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To become a member of Boost My Profit academy you'll need to order any of our courses below or join as a lifetime member and save money while gaining access to everything in the Academy PLUS ALL FUTURE COURSES. See below for lifetime member's benefits.

Facebook Marketing

Made Easy

Learn how to create high converting Facebook marketing campaigns that boost leads, sales and profits at low cost. Learn more

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One Time Payment.

YouTube Marketing

Made Easy

Learn how to effectively target your desired audience on YouTube using the latest YouTube marketing strategies. Learn more

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Instagram Marketing

Made Easy

Learn how to effectively target your desired audience on Instagram and communicate visually with your fans and customers. Learn more

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Social Media Marketing

Made Easy

Learn how to create engaging and profitable social media marketing campaigns to boost leads, sales and profits.. Learn more

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By becoming a lifetime member, you'll Gain access to ALL CURRENT and FUTURE courses in the Academy PLUS all the BONUSES listed below for just a one-time low price

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Gain access to ALL CURRENT and FUTURE courses in the Academy PLUS all the BONUSES listed below for just a one-time low price

Just $197 Today

Spread Over 2 Months

Gain access to ALL CURRENT and FUTURE courses in theAcademy PLUS all the BONUSES listed below for a low price paid twice

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Lifetime Membership Benefits and Bonuses

By becoming a lifetime member, you'll gain immediate access to:

  • All current courses inside Boost My Profit Academy plus
  • All future courses that will be released inside the Academy
  • All future resources that will be added to the site

Plus The Following Bonuses


Suppliers Directory App

(Value: $99 Per Month)

Members-Only Suppliers Directory App

Our members-ony suppliers directory currently includes over 1000 local manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors. 

The directory will help you to quickly find reliable suppliers in over 15 eCommerce categories. You'll find local suppliers that will dropship for you dropship from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Spain, Asia and many other countries. We are continuously updating this directory.

BONUS #2: 

Suppliers Reviews

(Value: $97 Per Month)

Monthly Review of Local Suppliers & Viable Products

Every month we will review a local supplier that dropship. Obviously, this will expose you to potentially good suppliers that will help you build your business.

If you don't have your own products, dropshipping local products, is the best and fastest way to build a successful, sustainable eCommerce business.

We will also review, every month, a potentially viable product that you can sell and recommend strategies you can use to push the product to the market in the fastest way possible.

BONUS #3: 

Documents Templates
(Value: $197)

Business Documents Templates

We have provided you with 344 business document templates that you can modify and use in your business as you deem fit.

Whether you are starting or growing an eCommerce business, these documents can be very useful in quickly crafting business letters and contracts.

Documents include:

  • 91 Business Letters & Contract Documents
  • 142 Employment Documents
  • 111 Health and Safety Documents

BONUS #4: 

Additional Training

(Value: $597)

Additional Training Videos and Reports Packed With Marketing Tips & Strategies

You'll have access to more cutting edge training videos and downloadable reports. These tutorials and reports are packed full of tips and strategies to help you grow your business successfully. 

Topics covered include but not limited to:

  • How to double your business income in record time
  • How to get maximum results in minimum time
  • Successful sales conversion strategies
  • Highly successful copywriting strategies
  • How to prepare for marketing
  • 22 key principles for growing a business
  • 82 action points to revolutionize your business
  • And much much more...

This section is continuously updated with new training materials at no extra cost.

BONUS #5: 

Tools & Resources

(Value: Invaluable & Priceless)

eCommerce Tools, Apps, Forums, Events & Summits

As an eCommerce marketer, there are some tools, apps, events and other useful resources that may be helpful to you while building your business.

As part of your bonuses, you'll have access to a list of recommended useful resources, apps, tools, forums, events, summits, case studies etc.

You'll never be short of knowledge and the support community you need for starting and growing your eCommerce business. This section is also continously updated with new materials.

BONUS #6: 

High Ticket Niches

(Value: $197 Per Month)

High Ticket Niches & Products

The fastest way to build a sustainable eCommerce business and reach your goal is to sell high ticket products. But it can be very difficult finding high ticket products to sell online.

As a member, you'll have access to our list of over 120 high ticket niches and products that you can sell online.

BONUS #7: 

Member Support

(Value: $197 Per Month)

Unrivalled Support System

As a member of the academy, you're entitled to basic support via our commenting system. This provides every member with support to help them while setting up their business.

Members can ask any questions and get answers very quickly from our support team. 

Our support team will provide you with guidance and point you in the right direction when you need help. THIS BONUS IS FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

What Students Are Saying

I consider myself lucky to have found Boost My Profit academy as at the time I did. The courses have helped me to understand and implement Facebook, Instagram and Youtube marketing very successfully.

Martin Lloyd

Martin Lloyd

Business Builder

As a member of the academy, I have been exposed to strategies and resources I would have struggled to find on my own. The courses are step by step, provide the latest strategies and very easy to understand. Highly recommended.

Sheila Cole

Fashion & Stylist

Having worked with Boost My Profit for several years, I can confidently recommend the courses to anyone who is looking to start or grow their eCommerce business.

Paul Flintoft

Digital Marketing Consultant

With the help of your courses and support, we have been able to reach our goal of $20,000 per month sales. Now, we've just set another goal to double that amount in 6 months.

Lovelyn Anderson

Health & Beauty

Boost My Profit courses are very easy to implement and with the amount of one-on-one support you can get, I would highly recommend to anyone looking for help in building a successful ecommerce business.

Martin Lloyd

Maria Morrison

Beauty Consultant

If you are considering whether to join the academy or not, don't delay any further. I was hesitant at first but later join and since then I have enjoyed every one of Boost My Profit's course and I would urge that you give it a try.

Ebony James

Ebony Cosmetics

Great to be part of the academy. You can find many courses on YouTube but they are in piecemeal. Inside Boost My Profit academy, all the courses are well organised, easy to navigate and easy to understand. Everything you need to succeed in your business, including support, are in one place.

Tricia Stapleton

Holistic Health Store Owner

Without the help of Boost My Profit, I probably would not be where I am today in my business. They have been very supportive and have provided everything for me to succeed. I am glad to say that last month we reached our first $100k landmark. It's an exciting place to be and I encourage anyone to be part of this...

John Davidson

Digital Marketer

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