Search Retargeting Services
Retarget your Ideal Customers BEFORE they Visit your Website

Reduce your Ad Costs while Quickly Increasing Traffic, Leads and Sales

How Search Retargeting works

    • Step 1: your potential customers search for your products or services online...
    • Step 2: our technology tracks the potential customers and begin showing your ads to them wherever they go online
    • Step 3: the potential customers are sent to your website again and again thereby increasing repeat visits and sales

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How your Business will Benefit 

Save 40%-70% off
your ad costs

Send email to prospects in your retargeting list

Increase your traffic, leads and sales conversions

Reach all prospects in your marketplace quicker

Get access to right data and right user at the right time

Increase your brand awareness and credibility

Increase your customer retention and repeat sales

Increase your  
profit and sales growth

Retargeted customers are 3x more likely to click on your ad and 4x more likely to convert than new customers

Reach prospects with targeted messages based on their
recent searches and the pages they visit online

Retarget on Facebook

Reach your prospects on Facebook based on their recent searches on the web

Retarget on Mobile

Target your prospects on mobiles based on their keyword searches online

Retarget on Social Media

Reach your prospects all over social media based on the search they perform online

Send Email to your Prospects

Send emails to prospects in your retargeting list. (Exclusive to BMP) 

Need help Reducing your Ad Costs while
Increasing your Traffic, Leads and Sales?