Our Methodology

A 9-step process for producing results

When marketing online, businesses can no longer afford to wing it. There’s need for a well thought-out strategy - some goal setting and planning that will ensure that the goals are reached and on time.

Our 9-Step Process for Producing Results

Our Methodology
    • Step 1: We identify your customer persona
    • Step 2: We plan with you to set your campaign objectives
    • Step 5: We provide you with a pixel to track your website visitors (for site retargeting campaign).
    • Step 6: We begin tracking your ideal customers as they search online for your buying keywords and the number of urls they visit that relates to the same goal. We monitor multiple behaviors in real time (10, 30, 50, 100+ behaviors in specific time frame) and score their level of intent to know who is in market for your product or services.
    • Step 7: We match the InMarket prospects with our database of 200 million+ US consumers in order to produce their full contact records.
    • Step 8: We track and monitor your website visitors and provide you with the full contact records of at least 10% - 40% of the anonymous visitors - based on the number of matches with our database.
    • Step 9: We continuously optimize and improve your leads quality based on your bi-weekly feedback.