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How does it work?

Sell What Every Business Wants: 
Leads That Are Actively Pursuing The Purchase Of What They Sell

Are you a digital marketing agency? Here’s an opportunity to offer your clients a unique service that’s not available anywhere else. 

We are currently looking for a limited number of partners who are interested in growing their business profit with a bespoke, result driven technology that you can be proud to introduce to your clients.

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You can provide 3 Types
of Leads for Your Clients

In-Market Leads

These are leads that are actively pursuing a purchase of what your clients sell....based on their online behaviour... multiple behaviours in a tight window of time...30, 50, 100...even up to a thousand individual behaviours..

Site Visitor Match Leads

These are InMarket leads that are actively pursuing a purchase of what your clients sell AND ...have visited their website...they are considering buying from them ...they just need to overcome that last bit of friction...

Onboard Leads

This is an Alert Notification - This is where your clients can onboard past customers and CRM leads so they can know, the exact second they get BACK InMarket... we can alert them when the customer are In the Market to buy.

Benefits of In-Market Leads

  • ​Access to purchase ready leads
  • Lower first click costs by 50 - 75%
  • ZERO ad spend waste for your clients
  • ONE of the fastest paths to profits

What you get as a Reseller

  • Monthly recurring income
  • Full continuous support
  • Weekly reseller training
  • All the resources you'll need