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Would you like to exponentially grow your sales and profit without increasing your ad spend?

At Boost My Profit, we have been helping B2C businesses since 2016 to exponentially boost their sales and profit without increasing their ad spend and would like to do the same for you.

But first, do you qualify?

This service is not for every business... It is for businesses that make $40,000+ per month in revenue and operate in one of the following categories:

  • Have an eCommerce or dropshipping store
  • Selling or launching high-end digital course(s)
  • Selling or renting holiday homes or tourist destinations
  • Selling or launching a book online
  • Selling software or subscription services

Basically, you must have a checkout button on your website

What's Incentivized Marketing?

Incentivized Marketing is a cost-effective strategy that leverages the power of social media and word of mouth referral marketing. These are the two most powerful forms of marketing today...

It uses a reward and competition system that, when triggered could EFFORTLESSLY double, triple or even quadruple your website traffic, email subscribers, sales and profit without the need to increase your advertising spend. This makes your ad dollars produce results far beyond its capacity.

Why Use Incentivized Marketing?

Incentivized Marketing is used to build MASSIVE list of HIGHLY TARGETED SUSBCRIBERS!

When used, for every subscriber generated, you can get additional 2, 3, 5 or even 10 subscribers for free giving you access to more traffic, more leads, and more sales from your current ad budget.

When you use Incentivized Marketing, you will:

  • Get a massive surge in targeted traffic
  • Grow email list with targeted subscribers
  • Improve your average order value (AOV)
  • Drastically reduce your cost per click
  • Quickly increase your conversion rate
  • Exponentially boost your business profit
  • Cost-effectively increase your sales
  • Get massive followers on social media
  • Build brand awareness for your business
  • Increase your customer life-time value

You get all these benefits from just one campaign. No other marketing channel can deliver such benefits at once!

What Makes Incentivized Marketing So Powerful?

Incentivized Marketing uses referrals and as you may already know, referrals are the easiest to sell to. When someone is referred to your business, they would usually do business with you.

Referred customers come with immediate trust and credibility and are...

  • The most profitable
  • The most cost efficient
  • The most loyal
  • The most reliable
  • They pay the most money
  • They negotiate price the least
  • They buy the most often
  • They refer more of the best buyers
  • They are a continuous source of new business

Read How We Delivered Results For Stand Tall Inc - By Drew Jacob

“This Method of Generating Sales Has Changed Our Business”

"This method of getting leads and sales has completely changed the way we do business. We are overwhelmed by the amount of leads and customers that we now get every month without excessive advertising costs.

In our recent 3-month campaign, we got a total of 64,748 subscribers and 66,000+ social media shares. We generated 264,990 free traffic to the campaign and 41,209 referred leads resulting in $1,296,300 in sales within the 3 months.

At our usual $10 per lead, these free leads would have cost us a whopping $494,508. The email open rate was 55.71% as the subscribers were very active and responsive. We are continuously generating sales from the leads every month

Drew Jacob - Sales and Marketing Co-ordinator, Stand Tall Inc

See Their Results Below

Are You Actively Building Email List In Your Business?

If you are NOT actively engaged in building targeted email list in your business or your email list is small, or perhaps you have a large database of UNRESPONSIVE email subscribers, YOUR BUSINESS IS ON A LIFE SUPPORT.

According to Vicki Fitch, a direct response marketing guru, “If you aren’t building your list, you are missing out on the future of your business.”

Benefits of Building An Email List

You probably have heard that, ‘the money is in the list and follow up’. When you build email list of targeted subscribers, it’s easy to implement the core principles that are responsible for business growth. For example...

You can implement the Rule of 7 which says that people need to hear from you at least 7 times before they buy from you.

You will be able to build relationships and trust with your subscribers and customers – people buy from people they know, like and trust.

You will create loyal customers, increase your customer life-time value and get more repeat sales consistently with zero ad cost

Are You Only Targeting The 3% of Buyers In Your Marketplace?

In any market, only 3% are ready to buy at any given time. Most advertising are targeted only to these 3%...

If you are targeting only the 3% of buyers in your marketplace, you are ignoring the 97% of prospects who could easily become your long-term customers and clients.

Incentivized Marketing can target the entire market for your products and services, giving your business more exposure, more sales and more profit potential. 

WANT TO OUT-PERFORM YOUR COMPETITION and take the lion share of your market? The solution is Incentivized Marketing.

Dan Kennedy, Founder of Magnetic Marketing®

The legend, Dan Kennedy, says it best: “If you advertise in a manner that only appeals to people at the end of the buying process, you waste most of your ad dollars. You may get some immediate buyers, but you leave behind lots of other prospects who could be developed into buyers through follow-up if you first capture leads


Generally, marketers believe there are 3 main channels of generating traffic and sales online...

  • Organic Traffic (SEO, Content etc)
  • Paid Advertising (Google, Facebook etc)
  • Partnerships (Affiliates, Influencers etc)

But there's a fourth channel - INCENTIVIZED MARKETING. With the technology available today, Incentivized Marketing can trump all the 3 traffic channels combined. Just take a look again at the benefits of using Incentivized Marketing.

The most successful companies in the world today like Dropbox, Airbnb, Uber, Tesla, and many others not only use incentivized marketing, they have also turned this channel into their main growth strategy without spending money on advertising.

Here Are More Benefits of Incentivized Marketing!

  • You'll be less reliant on Ad platforms
  • You'll get traffic from all over internet
  • You'll get targeted buyers traffic
  • You'll build brand and trust fast
  • You'll build large email list fast
  • You'll get engaged & active audience
  • It's cost effective and mostly free
  • You'll own your own traffic source

What We Will Do For You!


  1. 1
    Build Your Email List Fast With Engaged Subscribers
  2. 2
    Nurture Your List To Build Relationship and Get More Sales
  3. 3
    Monetize Your List To Exponentially Grow Your Revenue and Profit 

Read How We Delivered Results For Oras Living - By Martin Lloyd

“First campaign, and we got 15,624 leads within 60 days."

“We were looking for a solution that would help us to generate more sales from our advertising and get the word out fast about our new products as the ad we were running at the time wasn't generating enough results for us to be profitable. In fact, we were losing more money than we were making until we came across Boost My Profit...

After looking at our situation, they suggested an 8-week Incentivized Marketing campaign. They advised that the method would help to increase our Average Order Value (AOV), reduce our cost per click (CPC) and increase our conversion rate. We particularly liked the fact that our offer can be shared online.

In the 2-month campaign, we got approximately 34,024 visitors, 15,624 active subscribers and 18,330 social media shares. Referred traffic was 9,793 and 2,880 free leads. Our email open rate was 57.92% and we generated a little over $160,880 after spending $10,700 on the campaign from our advertising budget."

Martin Lloyd - MD, Oras Living

NOTE: If Oras Living were to pay for the free leads of 2,880 at the cost of $10 per lead, they would have spent $28,800. But they got it completely free.

See Their Results Below

Read How We Delivered Results For The Hub - By Dr. David Gilmartin

“They Created a System That Runs Itself Effortlessly"

“We are a private dental practice with 3 branches in the UK. We have been using Boost My Profit for the past 12 months and they have helped us with diverse campaigns throughout the period.

When we released our teeth whitening and restoration product, we needed a way to quickly create awareness and boost sales for the product...

We consulted with Boost My Profit who recommended Incentivized Marketing. They created a set up for us that now run itself effortlessly and the results were extraordinarily much better that we ever imagined. 

In a 3-month campaign, we got more leads than we normally get in a year. Best of all, they are exactly our target audience. As a consequence of the campaign, we got more influx in patients for our dental practices.

The campaign generated a total of 258,974 visitors and 48,974 leads. Our referred (free) traffic was 133,406 and we got 28,431 free leads with over 48,000 social media shares. 
The campaign was so successful that we landed interviews with local magazines and national television. 

The beauty of the campaign is that, with the help of Boost My Profit, we are consistently generating more income every month even after reducing our advertising budget by 40%."

Dr. David Gilmartin - Founder, The Hub Dental Practice

Note: If The Hub were to pay for the free leads of 28,431 at the cost of $10 per lead, they would be paying $284,310. They got it completely free.

See Their Results Below

Using Incentivized Marketing, Legion Beats Got 42,000 leads and Generated $200,000 In Sales In a Week Selling a $17 Product...

More Happy Clients

Having worked with Boost My Profit for several years, I can confidently recommend their service to any business looking to grow and scale their marketing effort, sales and profit.

Paul Flintoft

Marketing Consultant

With the help of your service and support, we have been able to reach our goal of $200,000 per month in sales. Now, we've just set another goal to double that amount in 12 months.

Lovelyn Anderson


Our Unconditional 6-Figure Guarantee

We will add 6-7 figures in revenue to your business within 6 months or you pay nothing. We do not want your money if I cannot deliver on this promise.


While we make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent this product and their potential for income, it should be noted that testimonials and income statements made by users are estimates only of what is possible. There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire.

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