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We Grow eCommerce Brands With List Building and Email Marketing!

Our holistic approach helps us deliver measurable results for eCommerce brands!

From top of the funnel prospecting to bottom of the funnel conversions, our result-driven email marketing solutions are designed to meet the needs of eCommerce brands. We focus on producing noticeable, profitable results for our clients.

Whether you’re looking to grow your email list, bring in new website visitors, increase sales, or keep customers coming back for more, Boost My Profit can help deliver your marketing goals.

What We Do

Boost My Profit is an email marketing agency for eCommerce businesses. Since 2016, our team of experts have been helping B2C businesses to drive and profitably convert traffic into sales and repeat customers with email marketing. We have the skills, the team and tools to help deliver measurable results for your business without the high price tags. 


You have probably heard of the saying that 'the money is in the list'. As an eCommerce brand, you must build an email list of loyal subscribers to grow. Without a list, you are constantly going to be at the mercy of the big advertising platforms like Facebook, Google and Bing.

And at a time when advertising costs are ever increasing, conversions from ads are dwindling and the cost of living is sky-rocketing by the day... Relying only on paid advertising to grow your business is not a good business strategy. You must implement other cost effective methods such LIST BUILDING.


  • The most powerful form of marketing
  • Your only asset as an eCommerce brand
  • You are in control of your traffic source
  • Easily able to build relationship with customers
  • You are able to create repeat sales on demand


Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing known to mankind. It is used 85% to generate leads, 84% to grow sales, 78% to nurture leads and 74% to retain customers.

Email marketing can be used to generate leads, increase your conversion rate, increase the number of times customers do business with you and increase how long your customers stay with you (LTV) 

  • 89% of marketers use email as their primary channel for generating leads.
  • Email marketing yields an average return of $42, for every $1 spent.
  • Email is 40% better at converting than social media channels.
  • 58% of revenue is generated via segmented and personalized emails.

Our Email Marketing Services

List Building

Our primary goal is to grow your list fast. We do this by implementing Viral Referral Marketing Strategy for your campaigns. This method is proven to generate highly targeted list for pennies using Facebook Ads. We can help grow your list fast. 

List Nurturing

One of the fastest ways to build relationship and make money with your list is by nurturing your subscribers. We will help you to setup autoresponse follow up messages that are designed to convert your subscribers to paying customers and repeat sales.

List Cleaning

Are you experiencing low open rate when you send out emails? This may be because your list is full of dead contacts or your messages are not resonating with your list. We will clean your list so that only active contacts are receiving your messages.

List Segmentation

Segmenting your list means you can tailor your messages to those that need them. This will help you to build proper relationship with your list, make more sales and get your messages into your customers' inboxes. We can help you to segment your list.

Dead List Reactivation

Dead list do not make money. They are a waste of cost. We can help you to reactivate your dead list by sending them regular targeted messages, promoting relevant offers and using SMS marketing to engage them. Let us help bring your dead list to life.

List Monetization

How many times a week do you communicate with your list? To make money from your list you need to promote relevant offers to them on a weekly basis. We can help you to create regular offers and promote it to your list once, twice or thrice a week.

Our Partners

Why Choose Us

  • We deliver tangible profitable results
  • We operate with utmost transparency
  • We use a result-driven process
  • We are responsive and accessible
  • We are innovative and well driven
  • There's no long-term contracts

We are currently getting leads at 65% below our CPA goals and 40% increase in sales.

John H. Davidson, eCommerce marketer

In less than 6 months we have exceeded our projected sales forecast by 36.2%. It's amazing.

Maria Morrison, personal coach

About Us

Boost My Profit is a digital marketing agency. We help eCommerce businesses get more leads, increase sales and boost profit with email marketing. 

Boost My Profit is a trading name of Oras Marketing Limited, Registered in England & Wales with registration number: 12935403. Registered address: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, United Kingdom.

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