Marketing Automation

Auto Track, Nurture & Convert Your Leads

Drastically Increase Your Sales. Track, Nurture
& Convert Your Leads Automatically

Boost My Profit's Marketing Automation solution helps your company track, nurture and convert leads automatically, enabling your sales team to make sales faster and easier. By tracking your prospects throughout your entire sales funnel, you are able to get the most out of your marketing spend.

How It Works

Generate Leads

Top Of The Funnel

Generate Leads

The platform captures your leads by identifying visitors to your website. Visitors can be tracked whether online or offline by utilizing Visitor ID and dynamic forms

Generate Sales

Middle Of The Funnel

Drive Sales

The system scores your leads and alerts your salespeople of hot leads. The platform can also track prospect behaviour and provide your sales team with buyer needs and insights.

Measure ROI

Bottom Of The Funnel

Measure ROI

The platform tracks a multitude of sales and marketing metrics and offers comprehensive analytics giving your sales team better understanding of what it takes to close a deal.

Marketing Automation Process

Marketing Automation Process

  • Identify your website visitors
  • Capture your visitors via forms
  • Score each of the leads
  • Alert sales when lead visits certain pages
  • Automatically create lead lists
  • Create and send out great looking emails to leads
  • Filter lead lists by interest and engagement levels
  • Measure marketing campaigns (online/offline)