketing channels.

    Not only do they complement each other, but they also increase customer engagement.
  4. CREATE QR CODES. If you want to take your mobile marketing to the next level, then you should look into creating QR codes. QR stands for "quick response."

    The codes store data which can be transferred quickly and digitally improving your customer's overall experience.
  5. ASK FOR CUSTOMER FEEDBACK. Sure, you will get data from your analytics about your customer.

    However, the best way to get to know your customer is by asking them directly!

    You can create surveys, questionnaires and ask for feedback. Be active, responsive and let your customers know that their voices are being heard.

Mobile Marketing Platforms

To boost your eCommerce marketing, advertising on mobile is a smart choice.

Not only is mobile advertising amazingly effective, it is also quite cheap. Here are a few mobile advertising platforms to help get you started.

  • Admob - an app by Google designed for in-app advertising
  • InMobi - InMobi is a global mobile advertising platform that specializes in delivering the best ROI for mobile marketers. 
  • LoopMe - specializes in artificial intelligence driven brand advertising. LoopMe is the largest mobile-first video advertising platform, uniquely using mobile data.

    And AI to measurably improve results and outcomes for marketers, and the brand experience for customers.


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No. 34: Email Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 280

Email marketing is the hub of online and offline marketing. Without it, most marketers wouldn’t be where they are today.

They will be out of business. Period.

Email marketing has been around forever. It’s the most direct and effective way of connecting with your leads, nurturing them, and turning them into customers.

It is consistently winning out over all other marketing channels.

With effective email marketing, you can convert prospects into customers, and turn one-time buyers into loyal, raving fans.

Email marketing has a set of unique advantages over other types of marketing both online and offline marketing.

Perhaps, one of the most significant advantages to email marketing is the ability to reach a worldwide audience with minimal effort.

Now, you might be wondering if email is still a worthwhile marketing strategy. Well, check this out this from…

Email generates $38 for every $1 spent, which is an astounding 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective options available.

Despite the rise of social media and unsolicited spam email (which is never a good marketing strategy, by the way), email remains the most effective way to nurture leads and boost customer loyalty.

Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

There are many reasons you should make email marketing one of your top marketing channels but let’s discuss a few hear:

  1. Email is the #1 communication channel. Did you know that at least 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That can’t be said of any other communication channel.
  2. There are 3.9 billion daily email users. This number is expected to climb to 4.3 billion by 2023. (Statista, 2020).
  3. 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the last 12 months (Not Another State of Marketing, 2020)
  4. You own your list. If you have a social media account on any platform, your account (along with all your fans and posts) could be suspended or deleted at any time, for any reason, without notice.

    But with email, you own your list and no one can take the leads away from you.
  5. Email converts better than any other marketing methods. 59% of B2C marketers say email is their biggest source of ROI. (Emma, 2018).

    People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than those who do not receive email offers.

    In fact, email marketing has an ROI (returns on investment) of 4400%. That’s huge!

    And if you are wondering if social media converts even better, think again: the average order value of an email is at least three times higher than that of social media. (
  6. Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. You can do a lot of things with emails, like sell products, share some news, improve your cart abandonment rate or tell a story.

Simply put, email is the best way to make sales online.

To do email marketing effectively, you need a list of subscribers and customers.

If you don’t have a list yet, then you need to start collecting email addresses on your website because without a list, you cannot send out emails.

The fact is that as an online marketer, your priority should be to build list and not to sell.

Once you’ve got the list, you can promote to them, nurture them and convert them into buyers and repeat customers.

Without a list, you don’t have a business online. Your list is your asset and it’s worth gold. If you nurture your list well, you can be making money passively while you sleep.

If you are marketing and sending traffic to your website without actively collecting list of subscribers, you are throwing money in the air and frankly, you are not a true marketer.

From today, you need to learn the art of building email list on your website and once you begin building the list, you must learn how to build relationship with them and convert them into loyal customers and raving fans.

Top email marketing tips that deliver success

  1. Use a personalization in your email. Email marketing software like MailChimp can easily do this for you so you can automatically personalize each email you send to your list.

    This will separate you from the mass emails sent every day.

    We are not talking about putting "Hey" in the subject line or their email name in the body of the email where the greeting would go.

    If people have signed up for the list, you have a name and should use it to personalize the greeting.

    This will gain their attention and make them feel like the offer you are making is specific to them since spammers don't make the effort to do this.
  2. Always use a call to action in your email. The worst thing you can do is never to ask people to take action when you send out email.

    You must ask them to take action, whether to buy your product or sign up to something.

    Whatever it is you are promoting, always ask people to take action on it. If you don’t ask, many will not act.
  3. Use a countdown timer when necessary. This can be a real-time clock counting down how long they have left to take advantage of the offer.

    You can always come back with a last chance email a few days later but some form of call to action needs to be present.

    People need to see they are getting a deal and a deadline usually produces the best results.

    You could even include some form of bonus during the time-frame to make it seem more important to order now.
  4. Always build your own list and try to stay away from buying them. There are simply too many ways to attract interest on the web for nothing but time than to buy a list of bad data and uninterested parties.

    Add a sign-up link on every page of your site, use your affiliate sites and most importantly, take advantage of social networking sites to sign people up.

    You could even offer free giveaways like a how-to PDF.
  5. Keep your emails brief and to the point. You don't want them to make the decision to buy based on the email. Raise their awareness and interest but drive them to the site for full details.

    If they read it all in your email, they may not show interest to go to the site.

    Also, emails read on mobile phones and tablets may be difficult to view if long winded so keep it simple. 

Few Tips To Increase Your Email Subscribers List

You will need to compile a list of customers who are interested in receiving your emails before you can promote via email.

If you have existing customers, give them an incentive for subscribing to your emails. 

Describe what kind of information they can expect to get and focus on what provides them with value.

Balance your content between offering them exclusive deals and helpful information relating to your industry.

On your website, include a short and simple sign-up form for your email subscription.

You can make this form as short as only two fields, just for the customer's name and email address.

Or, you can ask a few more questions, like their preference of frequency and provide options for the type of information they would like to get.

You can post this form on the margin of each webpage so that it is always accessible regardless of which page your visitor is on.

Be sure to offer assurance that you will never share their personal information, and also include an easy way for them to unsubscribe.

When your visitors see that your intentions with their emails are good, they will feel more comfortable subscribing.

One way to make sure that your customers have given you permission to send them emails is by making the opt-in process a double opt-in. 

This extra step involves automatically sending your potential subscribe a confirmation link.

When your visitor confirms his subscription, you can be assured that the opt-in is intentional.

This will protect you from any accusations that your emails were unsolicited.

Caution: while using double optin is a honorable thing to do, it can mean that your list will grow very slowly as many people who may have originally requested your information may not remember to confirm their email.

Personally, I use single optin so this is something you may want to consider before you begin using single or double optin.

Figure out the appropriate frequency of your sending of emails. Avoid sending too many emails at a close interval.

If your subscribers see too many emails from you, they may not think that they are special anymore, and may even start to ignore them or unsubscribe.

Space your emails apart to keep things fresh.

Make your subscribers feel like they have gained something special by sending them exclusive discounts and offers.

This will motivate them to remain subscribers. The anticipation of getting something nice will keep them interested.

For a full guide on how to do email marketing right, check out this post.

Email Marketing Tools

There are many email marketing tools in the market today and choosing the right one can be overwhelming.

But if I am to suggest, go with the most common one first which is Mailchimp. You can connect with Mailchimp from inside most WordPress and eCommerce platforms. 

If Mailchimp doesn’t meet all your needs, here are a few ones below: 

No. 35: Microsoft Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 281

When it comes to PPC advertising, the first platform that springs to mind is often Google Ads.

But there are so many PPC platforms out there with their own unique benefits and one of the best Google Ads alternatives is Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Search Network connects with more than 200 million Windows 10 users — including 48.6 million searchers that Google can’t reach.

You can promote your business to reach customers that are searching on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and More…

More than 133 million people search using the Bing Network and more than one-third of the Network users make more than $100,000 each year.

This means that with Microsoft Ads, advertisers can target and reach high performance affluent demographics.

So, if you are not using the Microsoft ads platforms yet, you need to think again as you are leaving great profitable opportunity on the table.

What is the Microsoft Search Network?

As a consumer, Microsoft Search Network is already part of your life without you knowing it.

Microsoft Search Network powers the devices, apps and sites your customers use every day.

Searchers find the Microsoft Search Network on Bing and partner sites, through Windows 10, Cortana and Office, plus across third-party platforms and partnerships...

Whether it’s search inside Amazon’s devices, web results for Siri and Spotlight Search on Apple devices, or maps on thousands of leading websites.

These are the sites that Google doesn’t serve ads to.

What types of ads can you run on Microsoft Ads?

You can run the following ads on Microsoft:

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads (Banner Ads)
  • Shopping Ads
  • Retargeting (to bring back lost visitors and customers)

When you advertise on Microsoft, you are given a pixel which you install on your site and helps Microsoft to retarget your lost visitors and show ads to them after the leave your website.

To learn step by step how to use Microsoft Ads, watch this YouTube video or this one.

No. 36: Influencer Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 282

One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic to your store or website is to find people who already have a large audience and expertise in your specific industry and get them to sing your praises or promote your products.

These people are called influencers.

Influencer marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies and is a key method to reach a larger audience, generate a higher ROI, and increase brand awareness.

Many businesses are now using this method to attract a large audience and connect with them.

Influencers are authentic, they can attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

However popular this method might be, not everyone knows how to use an influencer marketing strategy that works...

So I am going to show you how to do it to drive targeted traffic to your site and connect with a new audience.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is a type of marketing strategy that uses endorsement from influencers who have an engaged audience that trusts in them and are considered experts in their field.

According to AdWeek, the influencer marketing industry will reach $10 billion in worth by 2020.

We can't deny that influencer marketing has become one of the most successful strategies.

It has one of the highest ROI of all marketing strategy. 

Marketing Hub claims that for every $1 you invest in influencer marketing you can expect an average return of $18 which makes it more profitable than traditional marketing strategies.

How to Do Influencer Marketing the Right Way

1) Outline your Goals

Define your expectations about the campaign. Do you want to increase brand awareness?

Or do you want to generate a higher ROI? Do you simply want to gain social media followers? 

Defining your goals will provide you an idea of how to track and monitor your success.

2) Get to Know your Audience

You should build your marketing strategy around your audience so get to know them, find what content they like, and what influencers they follow.

When you know the exact type of customer you are going after you can choose the best influencer and type of content they would like.

3) Choose the Right Influencer

You should set a budget and based on that select a type of influencer.

A celebrity influencer will cost you more money than a micro-influencer that only has 20K followers.

The main thing you need to ensure is that they belong to the same niche as your brand.

They should have a high engagement ratio and their content should align with your overall brand image.

Regardless of how popular an influencer is, your campaign should include great content that provides value to your audience.

4) Choose an Influencer marketing strategy

Develop your campaign messaging and determine what content the influencer should publish.

Share your brand guidelines including your brand message and what it is about.

You can either create content for the influencers to post or they can create content on their own.

Depending on your objectives you can consider guest posting, gifting, social media mentions, contest, or giveaway as the strategy.

5) Analyze your Metrics

You should always set target metrics that you can expect per piece of content.

The real success of the campaign is to determine if you reached your campaign goals.

You should keep an eye on engagement, resonance, brand awareness, ROI, clicks, and conversions.

Some Resources to Use for Influencer Marketing.

  • This is an informative podcast that interviews influencers, agencies, brands, and important personalities from the influencer marketing world.
  • MarketingProfs.Com. This is a blog/newsletter/forum and focuses on modern marketing practices from the best experts so it is a good place for a good marketing reading.
  • CollectiveBias.Com. This is the right website to learn more about the newest case studies and guides that will improve your influencer marketing skills.

    You can find information about the latest influencer trends and checklist that will improve your campaigns.

How To Find Instagram Influencer Engagement?

Not all influencers are good for your marketing. Many will cost and waste you money.

To find the right influencer for you, try finding their engagement ratio i.e. how engaged is their followers...

Because, if their followers are engaged with them, chances are that they will respond to their recommendation. 

To find influencer engagement, use tools like, or

Check out this post for more influencer marketing tools.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 37: Native Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 283

What is Native Advertising?

If you visit, you are going to see a thread of news headlines but unbeknown to you, there are also some headlines that are not actually news but ads.

This can happen on any sites or blogs.

According to Wikipedia, “Native advertising is a type of advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears.

In many cases it functions like an advertorial, and manifests as a video, article or editorial.”

Native ads usually appear in "In Feed" Ads i.e. ads that appear in your news feed on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter feed.

They are also seen on search or promoted listings that appear at the top of Google search results, or in the side bar as sponsored ads.

On news sites like Microsoft, Yahoo and blogs you would find Native ads sometimes on the recommended articles or suggested posts that appear below the article you just read.

But why is this method of advertising so great that you should think of using it for your marketing?

With Native Advertising, many people don’t even realize it is advertising and so there is less resistance from the potential consumer.

In-feed native ads allow advertisers ads to blend in and not stand out like a visible banner ad. 

As a result of this, there’s usually more user engagement compared to banner advertising because unlike banner ads users aren’t avoiding your ads like the plague.

Native ads attract more genuine interest from readers and potential customers.

Because the ads don’t interrupt the experience of the user on the site it’s displayed on, users love this type of ads.

They are marked as advertisements, so it’s not a deceptive form of marketing, like some might assume.

Due to the distinguishing factors of Native ads, these results in high user engagement and higher CTRs for the advertiser.

With this advantage also comes with cost efficiency because higher click through rates ultimately will lead to lower costs per click and cost per customer acquisition.

Native advertising also allows for every kind of targeting.

Advertisers can run contextual, demographic, psychographic, location-based, device-based, or intent-based targeting.

With StackAdapt self-serve programmatic advertising platform, advertisers can even target users located in specific businesses and institutions for B2B marketing.

How To Get The Best Bang For Your Investment

Identify The Right Channels

Not all channels are created equal. Some will perform better than others.

One of the easiest ways to get started with your native advertising strategy is by creating a list of channels where you'd like your native advertisements to appear.

With your niche and products in mind, think about social networks like LinkedIn, online magazines for your specific trade, or industry news websites where your ads might fit naturally.

Your aim should be to choose a platform that seems organic for your company and the customers you want to serve. 

Provide Quality Content

Your goal is to attract as many potential viewers as possible and to do this, you need to create quality content for your native advertising.

Unexplored news stories and thought leadership topics tend to do very well.

Come Across As An Authority In Your Niche

First, study how ads are portrayed on the channels you have chosen to advertise in.

You want to come off as an authority in your subject and your ads should look exactly like the other content available on the channel. 

Your goal is to find opportunities that help you get the most out of your content.

Companies like Outbrain, Taboola, Nativo, Adblade and TripleLift do a fantastic job of suggesting complimentary content via native ads on their publisher partner websites.

Test and Test a Lot

Experimenting with content, headlines, creative formats and targeting settings provides advertisers with insights into how their audience responds to various native campaigns.

In marketing your headlines can be key to your success. You'll need to hook people in with your content and convince them that your brand is worth their time.

With even a minimal degree of testing, you can form predictions, avoid budget losses and identify new market opportunities for your native campaigns.”

Performing A/B testing can help you judge how certain elements of your advertisements perform in the right circumstances.

You should keep testing and optimizing your native ads over time.

Know Your Target Audience. 

Having a clear understanding of your target audience will enables you to create meaningful creatives, select relevant publishers and target better performing native placements.

Making The Most Of Native Ads

Native advertising can be an incredible way for you to take your brand's visibility to the next level.

However, it's important to make sure that you're using the right channels and content to capture the hearts and minds of your potential audience. 

With the tips above, you should have everything you need to create a native ad that inspires stronger results for your company through more natural marketing.

For a guide on running native advertising, check out this post.

No. 38: Paid Giveaways

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 284

We have already discussed giveaways in the free traffic section but if you are looking to quickly increase traffic to your website, build your email list and increase brand awareness, you need to consider doing paid giveaways. 

This means advertising your giveaway events.

Paid giveaways and contests are one of the best ways to build your email list (refer to list building section below).

The best way to use this marketing method is to combine it with retargeting.

This means, you use giveaways to bring visitors to your website and then retarget them with your product ads.

That will maximize your effort and product highest ROI.

Obelo suggests that the best time to host a contest are between June and November with the best campaigns lasting between 25 and 60 days.

How To Setup A Giveaway On Your Store

When you setup a giveaway, you can set it up on your website, Facebook or Instagram etc.

There are different types of giveaways.

For example, you can require the participants to follow or like your page, invite friends, or retweet in order to win a price at the end of the contest.

The contest ends when your goals which should be clearly defined on your website are reached such as 10,000 likes or follow.

Goals can also be dated like running a contest for 30 or 60 days and at the end of the period you select the winner.

The winner will get what you have promised on your site for the contest i.e. a product.

Giveaway Contest Ideas and Tips

Choose valuable prize(s). You want to pick the right prize for your giveaways.

For instance, giving away a free $20 necklace won’t be as inviting and effective as giving away something more valuable in the eye of the participant i.e. a gift basket of your bestselling products. 

“It might be a good idea to do one medium sized prize and a couple of small prizes to make people feel like they have a chance of winning.

Give a prize that’s relevant to your brand, products and niche. Sell the prize as well as you’d sell the product. After all, it is the product” - Obelo

Offer a runner-up prize. Usually, the winner of the contest wins the big prize...

But also make sure the runner up and other people who participated in the contest win something for participating no matter how small it is. 

Prizes can be as simple as a special discount, a gift card for a small amount that can only be redeemed on your store or a free shipping for product purchased. 

If done well, this can really have a great impact on your store’s income from the campaign.

Advertise your contest. If you want to maximize your effort, you should paid ads so that you can boost your boost the number of entrants.

According to Hubspot, those who used paid advertising for their contest received 10 times the entrants.

Host the contest on your website. Some people run contest on social media like Facebook or Instagram.

However, if you host the contest on your own website, you will be able to retarget them with products from your store. 

Also, don’t forget to add your Contest page to the top navigation of your website and promote the contest on social media for maximum views.

Create urgency on your contest page. The best way to do this is to add a countdown timer to countdown to the end date of the contest. 

If using countdown timer, ensure you’ll only use it in the final seven days. The urgency value will be diminished if the countdown period is too far away.

Promote your contest via email to your mailing list and social media. Once the contest is ready to go live, send email out to your list and customers. Share the contest on all your social media accounts. 

If you have a budget, spend it on ads. Use the contest tool to improve your audience reach.

Share your contest on giveaway sites by searching ‘giveaways + [country].’

QUICK TIP: if posting the contest on social media, start the post with ‘GIVEAWAY ALERT:’ or ‘CONTEST ALERT:’ in all capital letters. It captures attention as people scroll and it is proven to boost social engagement.

Ensure Your Contest Meets The Giveaway Laws. Some countries, states or provinces might need to be excluded from your contest because of the laws governing contest in those areas. 

So, you need to look into the contest and giveaway laws for each country that your contest is to run in.

On your contest page, make it clear who should or should not participate. Citizens of those areas will likely be excluded.

Lastly, if your contest is successful, run it again after a few months. You’ll notice that as you run more and more contest, your list will continue to grow especially if you are promoting each contest that you run.

My Recommended Tool For Running Contest

Whatever platform you are using, whether WooCommerce, Shopify or Bigcommerce, my recommended tool for running a contest, giveaway or sweepstake is

No. 39: Reddit Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 285

Advertising on Reddit is a powerful tool to utilise for marketing your website or store. 

But whether this is the right channel for your business or not, you would need to decide that for yourself.

As always, test everything to see what works for you.

To get good results from advertising on Reddit you still need to build relationship with the community – use the techniques suggested in the free traffic section.

It is only when you build relationship, and you are trusted by the community that many people will take your ads seriously.

When you advertise on Reddit, your post will be pinned to the top of your selected subreddit.

Your sponsored post will look similar to the post below with the ‘promoted’ blue ribbon:

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 286

Image Source:

How do you build a reddit Campaign?

Before setting up your Reddit campaign, you need to create and setup a Reddit ad account.

Once your account has been setup, then you should get a few things handy to build your campaign.

  • Set up your Reddit username and account with a verified email address.
  • Gather ad assets, such as (full ad specs here):
  • Ad copy
  • Creative (depending on post type can be the following formats):
  • Card and Thumbnail image
  • Video in MP4 or MOV format, ProRes not accepted (for video ads)
  • Your ad texts
  • Destination links
  • Click trackers (for App Install ads)

Of course, you need to have a valid credit/debit card to pay for your ad.

For an in-depth step by step guide on setting up your campaign, go here.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will add 6 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked

No. 40: Programmatic Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 288

In 2019, worldwide programmatic advertising was estimated to be worth $106 billion.

This figure will rise to about $127 billion by 2020 and an extra 20 billion by the end of 2021.

Over two-thirds of America’s display ad spending goes to programmatic advertising.

In 2018, 43% of US mobile display-related ad revenue was mobile programmatic ads. 

This is a significant increase since, in 2013, this segment accounted for only 6%.

And in 2019, 88.7% or $46.86 billion of US mobile display ads were programmatic ads.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 289

Image Source:

Over the next few years, most businesses will turn to this form of marketing due to its incredible benefits.

The only limitation to some companies is the lack of knowledge of how it works. Stick with me as we dig deeper at programmatic advertising.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

In simple terms, programmatic advertising is an automated way of purchasing online advertising space.

Typically, selling of digital advertising space is done by ad exchangers via computerized auctions that bring together the sellers and buyers.

Programmatic advertising has moved these transactions to a higher level whereby algorithmic software handles the activity.

This process is swift; it occurs in milliseconds.

It uses online targeting methods and traffic data to increase efficiency and accuracy. This translates to better ROI for both publishers and advertisers.

We can, therefore, say programmatic advertising is an automated way of buying and optimizing digital campaigns instead of purchasing directly from publishers.

The main aim is to replace human negotiations with AI-optimization and machine learning.

What are the Benefits of Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising is the future of advertising, and fortunately, the future is already with us.

The following are some of the main benefits of using programmatic advertising.

Increased Transparency

As an advertiser, you’re aware of the audience you’re targeting and the ad inventory you’re purchasing.

This makes it easy to monitor the performance of the ad and how your budget is being spent.

Additionally, programmatic advertising allows you to optimize your campaigns and achieve your desired results in real time.

Automation also minimizes human error. It also enables advertisers to invest their budget in avenues that yield the best outcomes and a better ROI.

A Wider Reach

Programmatic advertising supports several networks and ad exchanges, thus allowing advertisers to reach thousands of websites at once.

This enables advertisers to reach scores of their target audience at affordable rates without extra work.

Data Insights & Real-time Reporting 

With programmatic advertising, you can access real-time data and high-level reporting about your ads.

This helps advertisers and publishers to monitor the performance of their ad, optimize the campaigns, and make necessary adjustments accurately.

Tackling Ad Fraud

The digital advertising sector features unethical ad practices. Publishers may dupe advertisers via fraudulent tactics.

Programmatic platforms help to curb ad frauds through blocking pre-roll ads and bot traffic. Increased transparency in these platforms also assists in minimizing cases of fraud.

Tips for achieving best results in Programmatic Advertising

If you want the best from programmatic advertising, consider the following tips:

  • Before scaling your ad campaign, ensure you run enough tests. Programmatic advertising works best with data so having enough data to work with is essential for getting good results.
  • Patience is essential. As you adopt programmatic marketing, gather as much information as possible. Also, exercise patience as you wait for results.
  • Develop relevant and precise targeting to reach your ideal audience.
  • Customize your call to action to your specific marketing campaign goal. For example, are you retargeting or prospecting?
  • Take time or understand real-time bidding or else leave it to experts to implement and manage.
  • Allocate some funds to the private marketplace (PMP) deals. They offer increased brand recognition and are less competitive.
  • Use the right demand-side platforms (DSP) and supply-side platforms (SPP). These are the platforms you use for your programmatic advertising campaign.

Why you should use programmatic advertising

In recent years programmatic advertising has become a viable marketing solution for e-commerce sites and online retailers.

It has become an essential tool for marketing campaigns. This type of advertising will drive the right traffic to your site and improve your ROI.

Programmatic marketing allows you to reach a wide audience across different platforms.

Targeting is a critical aspect of any marketing campaign, and this is what programmatic marking brings to your business.

The process is efficient, transparent, and eliminates human errors.

If you’re not utilizing this marketing tool in your business, you’re missing a lot in terms of savings and better results from your marketing efforts.


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No. 41: Banner Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 290

What Is Banner Advertising?

Banner advertising is when an advertiser places a banner (image) ad on another sites in order to drive traffic.

When done right, this can be a very profitable method of getting targeted traffic to your website or eCommerce store.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 291
82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 292

How To Create Banners Ads That Convert

  • Make it simple (banners that look like texts usually work better but test it.
  • Give a clear concise message in your banner. Don’t be ambiguous in your message
  • Ensure the message on your banner ads is congruent with the message on your landing pages.
  • If possible, create banners specific to a site. Let your banner looks like the site template.
  • Give a strong call to action in your banner
  • Tap into people’s core desires i.e. why do they want your products or services.
  • Don’t give too many details in your banner. Leave people wanting more. (Your goal is to get clicks)
  • If possible, give something away for free to help you get higher click-through rate.
  • Best converting banner ad sizes are: 300x250, 250x250, 468x60 & 728x90

How To Create Banners Manually

There are many software in the market today for creating banners but the one that I use is

The site is very easy to use to design any type of banners, pictures, videos and any creatives that you can probably think of.

The best part is that it’s free to join and use.

If you want a professionally designed banner, then I would recommend You can also get people from to create banners for you. 

Sites To Distribute Your Banners

To find banner advertising sites, just search only for (your niche+advertise with us) and see which sites best suit your needs.

Alternatively, you can use some the sites below to distribute your banner ads or simply advertise on the sites.

No. 42: Tik Tok Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 293

TikTok is still relatively new when it comes to ads. It is by no means as advanced as YouTube ads, but with such a large audience, it isn't too much of an obstacle.

There are five different ad types to choose from:

  • In-feed ads
  • Brand hashtags
  • Branded Takeover
  • Top View Ads
  • Branded effects

Setting up an ad campaign isn't a complicated task. Quite often, you can reach your target audience within 24-hours once your campaign is live.

TikTok is popular, has a high engagement rate, and is cost effective.

If you are on a limited budget, TikTok may be just the right marketing tool, and you should get to it before your competitors do!

To learn how to utilize this media effectively for your advertising, check out this post by social examiner.

No. 43: SnapChat Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 294

Snapchat is a mobile advertising platform for reaching an engaged audience.

As consumers, Millennials spend over $350 billion a year.

They are also spending less time watching TV compared to viewing videos and sharing personal experiences on their mobile devices.

Why Advertise On Snapchat?

  • Snapchat has over 100 million daily active users
  • With Snapchat, you are able to quickly reach a unique audience of hyper-engaged buyers
  • Snapchat leverages Direct-to-Audience video interactions which makes it easier to engage your audience with your marketing message.
  • SnapChat has a huge potential for SMEs to reach and connect with Millennials and Gen Z.
  • There is little competition from other businesses and advertisers right now
  • Snap Ads have an engagement rate 5X higher than the average click-through rate of other social platforms.
  • Snapchat has a unique daily reach of 35% of 18-34 year olds in the U.K.
  • Market to your ideal customers in real time creating instant awareness

Snapchat is a perfect channel for eCommerce businesses to reach Millennials.

At Boost My Profit, our ability to scale Snapchat Ads is helping eCommerce businesses to engage and deepen their influence with this valuable audience.

No. 44: Ezines Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 295

An E-Zine is a magazine/newsletter which is produced online and emailed to a list of subscribers.

It is usually Free and contains articles on many different subjects.

Ezine advertising is an excellent way of driving paid traffic to your offer or website.

It’s a very targeted means of reaching the exact audience you want to reach.

Just like regular magazines, you can find E-Zines which are devoted to just about every subject you can think of.

If there is a magazine about a certain subject, you can be pretty confident that there will be an E-Zine which is devoted to that same subject. 

E-Zines are a virtual goldmine for everyone involved. 

The writers can create well-written and informative articles & email them to 1,000s of subscribers virtually for Free.

The readers can receive this high-quality information right in their email box with NO subscription fees whatsoever.

Advertisers in these E-Zines can reach a targeted audience for VERY LOW cost. E-Zines are definitely a WIN-WIN situation for everyone involved. 

E-zines are not bulk emails or spam

When I talk about E-Zines, I am not talking about unsolicited bulk email (Also called SPAM). A major problem on the internet has been that of unsolicited bulk email.

Bulk email is when a person creates or buys a list of email names and email all of them an advertisement for their product or service.

These people in these email list have not explicitly joined the mailing list and has not requested the information.

Many people considered this type of marketing an extreme nuisance.

I am not recommending this type of marketing to you by any means (You could lose customers, lose your ISP, face legal problems, etc.).

So, please note that bulk email is too dangerous to your online business to participate in. 

On the contrary, E-Zines are sent only to people who have subscribed to them.

They do not offend the readers, will not get your server closed, and they build your business instead of tearing it down.

Advertising in Ezines is the simplest way to start profiting from E-Zines right away!

There are hundreds of E-Zines which you can submit your ads to for an extremely low cost... usually $5 to $45 weekly to reach 100 to 100,000 targeted subscribers. 

To use this medium for advertising, I would recommend the following two steps:

  • Step One: Subscribe To The Ezines. 

I recommend that you subscribe to some of the E-Zines which are targeting your specific audience.

If you are in home improvement business, look for home improvement E-Zines.

If you advertise gardening, look for gardening E-Zines. Once you find a few, subscribe to them. 

It is a good idea to first subscribe to the E-Zine before you advertise in it so you can get a basic idea of three things:

  1. The kind of articles being published in them.
  2. Where the classified ads are being placed in it (top and middle placement seems to work best)
  3. How to write effective ads for that specific publication. 

To find a list of E-Zines to subscribe to (And possibly advertise in) search one of the major search Engines for free newsletter in your niche.

You can use search terms such as (niche + newsletter), (niche + subscribe to our newsletter), (niche + join our newsletter).

  • Step Two: Write a Killer Ad for the E-Zine. 

After you have subscribed to various E-Zines which reach your targeted audience, begin to examine the classified ads which draw YOUR interest.

Just because E-Zines are extremely low cost way of reaching targeted markets does not mean you should ignore advertising rules.

A poorly written ad can still receive little or no responses even when placed in a high-quality publication. 

For your classified ad, you should use a two-step process. 

Classified ads online (Just like offline classified ads) are too small to make a sale straight from the ad.

Your classified ad should just produce Interest in the prospect so that they go to your opt-in page to request more information.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


How To EXPONENTIALLY Boost Your Business Sales and Profit Without Increasing Your Ad Spend!

No. 45: Pinterest Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 297

Pinterest is a powerful but often overlooked platform by many marketers.

Here is a fun fact...

Did you know that 90% of users say they look at content on the platform before making a purchase? Not to mention that Pinterest has over 250 million active users. 

Pinterest is a social media platform and search engine wrapped in one. That means for marketers like yourself, it is a goldmine for getting more traffic.

So, how can you make the most of Pinterest advertising?

Well, here is what you need to know...

Pinterest is a visual social platform that allows its users to add, or Pin, their favourite content to boards they have created.

Users can create their own customisable theme boards along with their links and descriptions which other users can Pin.

You can open a personal or business account which will give you access to Pinterest Analytics, but more on that later.

There isn't a company out there that could beat Google, but if there was it would be Pinterest.

Pinterest has carved a name for itself as being a visual search engine. So much so, that 55% of its users are on the platform to find photos of new products.

So, as a business owner, Pinterest is an extremely powerful tool to drive traffic to your store.

Why Use Pinterest Advertising?

Perhaps the only thing that Google lacks is visual content. So, using Pinterest as a visual search engine should really be a no brainer.

Here a few reasons why using Pinterest will help your brand.

  • SPREAD YOUR CONTENT. You may be thinking that Instagram is a visual platform where you can post your content. Now, while that is true, it has its limitations.

    Unlike Instagram, you can post all types of content like blogs, infographics, tutorials and so on.

    And anyway, the more places you can distribute your content the better.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN COMMUNITY. Online communities bring together like-minded individuals which are brilliant for business.

    You can build up followers and fans who interact with your boards and build a loyal community who may turn into customers.

    Pinterest allows you to create group boards in which you can invite people to collaborate on your boards - it is great for engagement. 
  • EDUCATE CUSTOMERS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS. Pinterest is filled with tutorials, how-tos and links to additional content.

    This is a powerful way to educate your customers about your product or service.

    The more people know about your business, the more they are likely to buy.
  • DRIVE TRAFFIC. The whole point of any marketing strategy is to drive traffic - namely to your website, and boost sales.

    Because Pinterest allows you to create both written and visual content it is a very powerful and effective platform to showcase what your business is all about.

Some Tips on Using Pinterest Advertising

  • OPTIMISE YOUR PINTEREST SEO. Treat Pinterest the same way you would Google when it comes to SEO because people use it as a search engine.

    Pinterest's algorithm is highly dependent on keywords. Make sure your keyword strategy is strong for your boards to show in the search. Pinterest will suggest keywords for you when you are creating your ads.
  • USE A PINTEREST BUSINESS ACCOUNT. You will get access to Pinterest Analytics (

    Here you can view and analyse all your data from your most popular pins, audience insights, engagement etc.

    A large part of marketing is breaking down data, so make sure that you do not skip this.
  • USE VARIOUS AD OPTIONS. Pinterest has a selection of ad formats you can use. Standard, video, carousels, plus more.

    This means you can get really creative and explore which ads will work best for you.
  • USE AUDIENCE TARGETING. One cool feature about Pinterest is that it lets you target your ads based on peoples interests.

    For example, if your audience is based around 25-35-year-old women in London, who like organisation and home furniture, Pinterest allows you to create ads on that basis.
  • MAKE SURE YOUR VISUALS ARE OF HIGH QUALITY. For any marketing campaign, you need high-quality content.

    Pinterest is all about visuals, so you need to make your content eye-catching and interesting, otherwise don't bother.

    Use good photography and software like Photoshop and Canva to bring your content to life.

Pinterest is a powerful tool that needs to be part of your marketing strategy.

It is a social media platform and search engine all wrapped in one - what more could you want as a marketer?

For a step by step on how to use Pinterest advertising read this post.

No. 46: SMS Marketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 298

If you think that SMS marketing is dead, then you need to think again. A report by Ofcom showed that Brits check their phone every 12 minutes. 

When people receive SMS, they check it almost immediately.

In the age of smartphones, people keep their phones close by.

Whether it is to check their social media or look for information - whatever the reasons, their phones are never too far away.

That's great news for marketers.

Although there are many marketers who believe that SMS requires a big investment, cannot be personalised, and doesn't have a solid ROI, that is actually not true.

Here's why you should be using SMS marketing in your business.

SMS marketing is all about sending promotional offers and personalised messages via text - providing a user has given you consent.

SMS is a quick, direct, and easy way to reach your customer, no matter where they are in the world.

Five billion people have a mobile phone connection, so the potential global reach is enormous.

One advantage of SMS marketing is that people don't need to have smartphones.

This gives you a vast opportunity to engage with your target audience.

SMS marketing gives you a direct line of communication between you and your customer. But to get it right, you need to get creative.

The sad news is that SMS marketing is underappreciated and so much so, that marketers tend to focus on email marketing and other social media platforms.

But, guess what?

Open rates for text messages are exceptionally high at 98% - thats astronomical!

If that wasn't convincing enough, here are a few more advantages of using SMS marketing.

SMS INCREASES ENGAGEMENT. 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received. It sets the perfect environment for you to deliver your offer with a high success rate.

SMS SQUISHES THE EMAIL MARKETING LOOP. Email marketing is a great marketing strategy.

But, it is more long-term and the major downside is that emails can go unread for days.

MULTIPLE USAGES. For businesses, SMS marketing can be used to send out offers, alerts, news, competition, appointments, password confirmation etc.

BUSINESSES OF ALL SIZES CAN USE IT. Whether you run a large business or a small local one, business of all sizes can use it.

NO BOUNCES. As long as you have your users’ consent, your text will always deliver.

Even if their phone is off and they have no connection. Once it is back on and connected your message will be received.

The savviest marketers like yourself will know that using a mix of marketing channels is the best way to reach your goals.

SMS marketing works really well alongside with email marketing. If an email fails to deliver, you can rely on SMS to deliver the same message.

Here a few more tips on how you can leverage the power the SMS marketing.

  1. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER. Using CRM software will help you better manage your customer database. You can analyse history and demographics to make sure you are sending out the right message to the right customer.
  2. BE CLEAR. You only have a certain amount of characters in a text, so you need to get straight to the point. Be clear, concise and avoid abbreviations.

  3. USE A CTA BUTTON. Using a call-to-action button is a sure way to increase engagement. CTA's like "buy now," "Text-to-Win" and "Click here" are popular CTA's.

  4. TIMING. If a customer has trusted you with their phone number, then you need to respect it and not be intrusive. If you have a promotion coming up let them know a day before, but not too early or too late. Usually, between 9 am and 8pm work well.

Setting up an SMS marketing campaign is pretty straightforward.

However, you should take the time to research which SMS platform will best suit your marketing needs.

Here are three popular SMS platforms to help get you started...

SMS marketing covers you in the areas where your marketing strategies may stumble.

It's effective, direct, and more importantly, it works. When done correctly, your ROI will increase dramatically.

No. 47: Quora Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 299

Quora uses a self-service ad platform that uses a cost-per-click (CPC) model.

Campaigns are quick and easy to set-up. You can set your daily/lifetime budget spend to even out your spending.

Quora has quite a strict ad policy so make sure you check it out before you set up an ad campaign to avoid getting penalised.

One cool feature of Quora ads is that it has its own pixel which you can install to help you with your retargeting, traffic and data.

With this platform, you can get exposure to millions of monthly visitors, demonstrate your expertise, increase engagement, and get highly targeted traffic.

For a complete step by step guide on how to advertise on Quora, read this blog post or this one here by Social Media Examiner.


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No. 48: Solo Ads – Traffic on Demand

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 300

Solo ads have been one of my leading sources of traffic for many years and because they are very affordable.

Solo ads are also highly targeted and the response and conversion rates are always incredibly impressive if you buy from the right sources.

What Is Solo Ads?

Solo Ads is when you get a list owner to send email on your behalf to their list.

With solo ads you are able to ‘borrow’ someone’s audience, giving you the opportunity to scale your business without having to do any of the time- consuming footwork often involved in building a community and an audience. 

With this type of marketing, the list owner will send your email without any other advertisement with it.

Usually, the email looks like a normal texts email that is sent from a friend and because of the nature of the email, the response rate is quite high.

This type of marketing is particularly good for building your list and then promoting your products and services to them. 

If you sell, CBD products, you can find this especially useful.

This is a very affordable method of driving targeted traffic to your website or affiliate offer.

With a single solo ad you could ultimately jumpstart your website traffic instantly, without any other marketing required.

With solo ads, you can be making money the same hour or the same day your ad is run.

The key is to find available solo ad spots with relevant list owners.

You want to focus on finding list owners who have built up a solid list in your niche market and who are open to sending out solo broadcasts for you.

You also want to be able to verify the list size and response rates so that you know exactly how many subscribers are receiving your ad and can track performance.

When purchasing solo ads, make sure to set up a solid lead capture page before your ad goes out.

It’s always better to send traffic to a lead capture page rather than a sales page so that you’re able to funnel visitors into your own mailing list.

As you know, people often need to see an offer multiple times before taking action.

By sending them to a lead capture page you’re able to follow up later on, after you’ve developed a solid relationship with each subscriber.

Buying a solo ad is pretty straight-forward

  1. You find and contact the list owner
  2. You negotiate a price
  3. You pay and give the list owner your link
  4. Then, the list owner sends you the traffic

That’s it. There’s no quality scores, no complicated algorithms, no bidding on keywords… this is QUALITY, targeted traffic at its best!

Where To Find Solo Ads Sellers

As always you can find solo ads sellers by searching on Google.

Just type in your (keyword+solo ads) but searching online this way could be a dangerous move as many of the sellers you’ll find will be useless and washed out.

These may be sellers with very low-quality list.

A good place to find solo ad sellers that have been vetted is

You can also search on Facebook for solo ads groups and join them. 

Using Virgin Solo Ads Sellers

You want to find solo ads sellers that have top quality lists and don’t usually send emails to their list every day. I call these virgin solo ads sellers.

One of the best ways to do it is to search on Google for terms like ‘niche + join our newsletter’, ‘niche + subscribe to us’ etc.

Once you find a few sites, contact them and tell them you would like them to send email on your behalf to their list and tell them you are willing to pay for it.

Many of these sites may not even have considered this option as additional income. When they get back to you ask them the following questions:

Questions to ask when contacting virgin solo ads sellers.

  • Do you sell solo ads for your list?
  • How often do you mail out solo ads?
  • How much do you charge for a solo ad?
  • When is your next available spot?
  • How often can I submit solo ad with you?
  • What’s the percentage of your top tier traffic?
  • What’s your open rate and click-through rate?

You may not need to ask all the questions above but just use your intuition to ask the right question based on the type of seller you are dealing with.

You can also find solo ads sellers on Facebook and forums. In the forums just ask and someone will direct you.

If you are on Facebook, type solo ads sellers in the search fields and you are sure to find some very good solo ads groups.

Caution: Be careful when you buy solo ads from people you find in directories and groups because of the risk factors.

The trick is to test with small quantities before you buy big.

Join the groups and begin testing the solo sellers. Test with small amount first and if it works, buy again from the seller.

Create a good email swipe for your product and give it to the list owner to send on your behalf.

Some list owners can even write your swipe for you if you ask them.

How To Build A List Of Good Solo Ad Sellers?

Once you begin buying solo ads, build relationship with the sellers that convert.

Keep a list of both good solo ads sellers as well as bad solo ads sellers in a spreadsheet.

After a while, you are going to have a good list of solo ads sellers to be doing business with for a long time.

If you do this, you’ll have a goldmine of instant money-making traffic at your disposal.

EXPERT TIP: When you find a good solo ad seller, ask for introduction to another one.

Email Templates To Use When Contacting List & Ezine Owners

You can use the email templates below when contacting list owners. Edit as you like.

First Email:

Use any of these subject lines below or create yours:

  • Concerning your website
  • I want to send you money
  • Can I pay you?


I just came across your website (their URL here) and it looks very interesting. I must say I'm very impressed.

My guess is that you have a lot of loyal followers.

My name is <your Name here> and I am an [eCommerce marketer].

Just wanted to know... Would it be possible to send an email to your list of subscribers on your blog in exchange for some $$$?

I've got a very good free gift I think your people will love and they will love you even more for giving it to them.

If you're interested, I will send you the swipe to use and usually, it will take you less than a minute to send.

Please let me know and I will PayPal you the money right away.
Look forward to talking with you
<Your Name>

Second Email (after they respond to you):


Thank you for responding to my inquiries. I would like to move on with this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you don't mind, I would like to know the following to help us make an informed decision:

  • How many active subscribers do you currently have?
  • How often do you mail out solo ads to your list?
  • What normally, is your average email open rate?
  • How much do you charge to send a solo?
  • When is your next available spot?

Looking forward to hearing from you.
<Your Name>

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will add 6 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked

No. 49: Cost Per Visitor (CPV) Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 302

Cost Per Visitor advertising (CPV ) is a type of ad campaign that is usually used with domain redirect traffic.

Advertisers pay when visitors visit the advertiser’s website.

CPV advertising is one of the best and most cost-effective marketing methods you can find online.

With CPV Advertising, you can get visitors to your website for as low as $0.01 cent per click.

What’s The Difference Between CPV and PPC?

With PPC, advertisers pay every time a consumer clicks on their ad, whether or not they actually view their page.

With CPV, advertisers only pay when a user lands on a page and views the site.

While CPV campaigns offer many similarities with PPC (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Ads), they also differ from Google, Yahoo, and other search engines by the fact that they do not serve text ads on a CPC basis.

They serve ads based on a target AND/OR URL targeted basis, which often provides better targeting opportunities that yield higher ROI than major search engines. 

They bring the consumer directly to your website in a new browser window instead of serving them a passive text ad, which they must then click on to see your ad.

As an example, when users search for "dating site" on Google™, they are given regular search results as well as sponsored listings.

If they click on one of these ads, Google charges the advertiser on a cost per click basis. 

If a CPV user goes to Google and types in the same term, he or she will not only get the usual Google results...

But a new browser window of the advertiser will be delivered to them so that they can see the offer before they see any other "dating site" offer.

CPV system allows the advertiser to skip the click-through process and takes users directly to the advertiser’s web pages, where they are more likely to buy.

With CPV model, advertisers pay for actual website visits.

CPV Targeting Options

There are usually 4 types of targeting Options but this depends on the platform so it’s best to ask them:

  1. RON (Ron Of Network) Targeting - Basically your ads are displayed everywhere on the network. It is not recommended as you’ll blow all your money in seconds probably.
  2. Categories Targeting - You can target one specific category like “women” or “weight loss” or “education”. So, your ads will be displayed on sites that the CPV networks considers fitting your chosen category.
  3. Keyword Targeting – Whenever people type in keywords into a search bar in any search engine, your ads will pop up.

    So you can bid on keywords, just like you bid on URL’s. (This is not also recommended)
  4. URL Targeting – This is the best option to use because it produces the best results.

URL Targeting

You’ll have more successful campaigns with this option than other options.

With URL targeting you simply pick a URL/website domain name and bid on it.

This lets you control where your ads are shown. You can target not only broad URL’s like, but specific URLs like

In this case, your ads will only be popped over when people visit that one page.

You can also target category within a website like

In this case, your ad will popup when people visit that URL or any pages inside that category, like, and so on…

CPV Advertising Platforms

Let me introduce you to two platforms here.

  • Propel Media: Propel Media is a desktop-based traffic source with access to an exclusive and highly engaged audience for your marketing campaigns.

    Their platform allows advertisers to reach relevant users through powerful targeting capabilities and the ability to control the performance of their campaigns with several optimization features.

    Propel Media delivers your ads in the form of brand-new browser windows, not pop-up ads.

    This way your ads can be delivered with a scroll bar for complete navigation.

    Can I target by demographics?

    Technically, yes, you can target by demographic.

    Since Propel Media is target and URL driven with their targeting opportunities, you have the ability through targets and URLs to target the demographic of your choice.

    Propel Media does not track or collect any personal identifiable information from its users, thus targeting by age, gender or any other demographic is not possible.

    They do, however, have the ability to geo-target your campaigns to specific countries and regions.
  • Trellian Direct Search Network. Direct Search Network has access to Internet searchers using the navigation bar (address bar) and redirects unique visitors directly to your website.

    Trellian Direct Search has direct access to 200 million unique visitors per month, that can be redirected to your specified website.

    Direct navigation search occurs when users bypass search engines and type keyword-filled domain names directly into their browser address bar.

    These users know exactly what they want, and they want it now. High intent translates into high performance.

    This is why direct navigation search traffic is so desirable.

    Direct Navigation Traffic is often referred to as Domain Redirect Traffic.

    What’s the Bidding Auction Like?

    With Trellian, there is no fancy bidding algorithm. For example, if your max bid is $2.00 and a competitor is bidding for position #1 for $1.50, then you would be paying $1.51 per visitor.

    So in essence, you will only pay $0.01 (one cent) more than the highest bidder. This is a simply easy to use bid manager tool.

    Trellian proprietary Cost-Per-Visitor (CPV) real-time bidding platform empowers advertisers with easy, full control of campaign details, including the selection of keywords, device, operating system, country and more.

    ROI tracking and custom downloadable reports provide insightful decision-making data to help you maximize campaign performance.

No. 50: Retargeting

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 303

The success of any marketing strategy depends on the ability to attract new customers, but more so, on the ability to persuade customers.

This is generally what retargeting is all about.

Retargeting works by displaying banner ads, search ads, email ads and Facebook FBX ad exchange to users that have visited a particular website but did not take action on the site before they left the site.

You have the option of either displaying ads on all previous visitors or just visitors who specifically visited a certain part of your website.

Technically, the aim of retargeting is to re-engage with bounced traffic by serving them ads and persuade them to buy your products or services.

It gives a marketer another point of contact with prospective customers.

As you may already know, only 1-3% of visitors will take action on your offer the first time they visit your store. Retargeting is used to bring back the 97% who did not take action. This method is proven to increase engagement and conversions.

The benefits of retargeting to advertisers are enormous. 

  • Retargeting helps in creating a better awareness of your brand. A visitor may have bounced off because they did not get the information they needed on your website.

    Constant ads throughout their online navigation will, therefore, help give more information on the brand.

    In this regard, it is shown that 42% of retargeting is used in creating what every brand crucially needs, that is, brand awareness.
  • As opposed to other annoying online ads, retargeting is a polite method because it is only shown to users who have previously visited your site... and therefore has some interest in what the website is offering.
  • Retargeting offers a wider coverage form of advertising.

    To understand the wide coverage of retargeting, you only have to imagine a reminder that always pops up on every major website the visitors and current users visit.
  • Most importantly, retargeting leads to more sales and more profits. Retargeting can lead to a conversion rate of up to 147 percent in certain industries.
  • Retargeting is cost –effective in the sense that there is more likelihood of generating sales.

    Statistically, there is a 70% likelihood of retargeted customers to complete a sale.

Major advertising platforms like Google, Microsoft and Facebook offer retargeting as part of their advertising services.

If you are using any of these platforms to market your products, you should take advantage of this strategy to increase your conversions.

There are, however, other platforms whose primary service is retargeting.

As you drive traffic to your website through different sources, you can run retargeting ads through these platforms to bring back lost visitors.

Some retargeting platforms include:,, Criteo, and Retargeter etc.


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32 Offline Traffic Methods

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 304

Offline traffic methods are those traffic strategies that you can implement off the internet.

Prior to the internet age, many of these strategies were the methods for getting customers and the good thing is that they still work till today.

While many of them require that you spend money to implement them, there are quite a handful of them that do not require money.

In this section I am going to introduce you to 32 of these powerful strategies.

No. 51: Offline Classified Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 305

This is a fantastic tool valued by businesses of all types, and still a powerful, useful, and often needed traffic methods in selling and marketing. Classified ads have so many positives.

They are cheap; can be listed by category; are great for testing ads, headlines and offers; and depending on where they are run, are still read by many people.

Classified ads can sell, but they are perhaps best used to direct readers to your larger ads, an offer landing page, or used to prompt people to call or request your more substantial marketing materials.

As this is an offline method, it’s best to search for magazines and newspapers in your country or locality, give them a call or visit their website for their advertising rates.

Quick Tips:

  1. Classified ads in magazines pack more punch and have longer shelf life than daily newspaper ads, but they are more expensive, have a longer lead time for insertion, and results effectiveness cannot be ascertained as quickly.
  2. Need strong attention-grabbing lead-ins. It is best to use classified ads to get people to request a free thing and then follow them up with your main offer.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 52: Outbound Calls

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 306

Cold calling is hard work, but warm calling makes sales happen. Thus, strive to “warm up” calls before you make them.

Send a direct mail piece or email to a prospect first, and then call them and ask about, “the free report I sent you three days ago” or the “newspaper article I sent you.”

You could buy radio ads in the area you are going to call and tell listeners to expect your call.

Quick Tips

  1. Always get the first name of a prospect or have it before you call.
  2. Call prospects by their name, and if you can, tell them you were referred to them by a person they know.
  3. Use open-ended questions when you call a prospect. That means asking questions that start with “Why,” “What,” Or “Tell me...”
  4. Make sure you listen and wait for a customer response. A good benchmark is to let the customer do 80 percent of the talking, while you do 20 percent.

No. 53: Magazine Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 307

Magazines are an excellent way to find just the right market.

For example, if you’re selling hunting gear, a fish and wildlife magazine gives you a perfect fit.

Magazine ads have a very long shelf life. 

When you buy a series of ads that run for three to four months in a row in the same magazine, you get tremendous reach and enhance the cumulative effect of your ad.

A tightly focused target market is far more important than a magazine’s circulation numbers. Ads in major magazine can be very expensive.

Test smaller ads before you buy bigger ones. Magazines give you easy access to a nationwide or even worldwide audience.

Quick Tips:

  1. Don’t scatter your effort by buying one ad in several different magazines.

    It’s better to buy a series of ads to run repeatedly in a single magazine.
  2. Classified ads in magazines tend to work better than classifieds in newspapers.

    Make strong use of attention-grabbing headlines. Consider running an advertorial – that’s when you run ads that looks like editorial.

No. 54: Trade Journals

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 308

Advertising paradise! Why do we say that? The reasons are many.

First and best, you find a highly focused and very tight target market.

You can bet the readers of Dairyman’s Digest are dairy farmers or somehow involved in the dairy industry.

If you’re selling drugs for cattle, you’ve found your market.

Another good thing: there’s a trade journal for practically every segment of business!

No matter what you sell, you can find a hot market in the right trade journal.

Trade Journal ads also tend to be less expensive than more general magazines, they have a high and loyal readership and a very long shelf life.

For an advertiser, a Trade Journal is the best of all worlds, with the possible exception of high circulation numbers.

Most Trade Journals have small to modest circulation figures, though some are quite large.

Quick Tips:

  1. Go to Trade Journals first with your advertising if you have a highly specific market.
  2. Trade Journals are not for items with mass appeal.
  3. Run your ad for several issues in a row.
  4. Submit press releases to Trade Journals to get free ink.
  5. Haggle for the best advertising rates. Ask for a per enquiry deal.

No. 55: TV, Radio & Newspaper Press Release

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 309

This is the No. 1 free publicity tool you can’t afford not to use and use often. However, press release is also the No. 1 misused tool. 

You must get it right to be effective!

That means writing in proper news format, specific to each medium, print, radio, TV, etc.

It is extremely vital that you provide REAL NEWS!

Media outlets don’t want obvious sales copy. Also be sure to send it to the proper individual at your target medium.

Include a high-quality photo to improve your chances of getting it used.

Give your phone number for a “further information” contact. Get a list of all media and send your release to them all.

Issue perhaps one per week over every two weeks, but beware, competition is extremely heavy! 

Newspapers and others get stacks of releases, almost every day. Make yours interesting, exciting, and newsworthy and make it stand out.

Quick Tips:

  1. Issue the release on your company letterhead.
  2. Most releases are no more than one page in length.
  3. Include a “release date” or mark for “immediate release.”
  4. Make a personal contact at a newspaper or other media outlet. Get to know the person who will act as gatekeeper of your releases. The better they know you, the harder to reject your release.
  5. Entice reporters to call you for more information, you might get more free link.
  6. For a list of media outlet in your area or country, search online for keywords like: list of radio stations, list of newspapers etc

Template for writing a press release

The following template will help you to create the right look and feel for your press release.

Your reference number goes here (point size 8)

Date of the release goes here (point size 8)

Press Release (point size 36 bold)

A bold snappy title goes here (point size 16 bold)

A two-line paragraph, in BOLD text, outlining the content of the releasegoes here. This will grab the attention of the editor and give him thebasic content of the press release (point size 14 bold)

The main text of the press release goes here in easy to understand ‘bite size’ paragraphs. All paragraphs should be 1½ spaced for easy reading (point size 12)


Include a quote or comment from the writer of the press release. For example: Mr X, Managing Director of ANOTHER Company comments: (point size 12)

“Put the quote or comment in italics and keep it to approximately 6 or 7 lineswith speech marks at the start and end of the paragraph.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”. (point size 12)

Finish the press release with a couple of paragraphs winding up the message


Write ‘END’ here to denote the press release has finished (point size 12)

For further media details, or images, contact: (point size 11 bold)

  • Your name
  • Your company name
  • Tel Your telephone number
  • Email Your email address
  • WWW Your web address
  • About: Your company name here or your name here 

(point size 10 bold)

Write a brief outline about YOU, the writer, or a brief description of your company. Include all USP’s of the business, what it does, milestones, industry awards, number of offices (worldwide if appropriate).

This information is designed to give the editor a simple snapshot about you, your business and the recognised achievements that makes your company special (point size 10).

No. 56: Buying Customers Lists

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 310

The importance of getting a hot, current, and tightly targeted mailing list cannot be underestimated.

A bad list can make your spectacular offer and sales pitch a complete waste of time.

A good list is that important. 

Professional list brokers are plentiful, but not all are created equal.

Search online or ask around for a good recommendation and get references.

You can also buy lists from magazine subscriber databases and other companies.

Quick Tips:

  1. Consider trading your customer list with another, non-competing but related company.
  2. Test a small number of names perhaps 200 to 500 before you plunge in with large mailings.
  3. Remember, your best mailing list is your own – your “House List.” Guard it well and work it!

No. 57: Direct Mail

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 311

Direct mail may be the best marketing tool of them all. Direct mail can easily outperform other advertising by anything from 300 to 2,000 percent!

You can’t afford not trying direct mail, but you must do it right.

Direct mail is easy to get wrong - a bad sales letter, a poor customer list, the wrong demographic—any of these things can destroy any hope you have of being successful.

So, it is vital that you test your mailings rigorously before spending a lot on a huge mailing.

When you find a direct mail package that works, stick with it, and use it with a vengeance, or until it stops working.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 58: Post Card Mailings

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 312

These are excellent direct marketing tools. Often cheaper to produce and mail than letters and they don’t need to be opened.

They are already in the prospects face as soon as they are dropped through the letterbox retrieved from the mailbox.

It can be very challenging to fit persuasive, results-producing copy in such a small space, but worth the effort.

Quick Tips:

  1. Use eye-popping, vibrant graphics on one side to get attention, hot sales copy on the other side to get action.
  2. Consider using oversized or giant postcards. These can be even more effective.
  3. Again, follow up with a phone call.
  4. Postcards are excellent follow-up tools after your send out full-blown sales letters.

No. 59: Business Cards

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 313

You’re printing up business cards anyway, so make them carry some extra weight by making them a selling tool.

That means using both sides. Have all the normal business card info on one side, and on the other a high impact sales offer.

A real challenge in such a small space, but far from impossible, and often, very workable.

Quick Tips:

  1. Definitely put your picture on your business card.
  2. Never be without them wherever you go. They are a prime networking tool.
  3. They should look professional but not over-the-top slick.
  4. Make them graphically consistent with all your marketing vehicles.
  5. USE THEM! Spread them everywhere, at networking events, exhibitions, in relevant magazines etc.

No. 60: Networking

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 314

Get good enough at networking, and you may never have to buy an ad!

Networking means every single contact in your life is a potential link to sales and business.

Network at trade shows, seminars, parties, private functions, breakfast meetings – and lean heavily on the ultimate networking tool, the telephone.

If you have 100 names in your phone file, each of those names can put you into contact with at least 10 others.

Quick Tips:

  1. Networking means giving favours as you ask others for favours.
  2. At a networking meeting, do more question asking and listening than talking. Don’t just go to promote yourself – think about how you can HELP others.
  3. Never miss an opportunity to talk about your business to anyone who will listen. But don’t be a bore, networking means being subtle in many occasions, and having a sense of finesse.
  4. Always follow-up with any contact within 24 hours, or no later than 48 hours.

Watch The Videos Below To Learn Some Networking Strategies

No. 61: Host Beneficiary

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 315

Choose a company with a lot of employees and seek an arrangement to promote or sell to them with the okay of the host company.

Offer incentives for others to become your host – cut them in on profits or show how employees will benefit.

Offer to reciprocate. You can also get your host to write a recommendation letter for you. A terrific way to make a big chunk of sales fast.

Quick Tips:

  1. Look for several hosts, not just one. Hosts must have an “affinity” for what you do or sell.
  2. Be innovative. Make it clear to your host exactly how his or her company will benefit, and how their employees will benefit.
  3. Don’t go into your pitch unprepared. Spell out your joint venture on paper and in detail.
  4. This method is particularly good if you are selling high ticket offers especially in the B2B market.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 62: Joint Venturing (Strategic Alliance)

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 239

This goes by many names, from strategic alliancing to fusion marketing.

The idea is to team up with a complementary business and look for ways to help each other sell more, cross promote, find new markets, share advertising costs, trade mailing lists, and much, much more.

This can be as simple as endorsing each other in the media or advertising, to full-blown arrangements that involve many aspects of business, from production to selling, from shipping to promotional campaigns.

Quick Tips:

  1. Choose a company you would be proud to own yourself, and truly want to be associated with.
  2. Remember the worst another business can say is no.
  3. You don’t have to limit it to one other business – you can form alliances with a dozen or more.

No. 63: Seminars

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 317

Conducting a seminar promising valuable, needed or timely information is an excellent way to find customers, build a mailing list, make sales and promote yourself (as an expert in your field) all at the same time.

Many fantastically successful businessmen and women have used the seminar as their sole marketing tool – it can work that well, if you do it right.

Quick Tips:

  1. Be the speaker or invite others to speak while you host.
  2. ALWAYS have something to sell to your seminar participants.
  3. Charge a fee or offer it free. You can sell a back-end product at the event and recover your costs, and even make a profit.
  4. Capture every name! Have everyone sign a guest book and get as much other info as you can about each person.
  5. Invite the media or issue a press release. If your seminar is free, your press release is almost guaranteed to be used.
  6. Send everyone home with your business card, brochure and more.
  7. Offer yourself to speak at someone else’s seminar.
82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 228


How To EXPONENTIALLY Boost Your Business Sales and Profit Without Increasing Your Ad Spend!

No. 64: Referrals

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 319

For many businesses, referrals account for up to 80 percent of all business.

That’s how important referrals are.

Cultivating a strong referral system means you spend less on other expensive marketing tools while you get other people to send business your way.

Ask each customer you contact for a referral. Reward people for every person they send your way.

Quick Tips:

  1. Seek a celebrity or respected local figures to become an active referral agent for you.
  2. Get other businesses or other professionals to refer their clients to you in exchange for you doing the same for them.
  3. A one-on-one sale is never complete until you ask the person you just sold for a lead – a referral to a new client.

No. 65: Flyers

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 320

These work well for deep marketing – hitting every possible home or dwelling within an area you have set your marketing sights upon.

Your flyer needs to have a strong headline, a compelling offer, and perhaps not too much sales copy or fine print.

It may work better as a lead generator than a direct sales tool, although they can do both.

Also works well to warm up territory before you cold call in person or by phone.

Quick Tips:

  1. Get volunteers or civic groups to be your distribution foot soldiers.
  2. Check the local laws before you plan drop.
  3. Place them on cars and on doors.
  4. Have people hand them out in person to other people.
  5. Print a coupon on them that people can bring in for a discount or free sample.

No. 66: In-bound Telemarketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 321

Every call that comes into your business has value, whether it’s a call from a person ready to buy, or simply someone looking for more information.

You must realise this and make it part of your company philosophy to treat each incoming call as an opportunity.

Every call is not only an opportunity to make a sale, but it can also tell you a great deal about what’s going on with your marketing effort.

Increase your inbound sales success by rewarding your employees for good performance.

Quick Tips:

  1. Inbound calls can help you determine your marketing costs. Calculate how many calls come in as the result of each of your marketing efforts: ads, sales letters, etc.
  2. Create a “Phone Star Award” and present it to the employee who gets the full contact information of the most inbound callers.
  3. Good inbound phone performance can only come from good training. Your employees must know what to do, and what goals you are shooting for when they take an incoming call.
  4. Remember, getting information is as important as making sales.

No. 67: Loss Leaders

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 322

In selling, sometimes you plan to lose money on your first sale, so you can make money on the next, and then the sale after that.

It’s not crazy, just a good way to capture customers.

It’s those secondary strings of sales that really get the money ball rolling.

When you offer an initial fantastic product at an unbelievable price, you get great response, and valuable customer names for your list. You may break even, or even lose money on that terrific first offer.

But the list you gain can be used to go after literally dozens of repeat sales.

Each name on your list has a lifetime value – the amount of purchases each name makes over a period of months or years, or for as long as they remain your customer.

When you keep this enormous value in mind, the loss leader starts to make a lot more sense.

Quick Tips:

  1. Smart marketers build the loss of their loss leader into their overall budget. It’s risky, but often the biggest rewards go to the big risk takers.
  2. Always keep your eye on the future, and plan to make multiple sales, rather than just one.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 68: Gift Certificates

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 323

When you sell a gift certificate, the buyer pays now and gets the product later. That’s a strong cash flow advantage for you.

Many businesses use gift certificates, but few of them use them as creatively as they might.

Most companies are too passive in offering gift certificates. Rather than simply letting customers know you have gift certificates available, use a proactive approach.

One way to do that is to design a direct mail piece dedicated to pushing gift certificates.

Send your mailer two months before Christmas, for example, and tell prospects they can get their shopping done early and effortlessly by purchasing a gift certificate now either for themselves or their loved ones.

Quick Tips:

  1. Inform your customers that your gift certificates will get them a 15 percent discount over a regular purchase for increased motivation.
  2. Bribe the customer into buying a gift certificate. Offer a free gift certificate with the purchase of another gift certificate.
  3. Gift certificates are a good marketing tool that should be modified for maximum potential, and not used in the “same old way.”

No. 69: Magazine Inserts

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 324

Magazine inserts have the advantage of irritating the reader when those little cards fall out into their laps.

That’s good because it forces the reader to confront the card, and deal with it – even if they most often throw it out.

But they almost always look at it, and if they like what they see, they’ll take action on it. They have the tremendous advantage of being highly audience specific.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of magazine inserts is expense.

High profile magazines with national audiences don’t come cheap, and many will reject your insert anyway.

Quick Tips:

  1. Look for smaller, regional magazines. These are a golden opportunity to use as a vehicle for your inserts. You’ll also get a more targeted audience, both by geography and subject when you use smaller magazines for you inserts.
  2. Craft your small-space, high impact message well.
  3. Test responses carefully.

No. 70: Big Newspaper Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 325

Major daily newspapers with big circulation numbers are very expensive for ad buyers.

You pay more for the big numbers – some of the national dailies have millions of subscribers. But big numbers are not everything in advertising.

Tightly focused target markets are more important. This is why we suggest you approach big newspaper advertising with extreme caution.

If you have a product with broad mass appeal, a big daily is a good choice for an ad.

But if your product appeals to a small segment of the market, it’s better to seek out smaller, more focused publications, such as trade journals, that can give you a more perfect match between your product and customer.

Big circulation newspaper ads have another drawback, a very short shelf life.

Most people scan through the paper and toss it aside, or line the birdcage with it!

They don’t go back to it day after day like a book or magazine.

Your ad is quickly out of sight and out of mind.

You can overcome this problem by placing your ad in the same location of the same paper for many days in a row.

The more you repeat, the more people will see it. Of course, this means spending a lot more for repeat runs.

Quick Tips:

  1. Test ads in smaller, less expensive markets before you buy ads in major circulation newspapers.
  2. Make sure your ad runs in the right section of the paper. If you are selling athletic shoes for example, have your ad run in the sports pages.
  3. Always haggle for a lower ad rate with the ad sales rep. One tip is to call, ask for the best quote possible and then call back a couple of days later, saying you have a set budget of 10 or 20% less than the quote you were given.
  4. Newspaper ads must have powerful attention-grabbing headlines! This is vital because you need to capture and stop the reader before they pass your ad over on their way to the next headline or the next page.
  5. Advertorials work well in newspapers.
  6. Don’t use national newspaper advertising unless your products have a broad, non-geographic appeal.

For a list of newspaper advertising platforms, check these out:

In the USA

In the UK

Australia, Ireland, Gibraltar and the world.)

No. 71: Newspaper Inserts

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 326

One of the most used and effective of all print advertising methods, and gives many opportunities here for co-op advertising deals.

Your supplier may share the cost of inserting and creating your insert.

It’s also difficult for the reader not to see your insert because it often drops in their lap when they open the paper.

A drawback is heavy competition from lots of other inserts that may ride along in the same paper. Also, readers tend to throw them out fast, even though viewer ship is generally high.

Quick Tips:

  1. Strive to make your insert stand out from the rest - have a gimmick, attention grabbing headlines and graphics.
  2. Include a coupon.
  3. Don’t settle for institutional advertising, or bland ad copy that comes from corporate headquarters. Tailor-make your own response-pulling offer.

No. 72: Catalogues

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 327

Catalogues that sell need more than just a listing of each item that’s for sale.

Each of those items needs to be sold with excellent, persuasive sales copy.

Writing catalogue sales copy is a high art because you must sell with 100 words or less, and most often, less than 50 words!

Place your best moving items toward the front of the catalogue, and your flagship product or products on the cover. 

A catalogue cover should be as vibrant, inviting and interesting as a popular magazine.

Quick Tips:

  1. Few people start out with a catalogue; they build their product line one item at a time until they need a catalogue to sell it all.
  2. Your catalogue will be only as effective as your mailing list! You need a hot list and the right target market!
  3. Make catalogue order forms extremely easy to use.
  4. Put your free phone number on every page of the catalogue and/or a link to your internet ordering site.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 73: Window Displays

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 328

Window-shopping has long been and still is one of the most pleasant shopping experiences.

Where there’s pleasure, there are sales. When you create attractive, compelling, enticing, attention grabbing window displays, you attract customers and hold them like a magnet.

Put signs in your windows offering deals.

Provide incentive to do more than window shop–give them a reason to come in. Offer something free just for coming in to look.

Don’t waste your window space with mere displays of your wares. Do some real selling.

Quick Tips:

  1. Ask yourself: What exactly will make people come in? Then give it to them. Change it often. Make your window display an ever-changing and entertaining display.
  2. Put your hottest selling item up front.
  3. Actively seek customer feedback about your window display. Ask for opinions. You’ll be surprised at the ideas some will have–ideas you may never have thought about because you’re not as objective as an outside observer!

No. 74: Start A Newsletter

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 329

If you want an ongoing relationship with your captured customers, create a newsletter and sign customers up to subscribe.

They’ll do so with incentives, such as advanced or “insider” information on sales and deals, and coupons. Don’t be bland.

Make it fun and interesting. Include compelling sales pitches packaged as articles. Ask for customer feedback.

The idea is to engage your customers and keep them interacting with you. Hold contests; take surveys via your newsletter.

Quick Tips:

  1. You can help pay for your newsletter costs by selling ads to others.
  2. A drawback is that they are hard work and can be amazingly difficult to fill with material and get out on time.
  3. Every other month to quarterly may be often enough, but once a month is better – but a far greater challenge to get out on time.
  4. Why not make the newsletter a responsibility of a key employee?

No. 75: Trade Shows

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 330

Setting up a booth at a trade show is a lot of work, and requires that you have a display, handouts, and demonstrations, so takes a lot of pre-planning, and staff.

Yet, it is almost always worth it. Trade shows are primary networking territory.

They are a place to build your customer list, seek joint ventures or alliances and more. You may also get some media coverage if a reporter talks to you.

Quick Tips:

  1. Your booth or display should have a gimmick to attract people to it.
  2. Include your company logos and colours for banding purposes
  3. Hand out something free.
  4. Check out what the competition is doing.
  5. Practice your demonstration to perfect your “act.”
  6. Distribute your business card far and wide.
  7. Run free competition to capture information on people.

No. 76: Newsletter Inserts

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 331


Contributing to other business’s newsletters with articles or inserts is an inexpensive and excellent way to reach new markets and tap into the captured customers of another business.

Most newsletter publishers welcome submissions from others because finding content for newsletters is an ongoing challenge.

If you provide them with non-competing information, you can easily gain access to another company’s newsletter.

Newsletter inserts have the strong advantage of delivering highly focused markets. When you insert in a regular newspaper, you’re getting a general audience.

Quick Tips:

  1. Newsletter inserts are likely to be far cheaper than general publications.
  2. Arrange and exchange or barter – get your insert free in theirs if you accept an insert from your host in your newsletter.
  3. Find a company that has an affinity and synergy with yours.

No. 77: Radio Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 332

Radio advertising has tremendous market penetration. It is also an intrusive form of advertising.

It forces itself upon the listener, which is a good thing for you.

The vast majority of radio listening is done in the car, although lots of people also listen while at work.

Radio ads can grant you pinpoint target market accuracy. It’s also fast.

If you need to get the word out about your product quickly, your radio ad can be on the air within 24 hours.

It’s a great medium to announce a special limited-time sale, or grand openings.

Radio ads are also an excellent way to enhance and support other forms of marketing.

For example, a series of radio ads can soften up a certain geographic population sector before you start tele-canvassing or leaflet dropping that same market sector.

However, radio ads are far from perfect. They don’t work at all for certain products, and they can be easy to “tune out” by distracted listeners.

Quick Tips:

  1. Never rely on radio advertising alone! Radio ads work best when used on conjunction with other forms of marketing and advertising.

    We suggest that radio ads should be no more than 10 to 15 percent of your total ad spending.
  2. Radio ads are made more powerful by heavy repetition.
  3. Radio ads are excellent for planting mental “hooks” in the minds of listeners.
  4. Radio ads must have loud, attention grabbing lead-ins to wake up listeners and get them to pay attention.
  5. Seek a per-enquiry arrangement with your radio ad provider if possible – pay only for the response you get.
  6. Test radio ads carefully.
  7. Choose the right radio format for your audience – young people listen to rock and rap, educated people listen to talk radio and news, etc.
  8. Radio ads that run during the news tend to work the best.
82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 227

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We will add 6 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or refund 100% of your money back with no questions asked

No. 78: TV Advertising

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 334

Perhaps the most persuasive and mesmerizing of all ad mediums, TV ads use sight, sound, color and the tantalizing glow of the screen to entrance viewers.

TV ads reach a wide market, so products with mass appeal work well.

Most people never consider TV advertising because they are intimidated by the expense, but you should not automatically rule it out.

You can buy TV ads from your local stations, and get your product on the local news, weather, and sports, which tend to produce superb results.

“As seen on TV” still means something. TV advertising provides excitement and prestige.

TV also makes it easy to target market because you can match your product to programming.

So TV can deliver both mass appeal and targeted markets.

Quick Tips:

  1. Don’t necessarily try to be entertaining or funny with TV ads. Resist the urge to entertain. You’re not making a show; you’re selling a product.
  2. Show! - don’t tell! The power of TV is that people can see your product in action. Use that power! Don’t pay for a talking head to blab about your product. Show the product in action, and demonstrate how it makes life better.
  3. Choose carefully the programming during which your TV ad will appear. Sell toys during cartoons; sell life insurance during the news.
  4. Provide clear “call to action” info. Tell the viewer who and where to call, or what you want them to do, such as come visit your physical location.
  5. Search online for TV advertising platforms and you are sure to find many sites.

No. 79: Telemarketing

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 335

This has a very high irritation factor, is banned for some numbers, but yet it still works. It’s a percentage game.

One must be psychologically prepared to handle the numerous rejections for every sale made. Calling with a cold list is asking for disaster.

The importance of a pre-qualified, hot list is vital for telemarketing success.

Quick Tips:

  1. Excellent training and experienced phone staff make a huge difference.
  2. Use scripts but let your people have a little leeway once they have the pitch off-by-heart.
  3. This does not work for every product. If you sell a B2B high ticket product, you may want to give this method a try to see how it works for you.
  4. Success rates can be dramatically improved by softening the calling territory first with radio advertising, mailers, etc.
  5. You can also try to use a telemarketing company, but this can prove to be expensive. Again, it may be worth a try for high ticket products.

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 336

No. 80: Grand Openings / Special Openings

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 337

A grand opening is a nice way to get your business started with a bang.

The trouble is, you only “grand open” once – but you can still adapt the idea to special events, and create the same atmosphere of excitement and newness, etc.

The idea is to get people to come in based on the idea that this particular day or event is a big deal for some reason.

Quick Tips:

  1. These tend to more party and fun than actual hard sell, but the clever marketer will do both without spoiling the festive atmosphere.
  2. Make sure you capture names, sign people up for mailings or newsletter, and give out coupons for a discount on the next visit.

No. 81: Brochures

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 338

Avoid the biggest brochure mistake – being too self-oriented. A brochure must sell, and not brag up your company.

It should have attention grabbing headings and persuasive copy throughout.

Brochures can be used in support of your other printed marketing materials, such as sales letters.

Brochures have a long shelf life – people tend to hang onto them – so make them attractive and use high quality paper.

Quick Tips:

  1. Three-fold slim brochures are most common format, but you can get more creative if you want to.
  2. Make your brochure’s appearance consistent with all your other advertising and sales materials.
  3. Always tuck a business card in with your brochures.
  4. Provide clear, easy-to-see contact information.


We Have Helped 100s of Businesses To Generate Sales and Boost Profit With Incentivised Marketing. We Can Help You Too!

No. 82: Industry Newsletters

82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 339

Similar to Trade Journals in that they deliver a very tight market.

They tend to have very small circulation, though some industry newsletters have thousands of subscribers.

They also tend to be dry and boring, and this may rub off on your ad. On the positive side, the price is right.

Ads in industry newsletters are dirt cheap in most cases, so you can afford to experiment.

They’re also a good place to test ads for bigger Trade Journals or magazines.

Even more valuable than the publication itself is its subscriber list if you can get your hands on it, and then use it for direct mail.

Quick Tips:

  1. Get samples of industry newsletters and look over the ads they contain. Call the advertisers and ask how they did.
  2. Trade an ad in your newsletter for an ad in theirs.
  3. Submit press releases for free space– industry newsletter editors are often desperate for something to fill their pages.
  4. Try an advertorial.

There you have it. 82 fantastic ways of driving red hot website traffic! 

Start off by implementing just one or two of these ideas into your marketing campaigns and sit back as the traffic pours in.

Continue to expand your outreach by adding new traffic sources to your funnel and set yourself up for long term success.


82 Ways To Increase Website Traffic, Generate Leads and Boost Sales 340

List building is not a traffic generation method but a marketing strategy. However, this post will not be complete if I don't touch on this...

Why does list building matter?

As an online business, if you are not building a list, you are throwing your marketing effort and money in the wind.

Your list is the only asset that you have as a business because after all set and done, your list is the only thing that matters in an online or even an offline business.

Let’s assume your business dies today. If you have a list, you can start another business and begin bringing in income the following day.

But without a list, your business could be dead forever.

As an online marketer, building a list of subscribers and buyers should be a priority and a must. The more your list grows, the more your income and wealth grows.

When you hear of making money while you sleep, it's your list that can make it happen.

Imagine having to send out email to your list of say, 10,000 subscribers for a product where you make $100 per sale before you go to bed.

Assuming you 1% take you up on the offer and buy from you, that would be 100 sales which will amount to $10,000 and all this made while you are sleeping.

That is how powerful having a list is.

Now, imagine if that list was 20,000, 30,000, 100,000 and more subscribers. You can do the maths.

How do you build a list of subscribers?

There are two types of lists: subscriber lists and customer list.

A subscriber list is a list of people that have not bought from you while a customer list contains the list of your buyers.

Most businesses have buyer’s list but not subscribers list. But to really make money with your business, you need both lists and obviously, your subscribers list should be bigger than your buyer’s list.

If you do it well, your buyers list should automatically grow as you get more customers.

Your buyers are automatically registered in your shopping cart database and your email marketing system.

However, to build a subscribers list, you must actively put in place mechanism that will facilitate the process.

Here are a few ways to do it

  • Give away a free report on your site. By giving away a free report on your website, you can get people to subscribe to the free report in exchange for their email address.

    NOTE: the free report must be related to your products or services. That way, you can use the report to presell your offers. A good report is something that gives tips or ‘how to’ report.
  • Give away a video tutorial about your products. If you sell products for backache, a good video tutorial to give away would be a tutorial that shows people how to relief backache.

    To download your tutorial, they would give you give their name and email address in return.
  • Offer discount on your store. This is common in many stores, but you don’t just give discount for the sake of it.

    You need to plan a strategy behind it. For people to get the discount, they need to subscriber to your list first.

    Create a campaign with a product or selected products and offer discount on them.

    After someone asks for the discounts, they need to receive a set of follow up emails over a period of time actively promoting the discount.
  • Sign people up for your newsletter. If you are not already doing this, you need to start sending newsletter to your subscriber base with special offers and other promotions.

    To get maximum subscribers to your newsletter, you need to bribe them with a free gift in addition to joining your newsletter.
  • Run a giveaway contest on your site for people to win something. In your store app, look for contest app.

    Facebook also offer a way to run contest, so you can use that to create contest periodically.

    NOTE: make sure you actually give something away for the winner of the contest. If you do this method well, your list will grow very quickly.

The above are just a few ways to build your list and if you do it right, your list will grow.

EXPERT TIP #1: Ensure that whatever free gift you are giving away is of good quality and offer value. If your free gift is good, people will share it or tell others about it.

EXPERT TIP #2: Share your free gift page on social media and promote online using any and many of the traffic generation methods discussed in this book to get people on your list.

It’s only when you have people on your list that you can market well online.

EXPERT TIP #3: Do not buy mailing list. Buying mailing list will not give you the kind of results you would expect from a list that you built yourself.

When people subscribe to your list, they already know you and you have relationship with them.

When you buy list, the people on that list don’t know you or your business and when you send them emails, many of them are going to unsubscribe and even label you as spamming.

If you must buy list, get a mailing list company to send the email out on your behalf to promote your freebie.

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