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A good dental website is one that converts traffic into appointments and new patients. Additionally, the site structure and content should be properly search engine optimised. At Boost My Profit, we understand what makes dental website works and how to build it to be user friendly. If you’re not engaging your potential patients with easy to use website, then the whole purpose of the website is lost.

We Create Beautiful Dental Websites That Convert Visitors Into Appointments and Clients

At Boost My Profit, our designers understand the needs of a dental visitor and so our dental websites are designed to meet these needs i.e. the websites are not only beautiful but also responsive (a responsive website is one that is mobile friendly for smartphone and tablet users).

Additionally, the websites are easy to read and navigate. They are also search engines optimised and can be easily updated and managed as your needs and marketing messages change. 

We present the right information at the right time with the right 'Call to Action' to get the visitor to take action on your website.

Dental Websites Features

While every site we build is customised to the client’s specifications and needs, there are some common feaures across projects:

The Design Platform

Our dental websites are build using the WordPress platform. WordPress is not only the most popular content management system you can find on the Internet, it is also an excellent platform for a flexible website.  It can be easily managed and maintained by anyone - even without a web design skill. 

WordPress sites are also designed to be both user and search engines friendly. They are portable which means almost any web hosting company can host it. Above all, you can scale a WordPress site as your dental practice grows.

Ownership and Management

The dental website that we build for you is owned by you and can be managed by you. Unlike other companies that “rent” you a site and expect you to come to them for every tweak, the site we design for you, including the text content and the graphics are yours to do with as you please. Our content management system (WordPress) allows you to update your site as needed so you don’t have to wait for us.

Your Own Unique Content

One critical factor that influences search engines ranking today  is unique content. Many dental website designers build sites filled with content that is copied from one site to another. Boost My Profit can deliver everything you need to establish a high impact website. From logo design, social media marketing setup, patient education, copywriting, customised images and banners that ensure your practice branding and online presence is both professionally and effectively represented.

As dental SEO experts, we know that it can be very difficult to convince Google that your site is the best choice for a potential patient who is searching for a dentist in your locality when your site contains the same information as other sites on the internet. This is the reason we make sure the sites we design use content that is unique, accurate, well written, and search engine optimised to maximize your chances of ranking.

The Design Process and Elements

When you contract us to design your site, the first thing we will do is to understand your website's objectives and then come up with a plan. We will then present you with a few dental website templates for you to choose from.

Once you have made a decision on which template best reflects what you want, we will discuss what it will cost to build and personalise it. Our priority is to design a site that's responsive, mobile friendly and search engine friendly - a site that will ensure the visitors to it are able to easily navigate and get to where they wish to go without any difficulties.

Goals and Objectives

The goal of every website is to attract and convert visitors. Our primary goal is to ensure your website possesses the key elements that the it needs to attract traffic and convert them into patients. The website needs to showcase your expertise. Each page of your site can showcase a different service and finding these services is important.

We will also consider how the site is positioned in the search engines. This will influence where the sitee is listed in the Google search results, and our goal is to get your website to the number one position.

Design Elements and Compliance

  • CQC and GDC guidelines: Your site must site comply with CQC and GDC guidelines and should include professional qualification number and country that issued it and GDC number. It should have a link to the GDC, or their complete contact information.
  • Contact information: Each webpage must display the full name and address of page. This will help with ranking at the top of the search engines. 
  • Complaint Procedure: Your site must include contact information on how to file a complaint and the agency to file it with i.e. the Dental Complaints Services
  • Logo and Branding: You will need to a logo, and this is also key in helping your business branding. This is the first thing visitors to your site will see and therefore it is very important as first impressions are lasting impressions.
  • Treatment Pages: Each treatment offered needs its own page. It is crucial that the content match local search queries in order to be successful.
  • Marketing Video: An important element of your marketing can be a video. Use video to introduce your practise and also your services. Research has shown that site visitors are more likely to watch videos than to read lengthy web copy. This also helps to increase time spent on the site, moving it up in the Google search results. 

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