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See Beyond the Stars (Your Customers Do)

Does reputation management have you seeing stars? What really makes for a great online review? I wish I could tell you that there’s a “one-size-fits-all” approach to online reputation management. The reality is that everyone digests online reviews differently. The woman who’s searching for a new doctor will be looking for different types of information […]

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4 Major Barriers Preventing Your Happy Customers from Writing Positive Online Reviews

It’s frustrating isn’t it? You’ve exceeded your customer’s expectations. You’ve under-promised and over-delivered. Maybe you’ve taken a loss for them. Or you’ve pulled a series of all-nighters. You’ve gone above and beyond. When you talk to them, they’re full of praise. So why won’t they do it? Why won’t they write a review? Barriers. Barriers […]

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20 Ways To Boost Your Profit Margins

A great way to increase your profits is to look at ways of increasing your profit margins. This can be unbelievably simple in many cases, yet outstandingly effective. For most businesses, to increase profit margins, all they do is increase price but with the fierce competition around us these days, this is often not a very move for […]

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12 Ways To Boost The Size Of Your Customers Transactions

When it comes to growing a business profit, the more you can make from each of your customers, the more profitable your business will become. Most times, the first sale is a taster. As a business, to boost the size of your customer transactions, you need to be able to make more sales from your customers […]

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20 Ways To Boost Your Sales Conversion Rate

A customer is not a customer until he or she buys. Until then, they’re a prospect, or a shopper. One of the primary keys to business success is converting a higher percentage of these people into paying customers. If you’re converting only 30% of shoppers into buyers, which means that other 70% is a drag […]

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