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Partner with us and earn monthly residual income

Are you a marketing agency or a professional business with clients?

Here’s an opportunity to partner with us and offer your clients a unique service that’s not available anywhere else. When they become clients, you earn monthly recurring income.

We are currently looking for partners who are interested in making money with a bespoke, result driven service that you can be proud to introduce to your clients. If you have clients that you think will benefit from our low cost retargeting services, then talk to us.

You’ve a great opportunity to make a commission for every client you refer to us – not just once but recurring every month as long as the client remains with us.

There are two ways to refer clients to us.

1. Direct referrer

You can simply directly connect the client with us and we will take care of the rest. For instance, just make the introduction and we will close the sale, manage the campaign and keep your client happy. We will deal directly with your client. You just get paid your commission month after month so long as the client(s) remains with us. For partnership compensation plan, please contact us.

2. Indirect referrer

In this case, your client(s) don’t know us. We sell you the traffic, you sell to your client with a markup and take the profit. We will deliver the traffic to your clients but they won’t know that the traffic is coming from us. You bill your clients and pay us to supply the traffic. Simple. We will provide you with monthly reporting but you’ll need to setup a reporting platform for your clients. This is especially good for already established agency.

The end result for both options above is that your clients get top quality leads at low cost, they increase their profits and are happy. And for you, you get paid month after month. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Please call us today on 0844 588 6113 to discuss partnering further. You can easily make an upward of £100k per year by leveraging the power of our cutting edge system. You make the connection once and get paid month after month as long as the client remains with us.

Ready to get started? Talk to us today.

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