Our Technology

Performance surpassed by none

The Technology to Out-Perform your Competition and Dominate your Marketplace

Our technology tracks and identifies, in real time, your ideal prospects the very moment they get in the market pursuing the purchase of what you sell. This is achieved when they:

  • Search anything relating to your purchase ready keywords
  • Visit other related or highly relevant web pages to what you sell
  • Visit your competitor's webpages
  • Visit your own website

Key Features

Monitors 10 - 15 billion InMarket behaviors per day

Tracks the online behavior of 100 - 120 million US consumers across 5 Billion urls

Geo-target down to post code and zip code level

Lowers First Click Costs by 50 - 75%

Tracks & scores online activities of 750 million people worldwide

Provides full contact records of InMarket prospects

The highly intuitive, super-fast technology is data driven and reveals intent insights at a level of detail like no other platforms.