Drive More Sales with Google Shopping Ads

Want to drive more sales with Shopping ads and show your products to consumers that are looking for them?

A new addition to our programmatic platform means that we are now able to run Google shopping ads directly through the system.

What is Google Shopping?

With Google Shopping your products will be displayed right on the search results page - reaching customers who are ready to convert and looking to buy. Make it easy for shoppers to discover and buy your products.

Why Use Google Shopping?

Google shopping is a rising trend in retail marketing that is hard to ignore. In fact, in 2018, Shopping ads made up 76.4% of all retail search ad spend in the U.S.

According to Google: "Shopping ads are more than just a text ad – they show users a photo of your product, plus a title, price, store name, and more" given to the customer all they need to know about the product before clicking on it. This results in high conversion rate.

How Does It Work?

Save time by letting us automate the things you don’t want to do. Optimal feed and campaign structure for better results.

  1. Import your products
  2. Set your budget
  3. Launch

Our Google Shopping Process

Setup in minutes - not hours

We will connect your online shop to our platform by entering a URL. We'll automatically grab your product and information to populate all your stunning ads.

Beginner or Expert? We’ve got you covered

Online shops of all sizes run their shopping campaigns through Boost My Profit platform. Get set up with a few clicks and let our powerful AI handle the rest.

Automated Optimisation

With our platform, manual bid management is a thing of the past. You set the goals for your campaigns. Our AI automatically optimises to reach them.

Artificial Intelligence

What Clients Are Saying

Our sales doubled in the first quarter of this year as a result of using programmatic display advertising. We cannot thank Boost My Profit enough.

Drew Anderson

As a result of our recent campaigns, we have experienced the strongest ROI ever, resulting in 23.8% increase in sales growth in 3 months.

Ian Lloyd

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