Our Methodology

A 9-step process for producing results

When marketing online, businesses can no longer afford to wing it. There’s need for a well thought-out strategy - some goal setting and planning that will ensure that the goals are reached and on time.

Our 9-Step Process for Producing Results

Our Methodology
  • Step 1: Identify your customer persona
  • Step 2: Plan and set your campaign objectives and KPIs
  • Step 3: Setup your retargeting campaign (begin building your retargeting list)
  • Step 4: Run programmatic display ads to your retargeting list simultaneously as we build your list
  • Step 5: Track and retarget your website visitors with a different display ad.
  • Step 6: Track, test and analyse your campaign results to identify performance opportunities
  • Step 7: Measure campaign results against set objectives and KPIs
  • Step 8: Provide bi-weekly feedback and monthly report of campaign results and analysis.
  • Step 9: Optimise and improve campaign performance