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Web 2.0 Foundation Profile Links

Boost Your New Site With High Quality Foundational Web 2.0 Profile Links

Once you’ve taken care of your on-page SEO, these are the next step for any link building campaign. The links are high authority, 100% natural, and specifically chosen to expand your link diversity.

How To Use These Links?

After you have done your On-page optimisation and are ready to begin your link building, you want to first build the foundation. This is where these Web 2.0 profile links come to play. These links will get your ranking started and will pave the way for more powerful links and guest posts. These links are safe for money sites or your client sites and 100% white hat method to build link diversity. 

While these links might rank you high in very low competition niches, be aware that they are meant to be the first phase of a more powerful link building campaign. 

The best way to use the profiles we create for your foundation links is by not letting them go stale. Over time, you should add new content to these sites with links to pages you want to rank. 

What You Get

Depending on the package you chose, you’ll get anywhere from 150 to 450 accounts created on a good mix of web 2.0s, blogs, audio and image sharing services, and bookmarking sites. For extra power, you can even throw links to your foundation sites.

  • adobe.com
  • flickr.com
  • scoop.it
  • medium.com
  • joomla.com
  • And many, many more!

Each with a link pointing back to your website to build authority and diversity. You'll get links from sites like: adobe.com, flickr.com, scoop.it, medium.com, joomla.com and many more. 

The Process

Give Us Url and 5 Keywords

Once you have placed your order, we only ask you for your website or client website URL plus up to 5 keywords that you want to rank for

We Create Your Accounts

We will create the accounts for you. Depending on the package you order, we will create between 200 and 600 Web 2.0 accounts with links to your site

We Deliver the Order

Once account have been created, we will deliver all of the usernames and passwords to you so that you have complete access for years to come.

Packages and Pricing

Basic 200



1 Set of Links - Average of 150 accounts

We will setup 1 set of web 2.0 accounts. This covers everything from blogs and document sites to bookmarking sites. All created for you with logins for each account.

Delivery time: 15 Days




3 Sets of Links  - Average of 450 accounts

We will setup 3 sets of web 2.0 accounts. This covers everything from blogs and document sites to bookmarking sites. All created for you with logins for each account.

Delivery time: 30 days

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