Permission Based Email Marketing

Reach Your Potential Prospects Right In Their Inbox

Get Traffic Fast To Your CBD Offers With Permission Based Email Marketing

Struggling to get buyers for your CBD brands? Promote your products on a mass scale with profitable email marketing.

You get 7 email campaigns for the price of 1 with guaranteed open rate and click-through rate.

We work with all the major CBD companies, blogs and affiliates. Our lists are scrubbed & updated daily. This is so that we can meet our open rate and click through rate guarantees

We have 100+ suppliers that send us 25,000 new addresses daily.  On average we see 500% higher conversion rates than our competitors.  We have the lists and do the sending for you at one low price.

Email Marketing

The Rule of 7

The Marketing Rule of 7 states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser's message up to 7 times before they'll take action to buy that product or service.

Every campaign you purchase now comes with additional 6 free follow up campaigns. Don't waste any more of your time or money on "one and done" email campaigns. There's simply no Return On Investment. We want to be your long term partner and help in growing your CBD business successfully.

Facebook & Google Won't Take Your Ad? We Can Help!

Can't Advertise On Google? 

Most advertising networks (Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc) do not allow CBD Products to be advertised on their platforms.

We fill that gap. Every email campaign we send is opt-in and spam free. We never sell the data that would be considered spam.

  • No need to worry about having any issues with your host company. The lists are responsive and up to date. 
  • All campaigns come with open & click-thru rate guarantee.
  • We send the mailing out for you with your ad or you can hire us to create an html ad.
  • Every campaign you purchase now comes with 6 free follow up campaigns.

Every Campaign Comes With:

Guaranteed Open Rate
Guaranteed CTR
Less Expensive

Our List and Sizes

List Names




CBD Biz Opportunity

4 Million

2 Million

2 Million

All CBD Users

14 Million

5 Million

7 Million

Male CBD Users

9 Million

3 Million

4 Million

Female CBD Users

5 Million

1 Million

2 Million

CBD Users age 18-30

4 Million

2 Million

2 Million

CBD Users age 31-50

7 Million

2 Million

3 Million

CBD Users age 50+

1 Million

2 Million

2 Million

Tobacco/Vape related Accessories

9 Million

3 Million


Here's What Sets Us Apart

  • Quality Targeted Opt- In Email List & 7 Deployments. Specify the type of people you would like to Target and we do the E-Mailing.
  • Low Cost High Converting Email Campaigns. On Avg, Our Campaigns have at least 2X avg. Higher Converting Rate than our Competitors.
  • Free Click-Thru Third Party Tracking. Full Third Party Tracking of clicks from each solo ad upon request.
  • Guaranteed Click-Thru Rate or We Keep Sending. We are the #1 Solo Ad/ Email Marketing Company. If we do not hit our click-thru rate, we will send more out until we do.
  • Low Price Guarantee. On Average our Email Marketing Services are over 75% Less Expensive than our Competitors

Target CBD users by gender, age, income & location.

What Clients Are Saying

Our sales doubled in the first quarter of this year as a result of using programmatic display advertising. We cannot thank Boost My Profit enough.

Drew Anderson

As a result of our recent campaigns, we have experienced the strongest ROI ever, resulting in 23.8% increase in sales growth in 3 months.

Ian Lloyd

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7 Campaigns of 5,000 - £497

25% open rate guarantee
10% click-thru rate guarantee 

7 Campaigns of 10,000 - £697

25% open rate guarantee
10% click-thru rate guarantee 

7 Campaigns of 20,000 - £997

25% open rate guarantee
10% click-thru rate guarantee 

7 Campaigns of 40,000 - £1,497

25% open rate guarantee
10% click-thru rate guarantee 

7 Campaigns of 80,000 - £1,997

25% open rate guarantee
10% click-thru rate guarantee 

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