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When marketing online, businesses can no longer afford to just wing it. There’s need for a well thought-out strategy - some goal setting and planning that will ensure the business objectives are achieved and on time. At Boost My Profit, we use a result-driven marketing method that's laser focussed on getting results. 

What Is Digital Direct Response Marketing?

Digital Direct Response Marketing (DDRM) is a type of marketing that's designed to elicit an immediate response from a prospect to take some specific measurable action on your landing page as a result of the prospect responding to your online advertising. 

Why Use Digital Direct Response Marketing?

Because It's S-M-A-R-T

  • It's Specific
  • It's Measurable
  • It's Actionable
  • It's Realistic
  • It's Targeted

Digital Direct Response Marketing is usually laser targeted to the specific audience more likely to take action. This makes the campaign very easy to track, measured and quickly improved upon. The outcome of this is higher conversions. With most traditional or branding methods, it's difficult to laser target specific audience and therefore not easy to track what is working.

Get More Appointments Fast

Looking to increase appointments? Digital Direct Response Marketing is the fastest way online to get more appointments for your dental practice.

Increase Patients Intake Fast

Want to increase patients intake? Look no further! The core focus of DDRM is to get more clients and patients coming to your dental practice.

Grow Dental Profit Fast

Want to boost your profit? The best part of DDRM is the ability to identify what works fast. Once found, it's easy to replicate and scale to boost profit

Our Methodology

Our 9-Step Marketing Process

  • Step 1: Identify customer persona.
  • Step 2: Plan campaign objectives and KPIs.
  • Step 3: Create marketing funnel.
  • Step 4: Create advertising/retargeting campaigns
  • Step 5: Create appointments conversion process (phone/email)
  • Step 6: Test, track and analyse campaign results
  • Step 7: Optimise campaign performance.
  • Step 8: Scale-up winning campaigns.
  • Step 9: Provide bi-weekly and monthly feedback.

About Us

Boost My Profit is a UK based dental marketing agency. Our mission is to help dentists get more patients and grow profit with digital marketing. Learn more

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