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The Benefits Of Facebook Advertising For Local Businesses

Facebook will give greater access to your small business than pretty much any other kind of social media platform in the world. The platform has well over 2 billion users now and that audience is growing every day. As it grows, so do your options as an advertiser to reach them and get your product in front of their eyes.

The Benefits Of Facebook Advertising For Local Businesses 1

Facebook has actually come a long way from the intended college student social platform it was way back in 2004. We say way back but really it’s quite remarkable how far the platform has come in 14 years. It is now used by most of the adults who are on the internet. The company doesn’t release any official data about the demographics that use it. However, studies, such as a recent Pew study, show that 71% of adults who use the internet are already on Facebook. Usage tends to taper off in both the direction of the very young and the very old, but the huge chunk in the middle is available for you to market to.

What are the Advantages of Facebook Advertising?

Refined Targeting

One of the things Facebook got right from the beginning of social media advertising is targeting. When you can choose the exact characteristics of the demographics you would like to reach with your ad then the chances of your conversion rates going up increase by many times.

Facebook offers you plenty of options in this respect, allowing you to tailor your ad for a very specific audience and then reach that exact audience. You can target by location, behaviors, demographics, lookalike audiences and a whole range of other options.

Facebook allows you to do everything from the comfort of an Ad Manager that makes everything straightforward and intuitive. The program has very user friendly features with which you can easily set up your campaign and monitor and fine tune it as you go along.

Because Facebook is part of a much larger ecosystem that includes Instagram, Messenger, and Audience Network, you can run your ads across these platforms and leach a much larger audience on both desktop and mobile.

You can also do something even more interesting and powerful with Facebook: retargeting. By inserting tracking pixel into pages in your website, you can track users as they visit your website and find out what products they look at the most. You can then retarget them on the social media site with the very same products they are most likely to want, thereby making the conversion rate even higher.

A Large Audience on Mobile

With the growth of smartphone use and 4G data networks, the mobile audience is growing exponentially, and is soon tipped to vastly outnumber the desktop and laptop audiences. You do not want to miss this audience when you’re marketing your product or service.

Think about it: When you’re busy working at the office, what are you most likely to do? Break up your work day to check social media on your desktop or do the same on your phone? Why, you’re most likely to turn to your smartphone, of course!

The Benefits Of Facebook Advertising For Local Businesses 2

As we speak, about 1.74 billion Facebook users access the social media site from their mobile phones, which is pretty much most of the users on the site. This number isn’t static, either. It’s growing every day and you don’t want to let it go just like that, as an advertiser.

By doing your advertising on Facebook, you will be capturing the attention of a growing user base of smartphone owners that will see your products and services just about everywhere they are.

You get Comprehensive Analytics

Facebook doesn’t just give you the tools to make a killer advertising campaign; they also give you the tools to determine whether it really was a killer advertising campaign in the first place. These guys are serious; you won’t be struggling to figure out what your conversion rate was, or how you did on a bunch of metrics. You’re going to have everything right there on your screen.

You can access your analytics through a tab known as “Insights”. With this tool, you can see a bunch of metrics, such as your best performing posts, your post engagement, your page likes, your weekly reach, and so on. You can then compare your performance with that of rival pages to see who’s doing better.

The way Facebook makes data and analytics so transparent is really helpful because it allows you to tweak your campaign as you’re going, keeping what works and getting rid of what doesn’t. This is much better than investing a lot of time, money and energy into a campaign only to realize when it’s all over that it wasn’t effective to begin with.

You improve your Brand Awareness

One of the greatest advantages of advertising on a social media platform where a majority of users access the platform on their mobile phone and do so plenty of times a day is that you can get people to see and interact with your brands so many times that it settles in their long term memory and comes to be something they are used to and trust.

When users get used to your advertisements, they become more aware of your brand. As a result, they are going to trust it more and are going to be easier retargeting prospects in the future. So don’t worry, even if they’re not clicking on your ads in the beginning. Keep doing what you’re doing and it will gain traction later on.

Facebook Click-Through Rates are improving over Time

The click-through rates for Facebook ads is increasing every day as the site improves the advertising tools it provides businesses with. Also, businesses are becoming better and better at using the platform to achieve their ends. With these constant improvements, both on the creative end and the targeting end, you can go for the exact kind of audience you want to reach, and have the freedom to create multiple types of ads to present to different customers.

The only Way from here is Up

Facebook is a rocket ship headed for the stars, and it is giving you the opportunity to be one of the chief passengers. Use it to grow your business and you’re not going to regret it. Use it well and your business will grow to heights you had never imagined possible.

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Jeffrey Oravbiere is a 14 years digital marketing veteran. He is the director/founder of Boost My Profit. The company was found in 2016 to help local businesses deliver profit with digital marketing with main focus on lead generation and clients acquisition.

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