Effective Sales Conversion Strategies

Many of us spend a considerable amount of time and money to generate leads, but, what we are often not so good at, is converting more than a small percentage of them into customers, and this represents a massive opportunity lost.

Whatever your conversion rate is right now, think of the immediate impact on your business if you were able to instantly double, or even triple that conversion rate with little or no extra effort.

In this powerful ebook, you’ll learn how to convert your leads into customers and build relationship with your customers to get them to buy from you more again and more often.

Table of Content

  • Chapter One – How to price your product for highest conversions
  • Chapter Two – Case Studies
  • Chapter Three – How to use Qualification Questions
  • Chapter Four – Response One, the Buyers Remorse Letter
  • Chapter Five – Response Two, the Sowing the Seeds Letter
  • Chapter Six – Response three, the Further Information Letter
  • Chapter Seven – Response four, the Future Contact Letter
  • Chapter Eight – The Selling Without Fear Sales Appointment
  • Chapter Nine – Creating Your Sales Conversion Letter
  • Chapter Ten – How to Follow Up successfully to attract more repeat sales

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