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Website Design and Setup

Get a Responsive and Mobile Friendly eCommerce Store Designed To Convert Visitors Into Sales.

Get A Beautiful SEO Optimised eCommerce Store Designed To Convert Shoppers Into New Customers

A good eCommerce website is one that converts traffic into sales. The site structure and content must also be properly search engine optimised. At Boost My Profit, we understand what makes an eCommerce website works and how to build it to be user friendly and high converting. If you’re not engaging your potential customers with easy to use shopping cart, then the whole purpose of the website is lost. 

Here's What You'll Get With Our 'Done For You' Store Design and Setup Services...

  • Design Your Store On Woocommerce Platform. We will build your store on Wordpress platform using Woocommerce. We will use premium high converting theme that's fully responsive, fast and SEO optimized. NOTE: we can also build your store on Shopify or Bigcommerce if you prefer that.
  • Add Up To 50 Products On Your Store. We will add up to 50 products on the store. We can add more at additional costs. Note: You provide the products.
  • Setup All Legal Pages and Contents. We will setup all the required legal pages including the contents for the pages on your store. The pages we setup include: terms of service, privacy policy, shipping policy, refund policy, about us and contact us pages.
  • Setup All Revelant Apps and Plugins. We will setup all the relevant apps and plugins that will enable you to start marketing your site online. This will include connecting your store to payment gateways like stripe (credit card payment system) and paypal. We will also connect and setup your store with mailchimp (an email marketing platform), SEO app and install over 13 premium plugins and apps that will help you to market your store more effectively.
  • Setup Your Store Logo. We will create a logo for your store (if you don't already have one). This will need to be approved by you and once approved, we will add it to your store.
  • Setup All Relevant Google Properties. We will create and connect your store to relevant Google services such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Webmaster and Google merchant centre. 
  • Add Your Products To Google Merchant Centre. We will sync all your products to the Google Merchant Centre so you can begin marketing on Google shopping. NOTE: while we can add products to your Google Merchant center, we cannot guarantee that Google will approve your site.
  • Connect Facebook Pixel and Catalogue. We will setup Facebook pixel on your site, create Facebook catalogue and sync your products to it.
  • Optimise Your Store For SEO. We will optimise your store and all your product pages for search engines. This will give your store the potential to appear in the search engines when people are searching online for your products. NOTE: this does not include links building.
  • Setup List Building and Store Discount Popup. We will install premium app and setup first time buyer discount popup on your store. By giving discount to first time buyers, you'll be able to increase your sales and build a list of potential customers at the same time for your business. 
  • 3 Months Aftersales Support. We will provide aftersales support for your store for 3 months. With this support, if anything is broken within 3 months that needs fixing, we will fix it for free. If you need help with anything else, we will point you in the right direction.

Our Websites Features

While every store we build is customised to the client’s specifications and needs, there are some common features across projects:

The Design Platform

Most of the websites we design are built on WordPress platform using Woocommerce app. WordPress is not only the most popular and versatile content management system you can find on the Internet, it is also an excellent platform for a flexible website. There's no monthly fee unlike other ecommerce platforms. It can also be easily managed and maintained by anyone - even without a web design skill. 

Woocommerce shopping carts are designed to be both user and search engine friendly. They are portable which means almost any web hosting company can host it. Above all, you can scale a WordPress site as your business grows.

At the request of the client, we can also build a shopping cart using Shopify or Bigcommerce.

Ownership and Management

The website that we build for you is owned by you and can be managed by you. Unlike shopify and Bigcommerce where you pay monthly fee or other companies that “rent” you a site and expect you to come to them for every tweak, the site we design for you, including the content and graphics are yours to do with as you please and there's no monthly fee to host your site. WordPress allows you to update your site as needed so you don’t have to wait for us. 

The Design Process and Elements

When you contract us to design your site, the first thing we will do is to understand your store's objectives and then come up with a plan. We will then present you with a few website templates for you to choose from.

Once you have made a decision on which template best reflects what you want, we will get to work to design and set it up for you. Our priority is to design a site that's responsive, mobile friendly and search engine friendly - a site that will ensure the visitors to it are able to easily navigate and get to where they wish to go without any difficulties.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of every website is to attract and convert visitors. Our primary goal is to ensure your website possesses the key elements that it needs to attract traffic and convert them into customers.

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