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Microsoft Advertising

Target and Reach an Engaging Affluent Audience

Promote Your Business to Reach Customers that are Searching on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and More.

When it comes to PPC advertising, the first platform that springs to mind is often Google Ads. But there are so many PPC platforms out there with their own unique benefits and one of the best Google Ads alternatives is Microsoft Ads.

Microsoft Search Network connects with more than 200 million Windows 10 users — including 48.6 million searchers that Google can’t reach. - microsoft.com

What Is Microsoft's Market Share?

Micosoft has experienced a continuous steady growth over the past decade, and they are steadily improving year after year. Currently, Bing owns 36% of the PC market share in the US. 

More than 133 million people search using the Bing Network and more than one-third of the Network users make more than $100,000 each year. This means that with Microsoft Ads advertisers can target and reach high performance affluent demographics.

More Reasons To Use Microsoft Ads

Reach More Audience

Want to get more visibility for your ads? You can reach more audience on the Microsoft Search Network which is now powering more searches in more places than ever before.

The Bing user base consists of a diverse audience. Evenly split between men and women, nearly 50% of users are under the age of 45, half of the users are college graduates, over one-third of users have a household income of $100k.

  • Bing powers 36.9% of U.S. desktop searches.
  • Bing is in Windows 10, Cortana, Office, Yahoo, Verizon, AOL and more.
  • Microsoft Search Network connects with more than 200 million Windows 10 users

Direct Ads Import From Google

Microsoft Advertising has a direct connection to the Google Ads API that makes it easy to import campaigns from Google Ads. The same connection can be done for Google Merchant center to sync with shopping feeds. Advertisers can even schedule syncs frequently to help with management.

Reach Valuable Audience

With Microsoft ads, you are able to reach searchers who spend more - unique desktop searchers on the Microsoft Search Network spend 25% more online than the average Internet searcher in the U.S.

Microsoft Advertising reaches a mature audience - 71% of the Microsoft Search Network’s audience are 35 and older.2

An affluent audience - more than one-third of Bing Network users make more than $100,000 per year.


Better Return On Investment (ROI)

With Microsoft Advertising advertisers can usually experience better ROI than they get with Google ads with quality of clicks resulting in:

  • An 83% increase in clicks from Remarketing Audience from Microsoft internal data, March-May, 2019.
  • A 44% campaign CTR improvement from British Gas internal data, comparing Responsive Search Ads with Standard Text Ads, September to October 2019.

And a strong conversion resulting in:

  • Labelium internal data, 2019 records a 200% boost in conversion ratio (CVR) while reducing the cost per click by 30% with Shopping Campaigns
  • A 236% increase in conversions from White Shark Media internal data, 2019.
  • A 389% year on year increase in conversions from MyDeal internal data, 2019.

Unique Device Targeting

Microsoft Ads has the advantage over Google Ads when it comes to device targeting. Bing allows a company to target a consumer based on the specific device they’re using, as well as the operating system installed on it. Similarly, Microsoft Ads target mobile users specifically and allow advertisers the ability to discount desktop viewers altogether.

Diverse Product Solutions

Mocrosoft ads offer campaign management tools that make it easy for eCommerce marketers to maximize their ads effectiveness. Advertisers have access to tools such as the Microsoft Advertising iOS, Android apps, and a soon-to-be-introduced Editor for Mac.

The Bing Shopping and Automated Rules make it easier for shoppers to buy on the platform.

Remarketing in Paid Search lets advertisers reconnect with previous visitors to their website.

Cheaper CPC Than Google Ads

Advertising on Microsoft is traditionally a lot cheaper than Google Ads.

Marketing Donut records between a 30-50% lower cost for the same adverts. Search Engine Land puts it at between a 32.5% and 59.2% cheaper CPC.

But it’s not just a cheaper CPC. According to Microsoft’s own data, the platform offers:

  • A 29% lower cost per sale compared to Google Ads.
  • A $0.49 average mobile CPC, lower than the industry average of $0.58.
  • A 35% higher conversation rate using the same CPC as Google Ads.

In-Market Audiences For Search

If you want to bid differently to groups of users who are more likely to be actively researching or ready to buy in a specific category of products, Microsoft Ads allow advertisers to add these in-market audiences. 

In Microsoft advertising platform, advertisers are able to increase bids on these audiences by up to 900%, or decrease bids by up to 90%

Get Targeted Traffic and Sales Fast

Whether you want to run search ads, display ads, retargeting or shopping ads on the Microsoft platform, Boost My Profit can help you achieve your goal. Click the button below to request a free appraisal now and we can get your campaign running as quickly as possible.

Dr. David Gilmartin

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Our Methodology

Our Microsoft Advertising services consist of two phases.

Phase I : Campaign Setup

We will setup your Microsoft Ads the right way in order to position the campaign for maximum success. Below is everything that is included in the Pinterest Ads Setup service:

1. Keyword & Audience Research
Firstly, we will identify which keywords your prospects are searching to shop for your products and services. We will conduct in-depth audience research to identify the best possible opportunities.

2. Competitor Research
The second step is to review your competitors to discover which keywords, ads, and landing pages are already working in your market.

3. Ad Copywriting
The third step is to draft your ad copy to make sure your ads, offer, and landing page are all congruent with the intent of the keywords we found in steps 1 and 2.

4. Landing Page Design, Layout, and Copywriting
(Optional). The fourth step is to create your landing page(s). A landing page is the page the prospect “lands” on after clicking your ads. Having a good landing page will convert more visitors into leads and sales.

5. Conversion Tracking
The fifth step is to install online and phone call conversion tracking so we can measure the number of leads and sales generated directly from your campaign. Conversion tracking will enable us to calculate your return on investment (ROI) and see exactly which ads are profitable.

6. Campaign Setup and Settings
The final step is to set up your campaign and ensure the correct settings are in place. For example, we’ll ensure your network targeting, geo-targeting, device targeting, ad extensions, and conversion tracking are all correct.

Phase II: Ongoing Optimisation

We will manage and optimise your Microsoft Ads campaign to maximise your return on investment (ROI). Here’s everything that is included in Ongoing Optimisation:

1. Bid Optimisation and Budget Management
We will edit your bids and budgets to maximise your return on investment. For example, we will raise bids to drive more traffic from profitable keywords, and lower bids to reduce traffic from unprofitable keywords.

2. A/B Split-testing of Ads and Landing pages
We will test different ad and landing page copy to improve the ad click through rates and sales conversion rates as part of the management service. A/B split testing is the process of testing 2 different versions of ads or landing pages (i.e. version A vs. version B) to see which one performs better over time.

3. Consulting to Improve Campaign Performance
We will provide recommendations to improve your campaign performance. This includes your lead generation, sales and follow-up processes. Our goal is to continually improve your advertising ROI so you can profitably expand the campaign.

4. Campaign Expansion
Once the campaign is profitable, then we will work to expand to drive even more leads and sales. Within Microsoft ads we can expand to more keywords and placements.

5. Monthly Reporting & Analysis
We will provide monthly reporting to show you your campaign performance, as well as analysis and new ideas to continually improve performance.

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