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7 Unique Email Templates For Requesting Online Reviews

They hate it when you ask. You know it, they know it. But experts are encouraging you to do it. “Ask your customers for reviews,” they say. “You’ll regret it if you don’t,” they imply. Over and over you’re bombarded with advice that tells you to get out there, go grovel and beg for that […]

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How Sales Teams Can Use Online Reviews To Convert Prospects

Salespeople are compulsive liars. Thanks to the post-truth age, it seems trust is in short supply. That’s the general attitude consumers have towards sales teams. The view that anything and everything out of a salesperson’s mouth is a lie. That they’re looking to swindle you, to take your money. But it’s not true. They’re not […]

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Are the Wrong People Managing Your Online Reviews?

Comcast hates customers. At least, that’s been their reputation for as long as anyone can remember. When it comes to online reviews, it seems like no one’s behind the wheel. No one seems to be managing or responding to their nightmarish reviews. A customer service rep changed the name on Ricardo Brown’s bill to Assh*le […]

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